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RELM_buttonWhen The Watermelon Explodes: The Trump Crisis continues; We have a new affiliate and a new server; Jeff Sessions confirmed; Trump doesn't know what START is; Mitch McConnell makes Elizabeth Warren into a legend; Nevertheless, She Persisted; Trump lies about Sen Blumenthal and Neil Gorsuch; The Bombshell HuffPost Article; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Ken Kohl

    Don’t get warm & fuzzy with Gorsuch’s comments. I think he’s sandbagging…

  • katanahamon

    Your own secret server? Hmmm..sounds suspicious.

    Blowing up the moon..reminds me of had such promise in the first season. Adding the sexy shape changer Maya would have worked if they kept the doctor guy, but they turned it into a “creature of the week.” I am still amazed Rump hasn’t done something like blowing up the moon. Oh well..there’s still time, unfortunately.

    More seriously, the message isn’t getting to certain groups because it never will. The new reality is simply that you can live in whatever reality you choose to by limiting yourself to Fox and Breitbart. There should be a grassroots effort to return something like the fairness doctrine so we can at least agree on what “the truth” is.

    Rump was elected on a platform of lies, he is an unprosecuted criminal, his conduct and performance during the debates was reprehensible and demonstrated his unfitness, yet stupid Americans were suckered into voting for a tv personality. We will be lucky to survive his presidency.

    • Rancor Lautner

      Hey KatanahamonBagger, remember back in August or September when you told me to enjoy president billary?

      Yea! I’m still celebrating PRESIDENT TRUMP!

      Get used to eight years of THE DON, Libbie twit.


  • “Yacht Rock”
    There’s always at least one good reason to come back next time.

    An hypothesis: Gorsuch isn’t Trump’s pick. Trump isn’t really engaged with the decision-making machinery. And if we make the non-radical assumption that Repubs expect impeachment, Gorsuch is a better fit for President Pence.

    On Trump’s fitness to serve (and in general): Take a page out of Gingrich’s playbook from the 90s. Every Dem who gets in front of a microphone starts everything with “Well we know the president is unwell so…” -or- “The failed GOP policies of the past…” -or- “Conservatives are obviously a danger to national security…”
    Every time
    Every time

    hat tip = driftglass at

  • muselet

    Congratulations on being recognized by Salon. If nothing else, that should give you guys a higher profile.

    I hadn’t noticed the site’s slowness because I have a slow internet connection (it’s broadband, but only just barely).

    Donald Trump’s ignorance is profound. I am convinced he has no more than a child’s understanding of anything, and yet he reportedly refuses to be briefed even on topics on which his understanding is particularly lacking. If we’re all very, very lucky, he won’t bungle us into a nuclear war.

    Kevin Drum has said several times that Trump’s tweets are messages to his supporters, which is true, but absolutely everything he says or does is aimed solely at his supporters (of course, Trump believes his supporters are more than half the population). This sort of narrowcasting isn’t without precedent: Richard Nixon spoke directly to The Silent Majority (poorly-educated and economically-stressed, lower-middle– to middle-class whites) more than occasionally, but even Nixon—shithouse-rat–mad Richard Nixon—at least pretended to address the rest of the country most of the time.

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has, his indignant protestations to the contrary, a well-documented history of antipathy toward voting rights and, it must be said, the expansion of civil rights in general. Confirming him as Attorney General was a mistake that will both disenfranchise millions of Americans and make it harder for the US to argue against the human rights record of just about every other country on the planet. Sorry to sound apocalyptic, but between Trump and Sessions our international reputation will lie in ruins by the next congressional midterms.

    I hate to give Mitch McConnell credit for much of anything, but he’s a talented institutional knife-fighter. There’s no way shutting down Elizabeth Warren was a rookie mistake or a blunder. He had to think that would give him an advantage in the short or medium term. Maybe he’s planning—or he knows someone in the R conference is planning—a very personal attack on a D senator (Warren herself, perhaps?), and he wants to point out the hypocrisy! of the Ds complaining and invoking Rule XIX.

    You will notice that Neil Gorsuch said Trump’s attacks on the judiciary were “demoralizing” and “disheartening” to a D senator and in front of the people tasked with shepherding him through the confirmation process, but won’t say that to Rs. That says a lot about Gorsuch, little of it good.

    Trump’s attack on Richard Blumenthal was as predictable as the sunrise, and it will go down a treat among his voters, who know less than nothing about Blumenthal other than he’s one o’ them dang Murca-hatin’ socialistical demonrats! (and here we loop back to the idea of Trump’s tweets as fanservice).

    Calling Trump a toddler is an insult to toddlers.

    As I said yesterday on the blog, having a question about the relative value of the dollar pop up in the middle of the night is understandable (any insomniacs out there, you know what I’m talking about), and picking up the phone to find out the answer is odd but very much in keeping with Trump’s narcissistic personality, but calling his National Security Adviser is just plain WTF? As if Michael “Mad as a Badger” Flynn has the first clue about macroeconomics. (And, again as I said on the blog, since there were no Muslims involved in the question or the answer, Flynn correctly said he had no idea and to go pester someone else.) A commenter somewhere online—I’ve looked, but I can’t find the comment, sorry—said we’ve gone from a President answering a scary phone call at 3 am to a President making a scary phone call at 3 am.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s a special place in hell reserved for Sean Spicer.

    I have a bad feeling about trying to winkle Trump out of the Oval Office. Again I hate to be dramatic, but the most likely outcome I can conjure would be like a hostage situation gone horribly wrong.

    Trump is functionally illiterate. One page of nine bullet points is about as much as he can take on board at one time.

    “Reality is whatever he needs it to be at any given moment.” Chez, couldn’t agree more.

    I find it amusing, in a morbid sort of way, that Trump thinks Vladimir Putin is glued to his TV, watching Trump being interviewed.

    Chez, please don’t use expressions like “when the bomb drops” in the context of Donald Trump. Thank you.


  • Aynwrong

    “If we sneeze, everybody catches cold.”

    Love the Miami Vice reference Chez.

    I’ve known for years that the Democrats have been getting their asses handed to them at the state level. Maddow used to do a segment on this a couple times a week. Why the Democratic party never seemed to clue into this is beyond me.

    There is a school of thought that McConnell was playing a longer game when he did this to Warren. The idea being that by handing Warren an easy public relations victory now it will energize the GOP base because they love anything that sticks a finger in the eye of the Left and that they want her to be the Dem presidential nominee in four years. I don’t know if that’s the thought process or if he just threw a temper tantrum but I am skeptical as to whether this helps Warren beyond the short term. Still, it does make an irresistible meme.

    “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

  • galileo126

    Yikes! I just downloaded “Thunder Island”… and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. OK, I ditched the rust-colored cords and orange rayon shirt, but the music is still OK. 🙂

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    I think congress is just waiting to see if he’s gonna be impeached which they may be concerned would affect their legislation. Let’s hope they’re right, O.K.?

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    I like your musical choices,Bob. I’m a child of the 70’s (unlike Chez apparently), and it’s sometimes nice to hear some of the old stuff, even for a few moments. Oh gee, Putin is somehow interested in what’s going on here———I’m shocked!!! Color me surprised!! How hard is it to have someone declared clinically insane? Can we try, at least?? Please???

  • Badgerite

    Tweet from Laurence Tribe:
    “My hunch = DJT is hiding something darker and more dangerous than #golden showers! Putin must have a noose tightly around POTUS’s neck.”
    Sounds about right.

  • Aynwrong

    Trump’s going to tweet the nuclear codes. It’s gonna happen, we all know it.

  • Badgerite

    The old timey music is a nice touch. Reminds me of a time when Russia and the US had nuclear weapons pointed at each other, but at least the people in charge were not clinically mentally unstable. At least they knew that blowing up the Earth was probably not a good idea. And they knew what the START Treaty was.