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RELM_buttonThuggery Stuff: Super Tuesday 2: Electric Boogaloo; Democrats Denying Reality; Palin and Trump Don't Understand the Constitution; Mark Halperin Praises Trump; Here Comes the Trump Army; The Trump Loyalty Oath; Trump Broke the Law for Ben Carson's Endorsement; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • Christofloridian

    There are objective facts, but objective reality is where things get a bit fuzzier. Reality is individual; it’s how we perceive and interpret the things and events around us. The idea of objective reality, then, is reality as experienced by no one. It either does not exist or is not accessible. This may sound pedantic on the face of it (I know the concept you are getting at when you say “objective reality” even if the words don’t quite mean the same concept), but take a moment to consider how much trouble has been caused in the world because we assume that the narrative we believe to be outside our subjectivity is available to everyone–and thus those who deny it are either arguing in bad faith, or are delusional, or what have you. Think of the way you refer to “far too many Bernie Sanders supporters who don’t give a crap about objective reality” and consider: are they actually arguing that the numbers aren’t what the numbers are? Or are they arguing circumstances that are beyond the numbers?

    I’ve read Bill Curry’s Salon article, and he’s not arguing the point you seem to think he is arguing. Now, his scenario becomes entirely less probable given that the hypothetical wins for Sanders on Tuesday didn’t materialize, but the argument was this: if Sanders can keep Clinton from getting an outright majority of delegates through pledged delegates alone (in other words, if the nomination has to be settled by Super Delegates, whose votes are not locked in one way or the other), then more than simple delegate math could determine the outcome. He presents a situation where Sanders has essentially caught lightning in a bottle, sweeping a large number of primaries in the leadup to the convention, with polls showing him to be the better contender against GOP opponents–and presumably Clinton’s numbers flagging at the same time.

    It is essentially the role that Kasich is playing for the GOP; his Ohio win could potentially keep Trump from getting an outright victory, and then in the shuffle of convention politics it is possible that another solution emerges. By Curry’s reckoning, the lack of an outright winner through pledged delegates at the convention could force the party to consider the situation as it stood at that moment (which would include things like momentum, and polls, and performance in swing states, and so on) rather than the results of the race up to that point. This view does not deny objective facts; it takes those facts, couples them with a desired outcome, and builds a plausible (though not probable) path from here to there.

    Curry frames the question the way he does because it is part of his plausible path. Ohio is a critically important state in the general election, though one could credibly argue that Missouri is no longer a bellweather state. “Can Hillary stay in the race?” is not a question that implies Hillary should concede if she loses those two states, or that the math becomes impossible for Clinton. It essentially questions the stamina of her campaign. “Can this fighter, having failed to put down her opponent despite getting off all her best punches early in the contest, grind out a decision win if she keeps losing rounds from here on out?” His question is designed to prop up morale in Sanders’ supporters, and that morale would be necessary to even hope to bring about this scenario.

    To take the boxing metaphor a bit further, imagine that Hillary Clinton was facing a more mainstream primary opponent. Same exact performance. For an opponent who has big money donors and relies on them for funding, a previous Super Tuesday could have been a knockout blow. Donors pull their support, and the candidate sees no way to get to a winning number of delegates on a dwindling war chest. If the previous Tuesday didn’t manage it, this most recent Super Tuesday would have been a knockout. It wouldn’t matter that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a majority of the delegates, the remaining contests would be resolved in her favor by default.

    Bernie Sanders is not that opponent. Bernie Sanders is Rocky Balboa (from the way things are shaping up, he’s Rocky in the first movie.) He’s not going to get knocked out. He’s going to go the distance with Hillary Clinton and it doesn’t matter if he loses this fight, going the distance shows the power of the movement and the message. And that was the point of it to begin with, before things got so big that it looked like Sanders could be Rocky from Rocky 2.

  • katanahamon

    I’m writing this on Wednesday, so you guys have bragging rights on Thursday about predicting Hillary’s strength, and Tuesday being a significant day. It’s funny to hear both of your instincts thinking Hillary is going to be in awesome shape, but acknowledging Bernie’s efforts. Also, please troll HA Goodman and Bill Curry about their effing spam articles. Kudos for your efforts, you should see the comment boards on Salon and Huff on their Hillary bashing’s a bot and bro venom-fest.

    Trump’s punishing of the press..recommend that if he excludes anyone, ALL reporters should boycott whatever event it is.

    Interested in your take on the now firmly established Right Wing Propaganda Bubble, and if independent media can ever be rescued. If not, we need to establish a truly liberal, left wing channel like Fox has done for the right. The propaganda is simply too pervasive for the currently established outlets to combat as they show no interest in doing so. We can’t rely on John Oliver et al.

    You guys should read Palin quotes in a Ben Carson imitation..would make both sound even more ridiculous.

  • Boko999

    The objective reality is that it’s impossible for Bernie Sanders to win the nomination.
    If Clinton supporters don’t stop futzing around it is possible that Bernie Sanders will win the nomination.
    Must be some kind of Political Sciencey objective reality.
    Rachel Maddow got a doctorate in the humanities without any apparent damage.
    Takes all kinds.

  • Those who listen to the crazy Radio Right, Brainwashed applies. But to Trump followers? I think they’re just falling for a really good con job. Like that lady said on Bill Maher the other night, Trump is a con artist.

  • D_C_Wilson

    I keep hoping that if we all just agree to stop paying attention to Palin, she’d finally go away. Or at least sink down to the level of irrelevance that Ann Coulter now occupies.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Regarding the First Amendment discussion:

    Obviously there is no First Amendment right to not have other private citizens try to stop you from speaking or prevent you from hearing someone speak. The issue here is etiquette, not free speech.

    What you guys are talking about, too, is the difference between a subjective understanding of free speech and an objective understanding of free speech. The latter tells us that the government can’t punish a citizen for speaking or expressing one’s opinions, ideas, views, &c.; that doing so cannot be made illegal or interfered with in a material way by the state. The former tells us that if I can’t express my views, opinions, &c., when I want to, where I want to, or if my views and opinions are being opposed, protested, or denied a public forum, then my free speech is being infringed.

    Right-wingers have a tendency to take the subjective view of the law and of constitutional rights, rather than the objective. It’s why they get off on feeling oppressed. Keep an eye out for the use of first- and second-person pronouns; if a person can’t explain the issue without using them, then he’s taking a subjective view and probably is not capable of being objective.

  • Badgerite

    Jesus. Sarah Palin sounds like she’s channeling the Wicked Witch of the West. Harpy.
    Has anyone seen Toto. She probably ate him.
    Next come the Flying Devil Monkeys.

  • Aynwrong

    Bob, you mentioned a fake assassination, I’m more afraid of something happening to one of Trump’s supporters at one of his lynch mobs rallies and provide Trump with a matyr. Of course this would be awful and tragic. But it would also provide a shameless propagandist like Trump with a powerful symbol that he would use to beat the mainstream media and allegedly independent voters over the head with. I doubt our so called “liberal media” would have the intellectual ability, moral clarity, courage or even the desire to stand against it and point out that it is he who brought such violence about.

  • muselet

    Egads. Every day, Sarah Palin sounds more like a concrete saw hitting a cast-iron sewer pipe.

    “A snow machine makes snow.” Yup. Well said, Chez.

    Bob, I agree. We already have one political party which has decided reality is inconvenient. One is one too many.

    I expect a hard-fought primary on the D side. That doesn’t bother me; indeed, a primary season is supposed to embody a clash of ideas. What bothers me quite a lot is the back-and-forth sniping. I’m old enough to remember 1980, when Ted Kennedy challenged Jimmy Carter, came second, and just barely endorsed Carter at the convention. It was an ugly, nasty thing and while it probably didn’t cost Carter the election—Ronald Reagan was too good at grinning gormlessly as he went for an opponent’s groin for Carter to have had much of a chance—it did split the Democratic Party and helped pave the way for 12 years of Republican misrule.

    Sarah Palin is desperate to be relevant. No one with a shred of human decency would go out to do campaign appearances when their spouse has been seriously injured. That Caribout Barbie did just that makes me respect her even less than before, and I didn’t know that was possible.

    And, all snark aside, I do wish Todd Palin a speedy recovery.

    Oh, Bob, didn’t you realize that the super-secret, extra-special First Amendment to the Wingnut Constitution—the one The Founders really, really wrote except we aren’t taught about it because POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!—guarantees Righties the absolute right to say whatever the hell they want without being contradicted or interrupted or protested by anyone they don’t like?

    Bob, you actually expect better of Donald Trump?

    I’m convinced Ben Carson is a con man who got conned by a superior con man. Even if—perish forbid!—Trump becomes President, Carson is emphatically not going to be a member of the cabinet or a trusted adviser, and neither is Chris Christie. Donald Trump lies. He lies about things large and small, important and insignificant. He’s absolutely lying if he’s promising—or even hinting at promising—important positions to people he holds in contempt, and make no mistake, he holds the other R candidates in contempt.

    Bob, it was 78 rpm, not 72 rpm. [/nitpick]

    Mark Halperin is … well, I’ll give Sir Philip Sidney the floor for a moment: “In short, he was such a man that no one could wish him worse than to be himself. ”

    I wasn’t a huge Emerson, Lake & Palmer fan, although I did hang out with big fans of theirs when I was in high school, and I did invest in a couple of their albums, memorably Brain Salad Surgery. There was a cheekiness to their music that was missing from a lot of prog-rockers (“Benny the Bouncer”), and at the same time there was no questioning their musicianship. Ave atque vale, Keith Emerson.

    “The Lion’s Guard”? Oh good grief.

    Alas, Josh Marshall is probably right.

    The last thing the world needs is for the short-fingered vulgarian to be a martyr.

    Bob, it wouldn’t surprise me if Trump had a naked painting of himself standing in front of a naked painting of himself. (Apologies for the mental image.)

    When his book Kitchen Confidential came out, Anthony Bordain was doing media appearances, one of which I caught. He was talking about the realities of a professional kitchen, one of which is food that’s past its best-by date. High-quality meat is expensive, so throwing it out is simply not an option. A restaurant, said Bordain, has two choices when faced with overripe steaks: either feed it to the family (the staff), which is a dead loss for the restaurant, or keep it in the deepest recesses of the refrigerator and pull it out when someone orders a well-done steak, on the theory that someone who eats well-done steak will never be able to taste the difference between good meat and bad meat.

    It doesn’t surprise me that Donald Trump likes well-done steak.

    The irony of a conservative PAC going after Trump for being a raging misogynist is that conservatives have never exactly been outspoken advocates for women’s rights. It’s fun to watch the cannibals feed on each other, but there’s more than a faint whiff of hypocrisy about it.


    • Aynwrong

      Emerson, Lake & Palmer gave us a great few lines that perfectly sums up our current election cycle:

      “Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend. Come inside! Come inside!”

      I take a very morbid glee in hearing the passion and seeming abandon with which it gets belted out.

      • muselet

        I haven’t listened to the album in donkey’s years, so I had a look online. It turns out, there are even more appropriate lyrics in “Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Pt. 1,” at least for the R side of things:

        And not content with that,
        With our hands behind our backs,
        We pull Jesus from a hat,
        Get into that! Get into that!

        That the lines are sung by the character of a sideshow barker makes the lines even better.


  • ProudLiberalAlways

    A fake political assignation attempt was an episode of Colombo in the 70’s with Jackie Cooper. Look it up, it’s a good one. By the way, it didn’t work, and the candidate also killed his campaign manager.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Every time I hear Palin speak, it makes me want desperately to hold her down and shove a few bushels of G’s down her throat in the hope that she’ll learn to use them! And Dear God, that shriek! How about a warning next time? Thanks.

    • Aynwrong

      “a few bushels of G’s?”

      • She routinely fails to pronounce the g’s at the end of words. Like “failin” (which ironically rhymes with Palin) instead of “failing”.

        • ProudLiberalAlways

          Yeah—with her, it actually comes out more like faileeen, and it drives me up the wall. I HATE it.

          • Her fans thinks it is part of her folksy charm while we know that it’s just part of her being an ignoramus.

        • Aynwrong


  • Aynwrong

    I would compare Halprin to an android but that would imply Lt. Commander Data doesn’t have a personality.

  • HilaryB

    My ears! My ears! As if Trump wasn’t enough already, we’re going to be subjected to her loud, foul mouth until at least the convention. Then there’s Chris Christie…Ugh. My head wants to explode.

    I love the Ben Carson impressions and lullaby music. Helps bring the blood pressure down a notch.

    • Aynwrong

      Couldn’t agree more.