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RELM_buttonMillionaires and Billionaires: Thank You for Making Us 15th on iTunes; Correction on Trump's Free Media; Trump Condones Rioting at a Brokered Convention; The News Media Needs to Nail Trump; The Delegate Math; Marco Rubio Not Running for Reelection; The GOP Business Model; Obama Says It's Time for the Dems to Heal; Alex Jones Goes Berserk About Aliens and Floors; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • katanahamon

    It seems like Bernie’s campaign is simply running on the same fumes it always has been. Wishful thinking..what if what if..? The math just doesn’t support him winning, so we have to ask, what are his goals? What is the point of simply burning a war chest of funds? I would hope that Bernie wouldn’t wait too long to drop out; I really don’t believe his continued presence “pulls Hillary left”, because honestly, the numbers aren’t supporting the people wanting a candidate as left as Bernie is, and Hillary can’t and won’t be moving any further left for the general election. I’m hoping that Hillary waits to move left AFTER the election.

    Unless the “rules” change, the media will continue as they have been, allowing everyone to create their own “bubbles”. The left wing should simply start up their own version of Fox. (Even though the right feels media is already so pro left, even though it isn’t.)

    • Jesus Zamora

      The far left has tried to make its own version of righty media. Air America Radio was a HUGE part of that, but it fizzled and died because no one tuned in. MSNBC is also in the ratings toilet. The extreme left just doesn’t have the numbers that the extreme right does.

      Also, look at where the conservative entertainment complex has led Republicans. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The “conservative” media gives less than no fucks about the Republican party, and is only using them to keep their slack-jawed yokel audience pumping money their way as long as the demographics make sense. A “liberal entertainment complex,” were it to grow to the size of the conservative one, would only become a similar albatross around the Democrats’ neck, especially if they ever gave more than token engagement.

  • Woohoo! #15 That’s awesome Congrats!

    Speaking of being famous, Teh Chez “appeared” on a SyFy show. There was a screenshot of an article of his on The Daily Banter (pre-new design). You could see his name and author photo very clearly. Who knows maybe a bunch of geeks like me watching SyFy caught it and thought, let me look him up and they followed that to the podcast? Check the stats on the The Daily Banter in the last week. If those went up drastically, it may have had something to do with the popularity surge…who knows?!

    Bob, you said it would be good for the Democratic party for the GOP to have a brokered convention but I’m not so sure about that. But I think you’re right about the fact that Herr Drumpf will simply be the nominee.

    Hillary is tough but the fight against Trump is going to be a different ballgame altogether. I was thinking about that the other day…wait until the debates. She’ll be distinguished and focusing on policy and he’ll be his usually douchey self and Americans will eat that juvenile, bullying shit up with a spoon. I know it makes me sound like a snob, but they’ll enjoy her discomfort. They’re like the entourage of every bully in every movie you’ve ever seen.

    • Jesus Zamora

      Not sure if I agree. Even among Republicans, Trump hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire. He’s doing better than everyone else, sure, but he hasn’t exactly blown the candidates out of the water, certainly hasn’t delivered the crushing blows that Clinton has done to Sanders. The establishment may well fall in line, but only insomuch as they focus on retaining the Senate, which is very much up for grabs now.

      Clinton’s going to have the donor edge, and Trump’s poison terrifies as many people as it excites. As long as Democrats get out to vote in November, we’ll be fine. Even IF the Greens stay home.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Great job on the differences between the parties lately. Ever since Faux News, Limpy, and Reagan, the Wingnuts have not been interested in any kind of governance. Congratulations on the rating!

    • Jesus Zamora

      Not sure I’d go that far. The Right’s removal from actual politics seems to have begun with George H.W. Bush’s loss to Bill Clinton, when the Republicans turned from a right-wing governance party to a party obsessed with obstructionism.

      • I agree but the seeds were always there and the result inevitable. If you hate government and you join the government, you’ll enjoy the power but you’ll make sure it sucks for everyone else.

  • muselet

    Happy … well … whatever.

    Congrats, guys! Top 15 in News & Politics is pretty impressive, and Top 100 overall is amazing. (Oh, is that what happened this week to the site? Good to know it wasn’t something sinister.)

    Bob, don’t feel too bad. You were only off by three orders of magnitude. In Republican math, that’s the same as being correct.

    Our glorious news media needs Donald Trump’s madness to be politics as usual. If it weren’t politics as usual, they would have to come out of their habitual defensive crouch—it’s more like the fetal position, but let’s not quibble—and actually, you know, report the bleedin’ news.

    And again I link to the indispensable Digby:

    There is no such thing as a bad conservative. “Conservative” is a magic word that applies to those who are in other conservatives’ good graces. Until they aren’t. At which point they are liberals.

    Get used to the hearing about how the Republicans failed because they weren’t true conservatives. Conservatism can never fail. It can only be failed by weak-minded souls who refuse to properly follow its tenets. It’s a lot like communism that way.

    Bob, these are True Believers we’re talking about. Sitting back and watching as the other party implodes simply isn’t fun for them the way it is for most of the rest of us.

    Marco Rubio clearly has a sinecure ready and waiting for him at AEI or CEI or AFP or the Manhattan Institute or some other wingnut welfare operation and (you’re right, Chez) Fox News Channel. He’s going to cash in, guaranteed.

    Chez, you’re probably right about the origins of adamant R oppostion to anything and everything Barack Obama proposed.

    Bob, there’s no way our glorious news media will take on Donald Trump, there’s even less chance of Righty media acting like actual news outlets, and Chez is right that it wouldn’t make a difference any more. Fox News Channel already gets lumped in with theliberalmedia all too often in poll results.

    The Republican Party created Donald Trump. The Republican Party created the army of reliably angry voters that has turned on the GOP. The Republican Party didn’t create Righty media but it surely made common cause with Rush Limbaugh and the other carneys of talk radio and, more recently, the internet. As fun as it is to point and laugh—and I’ve done more than my share of that—the Frankenstein monster has been loosed upon the land, and that’s not funny.

    Bob, Walter Cronkite could say what he did because no one at the time thought a news division could or should be a profit center. Now, he’d be called on the carpet by the VP of News and given a thorough dressing-down for daring to express an opinion that didn’t conform to the Conventional Wisdom because that makes advertisers nervous and we can’t have that, now can we?

    Guys, I couldn’t agree with you more. Donald Trump losing 49 states would be good for the Republic. It wouldn’t change a bloody thing—see the Digby quote above—but it might slow the rot a bit.

    Bob, be careful what you wish for. 1964 was a blowout election for the Ds, but it stiffened the Rs’ resolve and led directly to Ronald Reagan and all the associated horrors.

    Alex Jones has been cutting his pills in half again.


    • I agree on Cronkite…he couldn’t function in today’s environment. Journalistic principles have no place in profit centers.

      Hell, cutting the pills in half doesn’t cover it. His Dr put him in a double blind and he’s on placebos.

  • HilaryB

    I’m pretty sure Jones said “gut flora.” How that relates to the police is anyone’s guess.

    • katanahamon

      Well, technically gut flora are invading alien organisms..much like Alex Jones, although I think I’ve met more intelligent gut flora..

  • leemoder

    Just read an article on C&L about that Alex Jones alien freakout and said a little prayer that you guys would be all over it for the podcast.