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RELM_buttonNo Flipping: We Remember the Great Garry Shandling; The Mental and Emotional Side of Doing a Show; Letterman's Kooky Beard; Trump vs Cruz vs Melania vs Heidi; We Review 'The Brainwashing of My Father'; Trump vs Obama on Women; Paul Ryan's Astonishing Remarks About Makers and Takers; The Poverty Trap; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • GrafZeppelin127

    The “heckling” scene between Rip Torn and Jeffrey Tambor is one of my favorite scenes in all the history of television. Thanks for putting that in.

    I saw the documentary, “The Brainwashing of My Dad,” and was somewhat disappointed in that it covered a lot of old ground (Birch Society –> Southern Strategy –> Limbaugh –> Fox News –> Tea Party) and spent very little time, relatively speaking, on the filmmaker’s dad and family. I just felt like I’ve seen this before, a million times, going back to Robert Greenwald’s “Outfoxed.”

  • I feel sorry for Cruz and Drumpf’s wives and not just beause they’re married to these asshats but now they’re being maligned in the national media. It’s just horrid. And in regards to Cruz’ wife and her depression–I suffer from it as well. And it sucks so hard to have others judge you for it. I hope to FSM that she isn’t just relying on Teh Baby Jeebus for it–that makes me pretty effing angry as well. That’s a recipe for disaster especially under high stress situations like having a husband run for the WH. Poor, poor woman.

    When I heard Ryan’s apology my first thought was, “Okay, why is he doing this now? What does he want?” I thought he is just trying to move to the center so that he’s a possible running mate for whoever wins the nomination or even possibly as an alternative to Trump. But he does sound awfully sincere, didn’t he? I don’t know what to think now. I guess we will see.

  • Badgerite

    Trust Paul Ryan? I snort.

    • Don P

      That was all window dressing for when/if he gets to White Knight the convention this summer. He recently had a meeting with Mittens in Salt Lake City, and ANY post-mortem for the 2012 campaign has to start with the 47% comment.

      As to whether he believes any of that, well, to paraphrase our Uncle Joe, “Show me your budget, Paul, and I’ll tell you if you believe it”.

  • Badgerite

    Not Muskie. Thomas Eagleton. He was the first one McGovern picked as VP. Eagleton had had electroshock therapy to treat depression and had not told McGovern this during vetting. He withdrew and McGovern picked Sargent Shriver as his VP.
    Muskie tanked in the early primaries when Nixon operatives and and Manchester Union Leader newspaper which was very conservative despite its name and was in the tank early for Nixon, went after Muskie’s wife and Muskie got choked up at a press conference defending her.

  • Aynwrong

    I just got through listening to Charles Murray on PBS, who should have been retired from public life years ago. He was bleating on and on about how the white working class is oppressed in this country because it’s safe to make jokes about “rednecks” at dinner parties. Which to be clear, is rude and disrespectful. Murray claims they are economically suffering because of this disconnect. And yet he never mentioned that the difference between the white working class and other groups of voters who suffer economically because of policies handed down from on high is that white working calls Americans (so called Reagan Democrats) and other groups of economically disadvantaged Americans is that they voted for it. Over & over again. Hand them enough red meat that somehow demonizes anyone who isn’t them and they’ll vote for it everytime.

    It’s an aside I know, but in my mind at least it fits into Paul Ryan’s alleged mea culpa regarding his “makers vs takers” language. Someone should ask Ryan if he is willing to disavow Mitt Romney’s 47% speech and what policy changes he is willing to consider in order to aid the poor. My guess is none and this is just a political sell job. Just another GOP rebranding project.

  • muselet

    I never “got” Garry Shandling’s humor. It’s not a generational thing—Ken Levine is older than I am and found him funny—it’s a matter of taste (yes, I do know I just set myself up for a barrage of punchlines). Shandling was by all accounts a decent person and people whose tastes I respect found him funny. My condolences to everyone who knew and loved him. (66 is ‘way too young.)

    David Letterman stopped shaving when he left television. Seems a good enough reason to me. Insecurities or no—and yeah, he seems to be a big giant ball of insecurities wrapped up in skin—he changed television, and at this point can spend his time with Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing and raise two fingers to the wider world, and no one should begrudge him that.

    For what it’s worth, the trajectory of my dad’s political positions went in the opposite direction from the documentarian’s. As he got older, he got far more liberal (one reason was that when he got a computer, he asked me what sites I frequented; among others, I pointed him toward, which he read pretty much every day until he passed away), and since he had a very sensitive bullshit detector (it also helped that he was an engineer), he never had anything but contempt for Righty media.

    Righty media has been fantastically successful, but only within the specific demographic it has targeted: insecure, middle-aged and older white people. The percentage of that demographic in the population as a whole—and, frankly, the total number of such folks—is shrinking. Righty media will either change to reflect that new reality or it will sink slowly beneath the waves, and the decision-making process should be hilarious to watch.

    Make America Awesome (really?) created a silly and, frankly, tasteless Facebook ad, which gave Donald Trump an excuse to go after Ted Cruz through his wife. Maybe this sounds Alex Jones-like (“Scum!”), but are we all sure that ridiculously-named super-PAC is really anti-Trump? To be entirely serious, though, Donald Trump has once again shown that a thin-skinned egomaniac should never be considered for President (VLADIMIR PUTIN: So, your wife likes to lounge around in a state of déshabillé, does she? DONALD TRUMP: Get me the football! I want the launch codes for Moscow!).

    Ted Cruz has—yes, I’m repeating my pop-culture references, wanna make something of it?—has as much understanding of depression as a concussed bee. Whatever respect I may have had for him for standing up for Heidi Cruz just evaporated. If I were cruel, I would wish upon Ted Cruz just one moment of debilitating depression, but I’m not.

    Comparing Barack Obama to Donald Trump on the subject of women is like comparing Michelangelo to a four-year-old messing around with Play-Doh.

    Oh, please. If Paul Ryan were truly apologetic for his “makers versus takers” rhetoric, he’d stop proposing the same soak-the-poor, coddle-the-rich policies he’s always championed. He hasn’t. As Charlie Pierce said, “Biggest. Fake. Ever.” (Also, and feel free to call me cynical, when he mentioned “poverty traps,” my guess is that Ryan was referring to public assistance, not terrible circumstances.)


    • Comparing Barack Obama to Donald Trump on the subject of women is like comparing Michelangelo to a four-year-old messing around with Play-Doh.

      That, mi amigo, is highly quotable. And the thought about Ryan’s conservative interpretation of “poverty traps” occurred to me as well. Proof will be in the pudding.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      [W]hen he mentioned “poverty traps,” my guess is that Ryan was referring to public assistance, not terrible circumstances.

      Yeah, that.

      I’m loathe to accept Ryan’s apology for his, his party’s, and their propagandists’ “makers/takers” bullshit. That said, it’s a start.

  • katanahamon

    Bob, you’ll have to watch the Comedians in Cars interview, Garry mentions that his face was looking funky due to a thyroid/parathyroid issue, I forget now if there was surgery involved but perhaps that was how he died; either a metastasizing tumor from that, or the eponymous big fat heart attack.

    I was hoping that Bernie’s appearance on Young Turks was early enough for you guys to comment on. The whole idea of Bernie “laying out his demands for his endorsing Hillary ‘if he doesn’t win the nomination'” pissed me off. Of course, he said that he would stay in it until the final vote was cast in the primary. If Bernie doesn’t endorse Hillary because she doesn’t bow to his demands (which of course she shouldn’t for many reasons) wouldn’t that be despicable?

    What about a return to enacting the fairness doctrine? Fox is propaganda, all reasonable people know it, they are purposefully presenting propaganda and lies as fact, and this is truly damaging our country. How can we start a campaign for the restoration or even improvement upon the fairness doctrine? Or is that just wishing for unicorns now..?

    • Christofloridian

      Despicable? Let’s see… you’re an issue candidate and your issue is that the Democratic party no longer represents the people. You’ve gone on to gain major support in the voter base, albeit not enough to capture the nomination. You’re essentially now one of the most major players in the Democratic party for the purposes of the 2016 general election. And where most other candidates would trade that leverage for a cabinet position and personal career gain, Bernie Sanders would use it to pressure the Democratic party into representing people rather than big money interests. Yeah. Despicable.

      And again, there is this painting of Sanders as an all or nothing guy. He’s going to endorse Hillary if she wins the nomination. The question is how much of his own agenda he can get her to adopt in the process. Pretending even for a second that the guy who categorically ruled out a third party run because he didn’t want to be a spoiler would then turn around and refuse to rally around the party’s candidate if he doesn’t get the nomination is intellectual dishonesty or opposition blindness.

      • katanahamon

        I think it is a valid point to bring up. Bernie could easily be setting the stage for not endorsing Hillary. Why else would he announce that he is setting “demands” for his endorsement? If she wins, she has a mandate and no obligation to accede to any demands by the losing candidate. I can just imagine the uproar if she did the same thing to Bernie, of course, he isn’t likely to win the nomination, so we are probably safe on that account.