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RELM_buttonHe Whose Shoulders: The Republican Civil War Begins; Mitt Romney Delivers Scathing Anti-Trump Speech; Patrick Bateman vs Patrick Bateman; Trump Responds with BJ Remarks; Sarah Palin Weighs In with Gibberish; Romney to Challenge at the Convention; GOP National Security Leaders Line Up Against Trump; Brian Kilmeade Can't Say Hyperbole; Ben Carson is Out; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • Li Cea

    Epitomic American Civil War song

  • katanahamon

    Had a thought today guys, maybe you two as the savvy political writers can run with it. Donald Trump behaves the way he does because as an adult, no one has ever told him “no”. Drumpf is in what, a selected portion of the upper one percent? When was the last time he sat down and balanced his check book, and worried if he had enough money to pay for health insurance? NEVER!

    Drumpf exists in a world that 99 per cent of people can’t comprehend. Getting back to no one telling him no, he is used to getting what he wants at any cost. How can he deal with world leaders or Congress if he can’t take people telling him no? Obama has had to deal with people telling him no his entire tenure.

    Drumpf is not a successful businessman, he is a successful gambler. John Oliver had a clip of Drumpfs daughter talking about how when Drumpf was billions in debt, they walked past a homeless person and Drumpf still managed to make fun of him. Drumpf has never faced any real consequences from his gambling..he’s just been very very lucky. He is nothing more than a bored, rich, egomaniac without the slightest clue of what it takes to govern a nation.

  • muselet

    “One’s a Mormon and one’s a loudmouth.” Sounds like the tagline for a truly awful sitcom.

    So the GOP establishment, whatever that means any more, intends to fight someone so colorful he (if I may be forgiven for quoting MythBusters out of context) looks like a clown’s head exploded with someone who’s … beige? Yeah, that’ll end well.

    There’s a certain amount of schadenfreude all we Lefties are allowed to feel at the prospect of the GOP spinning apart. The modern (for which, read post-1960) Republican Party was always something of a marriage of convenience between pro-business/anti-regulation conservatives and the frothing, revanchist loonies who simply couldn’t abide the thought of the melanin-enhanced having rights. However (you knew one of those was coming, didn’t you?), even if the GOP splits in two, the revanchist loonies would still be a powerful party in most of the Southeast. We forget that electoral power at our peril.

    Again I say, I’m not entirely sure Bernie Or Bust is a real phenomenon. Yes, yes, I know, there really are people who are tired of having their views overlooked within the Democratic Party, but (once again) I remember the oh-so-scary threat of the PUMAs back in 2008. I’m seeing lots and lots of “if the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton, I’ll vote for Donald Trump and burn this motherfcker down!” online, but interestingly enough, that’s not showing up in any polling I’ve seen. Plus, Bernie Sanders his own self has said he doesn’t want his supporters to vote for the R candidate. I don’t doubt the sentiment is real and out there among actual Democrats, I just doubt how widespread it is. (And if any Bernie Or Bust person wants to make a run at me, all I ask is that you explain the electoral strategy of Bernie Sanders winning both the Democratic nomination and the general election. Thank you in advance.)

    Bob, the reason the Democratic Party seems more uniform and monolithic is several decades of self-selection (but you knew this already). Anyone who is conservative, however defined, has re-registered as a Republican and anyone who is a centrist or liberal, however defined, has re-registered as a Democrat. The parties have become more like parliamentary parties, voting together come hell or high water. I don’t necessarily like it—ours is emphatically not a parliamentary democracy—but that’s the reality.

    The irony of that is that the disaffected folks in either party would be better off in a parliamentary democracy, where they could develop their political philosophy and—if they convince enough of the rest of the people—put that philosophy into practice at a local level as a proof of concept. Of course, the whole idea of a proof of concept requires an acceptance as valid of the notion that empirical reality is, well, empirical reality.

    Donald Trump is a bully: graceless, thoughtless, uncouth and just verbal enough not to come right out and say the disgusting things that flit through his head (SEE: Kelly, Megyn Marie; SEE ALSO Romney, Willard Mitt). I grew up dealing with vile creatures like Trump, and the odd thing was that they weren’t popular; indeed, everyone agreed they were repellant. Now, though, Trump is popular—politically, at least—because he’s repellant.

    Bob, I do hope you’re right that policy will become at least part of the debate at some point.

    Would it be unkind of me to point out that the current chairman of the Republican Party is Reince Priebus? The man who makes Wile E Coyote look brilliant?

    Sarah Palin is utterly detached from reality. Either that or she’s suffered a (another?) stroke.

    As much as this hurts to say, the neocons had to be right about something at some point (ow! ow! ow!): Donald Trump is certainly a threat to America. However, that’s not the reason the same putzes who got us into multiple military adventures in the MIddle East don’t like him. They don’t like him because he’s not malleable enough for them, that for all his bluster, he may not actually want to bomb every Muslim country on the planet.

    Yet again: Republican Party, you built this.

    Ben Carson dropping out of the R presidential race will have the same impact as a feather falling onto a foot-thick block of memory foam.

    I am not defending Brian Kilmeade, who richly deserves to be mocked for everything down to the way he breathes, but people who read a lot—again, not necessarily anything to do with Kilmeade—learn words by sight and don’t necessarily know how they’re pronounced. You’d think the internet would put an end to that, but it hasn’t and probably never will.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s fucking at 55:23.)


  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Great show tonight! I have a great idea guys, why don’t you both do a panel with Steph & Co. on the Sexy Liberal tour? You’d be Wonderful!

  • Aynwrong

    Hey Dan Bidondi just replied to me on YouTube. At least it could have been him.

    I don’t why I mentioned that. I just thought it was funny.

    • katanahamon

      You’d better perform an exorcism on your computer just in case. Funny you mentioned him, I was going to comment last Tuesday on the fact that he hasn’t been mentioned in a while..thought maybe we got lucky and he was arrested..

      • Aynwrong

        I can just imagine Bidondi being possessed. In the middle of the exorcism the demon looks up at the priest and says, “Let me out! He’s too stupid!!!”