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RELM_buttonLiterally: Pennsylvania and Rhode Island Primaries; Bernie Math; Alex Jones and His Black Friend Agree that Beyonce is Eating Baby Brains; Literally; Alex Jones is Gullible; Ted Cruz Lying About Transgender People; Ted Cruz and History; Trump Has Another Twitter Meltdown; Second Amendment Solutions; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • Bathroom bills aren’t about bathrooms. And they’re not just about amping up the rubes to GOTV.

    1st, they know these stoopid laws will be struck down, even tho’ it’ll take a good bit of time before somebody puts up a solid challenge. (remember, the money’s on the side of Authoritarian Jesus)
    So they’ll get to use it as a wedge for another cycle or two.

    But 2nd, assuming the thing does get slammed eventually, there will be pieces left over. There’re bits in the NC version that forbid county and municipal bodies putting up Anti-Discrimination Laws that run counter to what the state puts in place, and that torpedo people’s right’s to petition the courts.
    To wit:
    “(c) The General Assembly declares that the regulation of discriminatory practices in employment is properly an issue of general, statewide concern, such that this Article and other applicable provisions of the General Statutes supersede and preempt any ordinance, regulation, resolution, or policy adopted or imposed by a unit of local government or other political subdivision of the State that regulates or imposes any requirement upon an employer pertaining to the regulation of discriminatory practices in employment, except such regulations applicable to personnel employed by that body that are not otherwise in conflict with State law.”

    “This Article does not create, and shall not be construed to create or support, a statutory or common law private right of action, and no person may bring any civil action based upon the public policy expressed herein.”

    § 143-422.2. Legislative declaration.
    “(a) It is the public policy of this State to protect and safeguard the right and opportunity of all persons to seek, obtain and hold employment without discrimination or abridgement on account of race, religion, color, national origin, age, biological sex or handicap by employers which regularly employ 15 or more employees.”

    (notice anything missing from that last bit about discrimination?)

    So businesses and governments in NC have the legal right to discriminate against LGBTQ, and nobody has the right to go outside the state’s EEOC for remedy. Isn’t that just too fucking convenient?

    Stop thinking this is about GOP foolishness and shenanigans-as-usual.
    Start understanding how fucked up it is by recognizing it as another piece in a widening and increasingly effective assault on the Redress Clause of the 1st Amendment (at least that).

  • I had a little screenshot of Ruprecht poking himself in the eyepatch with a cork fork as my profile pic for my google+ profile. From now on, if anyone says something profoundly stupid, I’m going to respond by “Here’s your cork fork. Now go finish your applesauce and leave the adults alone.”

  • josephebacon

    Every Alex Jones clip sounds like a Mr. Show skit on LSD.

  • Turnip Blossom: I am Yuuge ✓

    Was listening to your show over on Charles Johnson site ‘Little Green Footballs’ and you were talking about the bathroom thing not really being an issue. Then as an example you brought up the ‘flag burning thing.. wasn’t really a thing’.

    That made me think of my list I keep on hand..(a copy/paste i use to refute nonsense occas on sites like it’s long but not thorough.. thought I’d share it with you.. maybe it will come in handy (when talking about things that aren’t really things) It’s a little outdated but enjoy! : (some of them are links)

    Bill Ayers!
    Obama looked at some woman’s butt when she walked by!
    Birth Certificate!
    He’s a Muslim!
    Obama’s giving NUKES to Iran!

    Obama Phones!
    He’ll declare marshal law and claim a 3rd term!
    His real name is Barry Soetoro!
    War on xmas!
    Fema camps!
    Open borders!

    Obama sealed his college records!
    Bringing in illegals to vote Democratic!
    Obama has done nothing for Veterans!
    xtian oppression!
    death camps!
    Obama’s taking away our light bulbs!
    war on marriage!
    Obama was sworn in on the Qur’an

    Obama had a gay lover in college!
    He never went to college!
    Obama registered at Occidental College as a foreign student so he could get financial aid!
    He’s coming to take our guns!
    Defund liberal NPR And PBS .. Big Bird is Gay!
    Michelle Obama was disbarred!
    Obama rigs the monthly jobs reports!
    The polls are skewed!

    The media has a liberal bias!
    NET NEUTRALITY kills freedom!
    He went to India and spent $200 million per day on security!
    He faked the death of Osama bin Laden! where’s the pictures!
    He’s working with the Muslim Brotherhood and snuck them into the country!
    Voter Fraud !
    Fast and Furious!
    Dead people and illegal Mexicans are voting!
    He faked 8 million Obamacare signups!
    Obama’s responsible for millions of jobs lost!
    He’s soft on ISIS!

    He golfs every minute of every day!
    Saul Alinsky!
    Flag Pin!
    Freedom Fries!
    Planned Parenthood sells babies for Lamborghinis!

    White Water!
    Vince Foster!
    the Lincoln bedroom!
    Bill Clinton is a pedophile!
    Hillary has cankles!
    Hillary’s a lesbian!
    The Clinton Foundation only gives 15% of donations to charity!
    email servers!
    Foreign Governments have/will hacked into Hillary’s server and blackmail her after she’s elected!

    She ate at Chipotle to secure the Hispanic vote!
    Hillary had a stroke!
    Jade Helm 15 tunnels under Walmarts!
    Democrats refuse to say, “Islamist Extremists”, instead they say “Jihadists”!
    Obama is not keeping us safe, we must bomb bomb bomb bomb IranSyriaIraqetc !!
    Gays! Gays! Here a gay! There a gay! Everywhere a Gay! Gay!

  • Badgerite

    And what is the difference between Donald Trump on twitter and your average teenager? Your average teenager is more ‘presidential.’

    • Scopedog

      …And smarter, to be honest. 🙂

  • Badgerite

    Yes, Obama came from behind and overtook Hilary Clinton in the 2008 primary season. And a I think a lot of why that had to do with Obama’s potential as a candidate but also with a certain fatigue that had set in in the Democratic party with respect to the hatred the right has always directed at the Clintons, both together and individually. But the thing is, this time, we have seen how that the far right (GOP base) has treated Obama. Exactly the same. Actually, worse. This time, I think the Democratic party “establishment”
    (see ‘undemocratic’ super duper delegates ) see that it doesn’t matter who they run. The nastiness and dishonesty of the attacks will be the same. It is the GOP campaign modus operandi. They don’t call Karl Rove the Turd Blossom for nothing.

    • Blue

      This is exactly why I voted for Obama. I came to the same conclusion – it doesn’t matter who is the democratic nominee – although I do believe the racism was especially nasty. Hillary has withstood 25+ years of attacks and she is still standing. None of the republican candidates demonstrated the ability to tolerate the tiniest criticism.

      • Badgerite

        I voted for Obama because I thought he was the best person for the job.
        Still do. But the fatigue thing played a part. And, of course, they were even worse and more deranged, if that is possible, with Obama. So. F that.

  • Badgerite

    Daily Kos, in fact Kos himself, has an excellent post this morning about Sanders statement in conceding the Clinton victories.

  • Badgerite

    “Litterally”. My cat, The Great One, goes “litterally” all the time. Litterally.

  • muselet

    “College Humor” usually lives up to the first half of its name—especially if the “college” bit refers to students in their second year of studies—and misses the second half by a parsec or three, but occasionally the site puts up something that’s funny and insightful. This is one of those occasions.

    Oh, come on, Chez. If Righties weren’t freaking out over Beyoncé, they’d be freaking out over any other black entertainer who’s come to prominence since Sammy Davis Jr’s heyday.

    “Incentifies”? Jeez Louise, Jones, English doesn’t work like that!

    Beyoncé and the CIA eat babies’ brains, literally. Okay, Alex Jones is breaking his pills in half again.

    The stupid that oozes from every one of Alex Jones’s utterances makes my head hurt.

    I’ll take Door Number Two: Jones is a huckster out to put one over on his audience.

    The thought of Dan Bidondi as an evil mastermind is … disturbing. And hilarious, in equal measure.

    John Kasich and Ted Cruz have a very strange concept of working together against a common adversary. They’re two of the Three Stooges, destroying everything around them with their bumbling. Their ridiculous non-aggression pact is the best thing that’s happened to Donald Trump since Trump’s daddy gave him a couple of million dollars to squander in the real estate market.

    Rs seem to need some outgroup to fear and hate. When skin color stopped being effective, they turned to sexual orientation. When everyone and their gran realized they know a gay person, Rs—well, Righties in general—cast about and decided transgender people are the new Worst Thing Ever. In a few years, asexuals will become The Existential Threat To Straight White People. It would be funny if real people weren’t likely to get physically hurt by self-appointed bathroom monitors who decide someone doesn’t look sufficiently feminine to use the Ladies’.

    Ted Cruz is, according to just about everyone who attended university with him (Craig Mazin notwithstanding), smart and, according to just about everyone who attended law school with him, gifted with a brilliant legal mind. He doesn’t understand the reality of trans people because he chooses not to understand. Or, perhaps, he has some very odd fantasies that he’s projecting onto trans people.

    Bob, the Right believes fervently in the old cliché: History is written by the victors. Righties believe fervently they will be the victors, and The Encyclopedia Wingnuttia article on Ted Cruz will say he was an early crusader against the scourge of pervy-men-pretending-they’re-women going into the women’s toilets and molesting small girls or whatever the hell the fantasy is.

    Anita Staver has essentially announced she’s going to murder someone, somewhere, at some time. Yes, it’s a nonspecific threat that can’t be acted upon by law enforcement —effectively, she’s an internet troll screeching at someone to “die in a fire”—but if she ever does aim her Glock .45 (I find it fascinating just how much detail people like her put into their sub-Death Wish fantasies) at someone, I hope her public statements help put her away for a very long time.

    Chez, I’m not sure you’re right, but I hope you are. A liberal generation would be good to see.


  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Nice photo choice for Jones—–is it just me, or does he seem slightly upset about something? If that ‘super vitality male’ stuff is testosterone, he needs to lower his dose. And I don’t think that literally means what he thinks it means. For God’s sake, somebody get him a dictionary!

  • Aynwrong
  • Ceoltoir

    When Republicans talk about the “values” of cities or even the cities themselves it is obviously code words. San Francisco values = Gays, Chicago/Detroit values = Blacks, New York values = Jews and Gays.