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RELM_buttonGreat Hate and Sickness: Trump's Robotic Press Secretary; Trump is Surrounded by Incompetence; Trump isn't Hitler, He's Nixon; The Saturday Night Massacre; Defending Our Friend Stephanie Miller; The Nevada Convention Mayhem; No Evidence of Violence; No Evidence of Fraud or Disenfranchisement; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • BenjCano

    Bob, you have a real habit of throwing out numbers and odds, like in this show where you said “Trump has a 50-50 shot of being the next president.”

    Just because there are only two outcomes to an event, that doesn’t mean that the odds are split between them. In 2012, Romney got creamed by Obama 332-206 in the electoral college. If you think that Trump has an even shot of beating Clinton, you need to kind of step up and demonstrate how it’s possible for Trump to do at least as well as Romney, and then better than Romney.

  • Boko999

    It’s funny listening to someone who always supports the team rather than the positions the team stands for. Debbie covering for the payday pirates? Hey! We’re grownups!
    So sad. You clowns keep keep making fun of an Alex Jones drone.
    That’s about all you’re good for.
    Fuck off.

    • Thanks for listening! We will enjoy the $$ you’ve provided by downloading the show.

      • Boko999

        I listened to your ads. Best part of the show!

        • BenjCano

          You LITERALLY just set him up for a ‘I’m crying all the way to the bank” reply.

          ‘s wrong with you?

          • Boko999

            No. I told him I listened to the ads. As far as I’m concerned we’re even.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Stephanie Miller has always been fair and objective.
    The “Bernie or bust” zealots have never been.
    I love Bernie and am glad that he is running but his supporters are extreme, singularly focused and undependable.

  • I think top line that Healy’s point is to keep an open dialog so that she can keep repeating the same useless non-policy statements. Actually, I bet she meant to say “bottom line” but messed up and once she said it, she kept repeating it because she didn’t want to look stupid (and all the irony that implies).

    In regards the polls, I said all along that I thought Trump would be the nominee and I’ve said that I think there is a good possibility that Trump could win the General. And it’s because my belief in the intelligence of the American people has almost reached its nadir. And speaking of Trump winning, if he does, I’m seriously thinking about how to pull what little I’ve managed to invest in the market out. I honestly wonder how many other liberals are thinking the same way. My money would be safer stuffed in my mattress than invested in the Stock Market if Trump is elected. I know it makes me sound a little crazy but it goes to show how little faith I have in my fellow Americans.

  • Badgerite

    Well, at least Heally can speak English better than Sarah Palin. Even if it is the same English over and over again. But, at least it is a real sentence. Maybe , “top line”, Heally could be his VP. I only have one question for her. Can she see Russia from her home?

  • Badgerite

    Oh, Bobbers. And I thought I was naive. Only 4 delegates you say. The only way what happened in Nevada makes sense ( and keep in mind that the disruption that was caused by the Sanders people were per the instructions from the campaign) is that the whole thing was staged to cause a stink where by Sanders could make the ridiculous statement he made claiming the Democratic party is keeping his people “locked out” and the system has been “rigged” and blaming it all on the Hilary Clinton and the Democratic party.
    Of course he doesn’t care if he harms the person who will be the Democratic party nominee. If he was happy to see her indicted or dead, he would surely have no problem smearing the shit out of her. After all, if Trump wins it will only hasten the revolution. Why, think of the chances for the “revolution” come 2020.
    Like Oprah says, “When someone tells you who they are, believe them”. It is very clear to me that Sanders is looking to damage Clinton as much as he can so as to clear his path to the nomination or in the alternative trash the Democratic party and hasten the “revolution” in 2020. Until Nevada I had accepted that Sanders was this decent, honorable guy who was looking to move progressive values forward. But what I see is something entirely different from that.

  • Victor the Crab

    Geez, should we just break out the straight razors and start carving our wrists already? I’m not going to start panicking just because a Fox News poll has Drumph ahead of Clinton by a couple of points. It’s Fox News, for fuck’s sake! The “news outlet” where Megyn Kelly practically fawned all over Drumph in their one on one this week, by threatening orders from Roger Ailes.

    Now I’m not saying we should be complacent or get happy. But I’m not going to believe that the American public will elect someone as stupid and repulsive as Donald Drumph over Hillary Clinton. Especially when there are key demographics like women and latinos who hate his Cheetos shaped guts and will do what they can to deny him the White House.

  • katanahamon

    In a semi unrelated vein, I think every single media outlet should refer to Fox as Fox Entertainment. They are not news. Also, I can’t stand the ad on this page that says “Should Hillary Be Locked Up For Crimes Against America?”

    Also, you guys are not allowed to disagree in any way, shape, or form. Maybe you worked it out in the after party..clearly I have to subscribe. In my own defense, I tried months ago, but the Patreon page wasn’t working for me, and I half expected my credit card to be billed for cash in Nigeria.

  • katanahamon

    It is time to panic if Bob is going to start the equalizing process for Trump. “He won’t be so bad..he’s not Hitler”..He could well turn out to be more destructive, as Hitler didn’t have access to over 7000 nuclear weapons. Perhaps America is doomed at this point and we shouldn’t even bother. No reporters or press are holding these people to any standards..the clip you played, they gloss over his representative’s complete incompetence. Trump is never confronted and made to answer. I think the complete meltdown in any kind of standards for the Presidency (Trump) is being reflected in the nonsense legislation happening..tying up the defense bill, anti LGBT, and Oklahoma outlawing abortion. The right enjoys a terrific double standard..Hillary can be grilled for eleven hours and constantly provide substantive answers, Trump et al can’t do five minutes.

    It’s all well and good for Hillary to move on, but they should have hammered out something with the Sanders campaign, because now Sanders and friends really don’t care how much harm they’re causing. I suppose there was no hope for that or it would have happened, but one would hope Sanders could be reasoned with. Sanders is just proving he is a child and not suited for the job. If Hillary is committed to this course now, she will have to put Bernie down hard at every opportunity. All this does is provide fodder for Trump to say the Dems are disorganized, and take time away from being able to expose Trump for the fool he is. Man..time to make an appointment with my GP for some klonopin….

  • What does “top line” even mean?!

    • ProudLiberalAlways

      I kept wondering if she was trying to say, “well, Carol, the bottom line here is that Donald wants to keep……”. At least that would make some sense!

    • ProudLiberalAlways

      Don’t they sell gold?