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RELM_buttonGay Mosquitoes: The Trump Versus Bernie Debate; Trump Gets Played; Jimmy Kimmel Subverted Trump Then Humanized Him; Trump's Best Words About Farmers; The Libertarian Billionaire Behind the Gawker Lawsuit; Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has to Go; Louie Gohmert's Epic Rant About Gay Space Colonists; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • katanahamon

    Ahhhh! Beautiful!!! You guys have to see the wonderful piece on Daily Beast about H A Goodman…Hahahahahaha! And….BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • I’m surprised that you guys don’t recognize that in a debate with Hillary all Trump has to do is his usual hateful bully crap, Americans will eat it up and call him a winner. Only people who care about facts and our leaders being grown-ups (ie, us) will say that Hillary won the debate.

  • leemoder

    Louie shouldn’t be out without wearing his hockey helmet. How much you wanna bet he’s also a biter?

    • Don P

      What if Jeff Goldblum and Judd Nelson .. aww goll darnit, Jews!

  • katanahamon

    Trump visits Hiroshima as President… Barely acknowledges victims, moves immediately to gift the Japanese people a free, gold plated nuclear bomb, pulling off the silk cover with a flourish..

  • Badgerite

    Elizabeth Warren for VEEP? I like it.

  • Badgerite

    As to Bernie Sanders, check this link out.

    Apparently Sanders met with an AIDS activist organization and later put out a press release which claims they support a California voter initiative about AIDS drugs that they totally oppose and made very clear in the meeting that they totally opposed it as it could negatively impact access to drugs needed for AIDS treatment.
    Of course, this would curry favor with certain interests in California before the primary vote.
    To me, this is just too reminiscent of his stand on gun manufacturer liability.
    I keep hearing what a decent and honorable guy he is and all, but I have yet to see it in action.
    The organization is very upset that he put out a statement misrepresenting their stance on the issue.
    Especially so since they brought the issue up in the meeting and made very clear that they did not support the initiative. What gives?

  • Badgerite

    So, Trump says that he gets a better deal if the other side doesn’t know that they are dealing with Trump. And his case in point is that he got a “better deal” once when one of his imaginary friends, Mr. Baron, set up a meeting for said deal competitor with……Mr. Donald Trump.
    Okay. So the competitor did know the identity of who he was dealing with as Donald Trump’s imaginary friend, Mr. Baron, told him. So why was ‘Mr. Baron’ there again.
    Oh please. Trump just doesn’t want to admit that starting out with a cool $200 million, he still needed to get on the phone and talk about himself, the way he always does, “I know words, I have the best words.”, in a boastful and narcissistic manner. And since he didn’t want to admit that, he just lied about it.
    Because…..why not. He is only running for the paltry and unimportant office of President of the United States. So…..any foolish idiocy should suffice. The modern day GOP, ladies and gentlemen.
    Their motto. “We Just Don’t Give a Flying Crap,,,,,as Long as We Stay In Power.”

  • muselet

    Bob, thank you for that mental image. Yeesh.

    Kevin Drum doesn’t think much of a Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders debate, and wonders if this is Sanders being so butthurt (my word, not Drum’s) at losing the D nomination that he’s willing to torch Hillary Clinton.

    Looks like it was the Sanders campaign that asked Trump about a debate:

    Michael Briggs, a Sanders spokesman, said that [Jimmy] Kimmel allowed the Sanders campaign to submit a question to Trump to be asked during the taping — so they asked about a potential debate.

    Briggs says that he expects that Trump will also be allowed submit a question for the senator to answer when Sanders tapes Kimmel Thursday night.

    In the long run, Bernie Sanders will still not be the D nominee this year.

    I’m with you guys. Sanders’s policy preferences are pretty close to my own, but he’s surrounded himself with less-than-stellar people (going after Barbara Boxer was colossally stupid, regardless of the merits of the argument) and his campaign style has long since begun to grate.

    Chez, you’re right: Trump’s malignant narcissism makes him a terrible negotiator.

    Vladimir Putin must be salivating at the prospect of sitting across a table with Trump.

    Trump’s admission to Kimmel that he’s used aliases is funny and telling, and his anecdote about buying property—nobody knew the Trump name, but using the Trump name would mean the owners would jack up the prices—is a distillation of the purest essence of bullshit.

    Replacing Debbie Wasserman Schultz wouldn’t necessarily be the worst thing in the world, but if it happens before the general election it will become part of the quadrennial Dems In Disarray! story. Better by far for the Democratic Party—just because of the (oh, how I hate this buzzword!) optics—to stick with her until either election day (if Hillary Clinton loses) or inauguration day (if Clinton wins), and let Schultz quietly resign.

    Josh Marshall points out not only that what Thiel is doing used to be illegal (“maintenance” and “barratry”), but also that if Thiel is out to get Gawker for vengeance, he should do so in public rather than hiding behind third parties.

    No wonder Peter Thiel supports Trump: they both nurse grudges for a very long time.

    Has Louis Gohmert never heard of turkey baster babies? Criminy, what a dimbulb.

    Chez, Gohmert is in Congress because Texas. What I can’t figure out is how he manages to breathe autonomously.


    • Aynwrong

      I don’t why know this didn’t occur to me before reading your post but Peter Thiel being Gay means that he is someone who is part of a minority group that has been violently oppressed who is backing Trump. I’m not suggesting that if a person is part of a minority group that they should necessarily be a Democrat but for God’s sake TRUMP?!? At least recognize Trump for the bigoted demagogue that he is. Or is just that Thiel is so self serving that civil rights and basic decency doesn’t even enter the equation?

      Then again, what part of the GOP isn’t demagogic towards minorities?

      • muselet

        Peter Thiel is a self-described libertarian. My money says that civil rights and basic decency are alien concepts to him.


  • josephebacon

    Louie Gohmert stars in Stupid Trek…

    • Aynwrong

      Gohmert could be the thing that finally kills the Borg. After he’s assimilated the entire race devolves into cromagnans in a matter of months.

  • HilaryB

    I doubt this “debate” is really going to happen, but I can’t help but wonder if Bernie is really just trying to use this as a final opportunity to bash Hillary Clinton before the election. Like you said in previous shows, his campaign doesn’t have the money to run ads in CA. The whole idea is just dumb. I don’t see any good coming out of it whatsoever.

    • muselet

      The Sanders campaign is running ads in California, or at least on LA stations, even as we speak.


      • HilaryB

        Oh, okay. I haven’t seen any yet. Then again, I don’t watch much television.

  • Badgerite

    It is interesting that Gohmert thinks gays not procreating is a big threat to human survival.
    Global warming and the Zika virus doesn’t concern him. But were we to establish a colony on another planet, and there might be a gay person on the flight. Well, then what? Ok so why is this man in the Congress of the United States again?
    I think you guys have found another comedy goldmine. The Gohmert goldmine.

    • ProudLiberalAlways

      He’s in the Senate because he apparently didn’t want to continue being a judge in Texass. Yes, he actually was a judge. Imagine that!

      • Aynwrong

        Just imagine bring a defendant in Judge Louie’s court. Now there’s a TV show for ya.

      • Badgerite

        Oh Jesus. Well, of course. Texas!

  • Badgerite

    No wonder he likes Sarah Palin. They are from the same word salad tribe.