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RELM_buttonBelieve Me: We Debate the Killing of Harambe the Gorilla; Trump Denies the California Drought; Trump Fails to Show Evidence of Donations to Veterans; Trump Calls Reporter A Sleaze; North Korea Endorses Trump; Road Sign Echoes Alex Jones Conspiracy; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • Badgerite

    Kos has a good take on this part of the Trump campaign entitled Trump Campaign: The Festivus Edition.
    The Airing of the Grievances. Sounds about right.
    “I got a lotta problems with you people, ya know. And you’re gonna hear about it.”

  • Badgerite

    It was an accident. The child’s life was in danger. They couldn’t take the risk. At least it was not what anyone intended. Not the child. Not the parents. And not the Zoo.
    However, I can’t imagine how there was a way for someone to get into the enclosure and no one bordered to secure it long before then. It would seem a major oversight. But, after the fact, they really had no choice.
    I’m sure it grieved the people involved, the zoo, the parents, etc, more than it did anyone else.

  • katanahamon

    How could Trump be characterized as “a star athlete” and then get a medical deferment after what, four student deferments for Vietnam? Clinton was hounded about this issue, so we’re others. This goes along with my other criticism of the media..GET ON IT!!!

  • katanahamon

    Oh, I love it! This goes along with what you guys were talking about Trump not understanding his life will be upended..
    Officials are probing Trump closing the atrium of Trump Tower to hold his press conferences, because in order to skirt zoning for higher floors added, he had to agree to a public atrium! He can’t close it to have his stupid private press conferences! Ha!

  • katanahamon

    There is an arrogance on our part to look at an incident and propose solutions. Bob, you did say that the zoo has existed a very long time, yet, how many incidents like this have actually happened? What if it turns out that the enclosure which was chosen as a compromise between security and visibility (again, which has proven sufficient for how many years?) has deteriorated to allow the kid to get through? Also, switch this up to looking at a complex chemistry or biology question. “Well, we know how antibiotics work, we should be able to come up with a new one that solves the resistance problem..we have had them for years..” Yeah,’s more complicated than that.

    It just seems that it’s wishful thinking that the zoo would have a magic solution for this scenario. The child was already injured in the fall, the zoo people knew this gorilla’s behavior, they made the call.

    We can argue that the enclosure be changed so that this cannot happen, which will likely decrease visibility, or look like a jail, then expect backlash against that. I’m betting that the enclosure was specifically designed as a compromise to allow maximum visibility, also, when it was designed society was different in that parents simply did have better control of their kids. Making a zoo as much like nature entails a bit of danger in the fact that if you want the experience of seeing an animal unobstructed, then a human will be able to circumvent the enclosure. The only alternative is an enclosure that looks like a gulag.

    • katanahamon

      P S..isn’t it sad that it seems to make more sense talking about a gorilla than Donald Trump?

  • katanahamon

    Ahh! I forgot! People frustrated with H A Goodman should check out the daily beast, David Freedlander wrote a great article…check it’ll make your day or possibly week!

    • Badgerite

      Tried watching the video of Goodman. Couldn’t manage it for more than a few minutes.
      Talk about “weird and creepy”.

      • katanahamon

        I couldn’t even “go there”..!

        • Badgerite

          Well. no loss. You life is probably better for that. His alleged ‘arguments’ are ridiculous.

  • katanahamon

    Trump is only on the offensive about the veteran’s contributions because if reporters continue to dig, they will find that Trump has a cash flow problem. If the media hadn’t pursued him, he never would have given up the cash. Media should “follow the money”.. Or lack thereof, because he doesn’t have it to give. He probably had to sell something to raise the money.

    We are seeing the results of a press that has completely lost its edge. A press used to stock answers, quotes from the Internet, not having to think and interpret on their feet and ask probitive, probing questions and demanding answers. Because of this, Trump has been allowed to coast into the nomination. If it continues, he could just as easily coast into the presidency, because of course people are going to vote for someone who says “I’m going to turn on the water” when that never goes challenged. Look at the Republican show “debates” that weren’t debates.

    Trump represents the biggest crisis our disconnect between the public’s lack of education about government and their ability to influence it through voting. Trump as president, with the aging Supreme Court, he could appoint disastrous judges that set the right wing agenda for the foreseeable future, granted, which may be short due to Trump’s stated desire that he would not be averse to using them.

  • Aynwrong

    My own opinion, for whatever it’s worth, is that the blame lies squarely with the zoo. It was their responsibility to ensure that the gorilla’s enclosure (or whatever it’s called) was not accessible to anyone visiting the zoo (let alone a child). That said, of course killing this poor animal was the right call. Were talking about a human life and someone’s child for God’s sake. And yes, I understand how terrible a loss this was. I happen to not have children of my own. I do have a five year old niece and a three year old nephew and I understand how easily they can be lost track of and if it was a choice between risking one of their lives and attempting to negotiate with a gorilla, guess who wins?

  • muselet

    Chez, you’re right: Donald Trump’s supporters like the fact that he’s a narcissistic ignoramus.

    California is in a water deficit because we’re drawing on aquifers, not just surface water. Last winter wasn’t bad in terms of precipitation, at least in Northern California, but parts of the Central Valley are still centimeters lower than they were a decade ago because the groundwater is depleted. Which is a long-winded way of saying of course California is in a drought! (and Trump is an ignoramus!).

    That water that “they” are “shoving out to sea” is keeping the Sacramento River delta from becoming saline and making agriculture in much of the Sacramento Valley nearly impossible. The fact that there are Central Valley (Sacramento and San Juaquin Valleys considered together, for the uninitiated) farmers who cheer the short-fingered vulgarian’s stupidity about water is profoundly distressing.

    (And the Delta Smelt isn’t particularly important to anyone or anything except it’s an excellent indicator species. If the flow of fresh water is sufficient to support the Delta Smelt, the rest of the delta ecosystem is probably okay. It’s like being stuck in a 1990s timewarp and hearing idiots blither about the Northern Spotted Owl.)

    I am reminded of the quote attributed (probably wrongly) to Mark Twain: Whiskey’s for drinking, water’s for fighting.

    Trump’s thin skin, lying, penchant for secrecy and self-aggrandizement, and habit of saying the first thing that crosses his mind present a target-rich environment for enterprising reporters. They probably won’t take advantage of it because (a) Republicans are the grown-ups, and (b) Hillary Clinton. The only thing that might change that is his attacks on the press.

    Somewhere in Hell, Richard Nixon takes a break from being stabbed in the arse with an imp’s pitchfork, looks at what Trump’s doing and yells, “[EXPLETIVE DELETED]!”

    Charlie Pierce this morning on Trump’s press conference:

    I mention this in order to remind the universe that this is the man to whom the Republican Party would like to hand the entire federal law enforcement apparatus.

    As I said earlier, “What a terrible insult to shape-shifting lizards.”

    I expect Trump to crow about his endorsement by North Korea’s official state media in stump speeches within a week.

    The killing of Harambe is properly a squib article on page A-12. It’s a non-story. Zoo officials were faced with horrific choices and probably made the right decision. Now, having said that, the Cincinnati Zoo must review its policies and procedures, and physical plant to keep from having to make such a decision ever again.


    • ninjaf

      The farmer’s say…

      • Victor the Crab

        Pure, Grade A manure.