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RELM_buttonBig Bowl of Meat: Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump; Ted Cruz Drops Out; Cruz's Stupid Concession Speech; We Recap Trump's Greatest Hits; Steve Schmidt Blasts the Conservative Movement; Trump Getting CIA Briefings Now; Trump's Word Salad on Abortion; Trump's Ridiculous Cinco de Mayo Tweet; Alex Jones Goes Off About George Will Literally Raping America; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.



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  • katanahamon

    I looked at vote totals.. 60 percent of Republicans didn’t vote for Trump. Why don’t they select a different candidate at the convention, saying that they owe it to the majority of their constituents? Not to mention that acknowledging and supporting him means that they are embracing his insane ideas. Why have a convention at all if they can’t rescue their party from the minority of wackos?

  • Reasonable people want to know, is it Herr or Hair Trump?

    • muselet

      I laughed out loud when I saw that strip this morning.

      The neighbors must think I’m out of my mind.


      • It’s great isn’t it? And terribly appropos 🙂

        • muselet

          Berkeley Breathed is a freakin’ genius.


  • OK, guys – I resist mightily being anybody’s fan, but when you put yourselves up for the Boneheaded Predictions Award because you blew the call on Cruz; that stands you in good stead, and gets me as close as I care to get to declaring myself “a Bob-n-Chez fan” (not to worry of course, you give me 2 new chances every week to shit on you, but hey – good on ya both for all of it, including the 2 new chances bit).

    Keep doin’ good.

  • Badgerite

    I believe Amorosa is already on the Trump Monster’s short list for SCOTUS. So. She can’t be VEEP.
    And will you please stop saying the words Trump and president in the same sentence. Please.

  • Badgerite

    The GOP Ladies and Gentlemen. They eat their own. ( Alex Jones is really the most disgusting turd I think I have ever heard.) The GOP is ‘literally’ intellectually and morally bankrupt.

  • Badgerite

    Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. Jones must be upset at what a fabulous job the Trump Monster did when interviewed by them. “You look marvelous.”

  • Aynwrong

    If you guys keep talking about Alex Jones (and you absolutely should) I have to keep posting this. The nostalgia hits me too hard.

  • muselet

    Guys, it was a reasonable prediction, it just didn’t happen. I don’t think anyone saw Ted Cruz dropping out, and the speed with which he’s shifted into “you’ll be sorry” mode has been astonishing. He’s already started his 2020 run.

    (And since we’re on the subject of failed predictions, I predicted months ago that Donald Trump was running as a lark, and that he’d play kingmaker with whatever delegates he won once he got bored. I said at the time that I’d cop to it if I was wrong, so here it is: Boy howdy, was I wrong!)

    Cruz is utterly unconvincing when he tries for gravitas. There’s just something about his whiny, nasal voice that makes it impossible for me to take him seriously when he’s trying to be serious. He sounded to me like a televangelist launching a major grift … erm, fundraising effort … during his concession speech (which makes sense, since Papá Rafael has always been the important influence in Ted’s life).

    Of course Ted Cruz is arrogant. He was raised to believe he was Chosen By Gawd! to Lead America! toward a bright theocratic future. He’s a lot of things, but phony ain’t one of ’em.

    Bob, Republican voters haven’t been looking for presidential this cycle. They’ve been looking for someone who is—or, like Donald Trump, pretends to be—angry about the same things they are: immigration, trade policy, economic insecurity, terrorism, a librul darky in the White House, all the things they’ve been told by Righty media they should be fist-shaking furious about. Their fury is inchoate, they just know they’ve been told they should be grrrr! angry.

    Anyone who’s been watching Republican politics this cycle can’t be surprised that the short-fingered vulgarian is the nominee.

    The GOP has been building its zombie army of voters for decades now, so it’s bitterly amusing to hear someone like Steve Schmidt—the man who, as you guys point out, loosed Sarah Palin upon an unsuspecting world—whine and complain about the zombie army not following orders.

    Yeah, the thought of Trump getting classified information is horrific. I feel sorry for his briefers.

    Bob, I’m afraid you’re right: an R President wouldn’t let a D get classified intelligence briefings.

    Kevin Drum is no less appalled by Donald Trump’s taco bowl tweet than anyone else, but he points out that the tweet isn’t aimed at Latino voters, it’s aimed at white people. As Drum says, “It’s basically an affirmation to Trump’s voters that they aren’t racists.”

    Okay, Alex Jones has stopped taking his meds altogether. (I hate George Will with a passion, but given a choice between a bow-tie–wearing prig who knows sod-all about anything, specifically including baseball, and a walking throat polyp with several screws loose, I have to go with the prig.)

    (Bob, you missed your shit at 34:00.)


    • Badgerite

      Definitely off the meds Or maybe just on too low of a dose.

    • I have to toot my own horn but I’ve been saying all along that Herr Drumpf would be the nominee and our country was in deep doodoo

      • muselet



  • katanahamon

    Trump received a plurality of votes against individuals, but did he ever get more votes than all the other votes for the others cast against him? If the Repubs had run just one decent person instead of 20 other greedy idiots, we might have seen him be defeated.

    I thought they didn’t get briefings until after the conventions…oh well…you guys could do an entire skit of how the CIA dumbs down the info for Trump, like a children’s first book.. Trump gets upset by important issues like him cheating at golf..maybe he has to cheat because of the disadvantage of his stubby fingers..(feel free to use

    Speaking of his hands, the picture above really shows his widdew pudgy stubs! And, he’s clearly not actually eating it..

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Alex Jones desperately needs a dictionary in which to look up ‘literally’. I know it does NOT mean what he obviously thinks it means! Another great show, guys. You make my weeks so much easier to live——always——but now, you are ESSENTIAL. Thanx for everything you do to foster and protect my sanity.

    p.s.—-Since Florida is America’s wang (bart simpson), Texass must be it’s ass!

    • Aynwrong


  • Mary Inannarbor Dixon

    You played my post laryngitis song!!

    • Which one?

      • Mary Inannarbor Dixon

        Drop 3 Times- I’m on the b/g. I finally got an appt to the professional voice dept doc at U of M in a couple weeks. Sick of getting it after every cold. So many yrs w/o insurance has turned me into too much of a DIY health care person! Even with ACA now!

        • katanahamon

          Cecilia Bartoli is into ‘boiled onion water’..maybe it’s the sulfur compounds. Have you had a sinus CT scan? An ongoing infection can leach the cellular degradation products down your throat, which are very irritating. I’ve had every sinus surgery in the book..I can tell you all about them. Having a blocked frontal you don’t even have congestion..just numbing fatigue, and when it gets ornery, incredible pain.

    • Oh, that song…I have tears. Thank you so much.