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RELM_buttonOrlando: We get serious and discuss the gun massacre in Orlando for the hour; Trump's horrifying response; The Republican response is totally incoherent; Attacking ISIS versus banning assault weapons; Fox News Channel's Gretchen Carlson supports an assault weapons ban; The Fox News Bubble illustrated; Trump goes to war against Marty Baron and The Washington Post; Chris Christie calls for the bombing of something; Maybe something positive will happen this time; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • katanahamon

    I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more print being devoted to the fact that these weapons are available specifically due to Republican resistance to their ban. The ones who voted against the weapons ban should be listed for all to see, and the fault of episodes like this laid squarely at their feet.

    Your analogies, Bob, regarding the Cuban missile crisis, you said you can’t imagine having something like that, but, with the Chinese militarizing by building these islands, and Russia flexing their muscles, the fly bys of jets, the incidents of provocation are increasing and Trump would have ample opportunity to exacerbate any of those situations into a global situation.

  • I almost don’t care about the rest of the show – that Open was borderline genius. Especially the disclaimer.

  • BenjCano

    This is the third time on the podcast that Bob has said that Trump has a 50/50 chance of winning the presidency.

    Just because there are only two outcomes, that doesn’t mean that both outcomes are equally likely. The betting markets currently have Trump at only 25% likely to become president.

    If you think this is wrong and that Trump has a realistic chance of doing better than Romney did in 2012…please enlighten us with your analysis.

    • I’m not speaking for Bob, but from my perspective, I think it wouldn’t take much to nudge people into voting for Trump, say like another attack by an Islamist extremist or a economic downturn. Never underestimate the power of fear and stupidity ignorance.

    • Take nothing for granted — especially polls in June when the election is in November and a million things can happen between now and then. And if you think the stakes aren’t high enough to be super cautious, then I don’t know what to tell you.

      • Scopedog

        Good points, Bob.

        Personally, I don’t see any evidence that Hillary and her team are taking this for granted either. You never know what the hell could happen, and as we saw in 2000 and this year, there are always those few who are willing to throw a monkeywrench into the gears because you know, we gotta crash the system for the revolution, man!

        That said…it is good to see Hillary in lead right now, because I sure as s**t am tired of the “both candidates have the highest unfavorables EVAH!!” line of nonsense.

      • BenjCano

        Sorry to be a mathematical stick in the mud, but where are you getting that 50% number? Are you just using it as kind of linguistic shorthand for saying “Trump could be the next POTUS?” If so, fine, but if you think that the odds are actually 50/50 at this point, I’d want to see that analysis.

      • Victor the Crab

        I know we shouldn’t take anything for granted this year, Bob. But I can’t imagine seeing Drumph emerge triumphant in November. Too many key demographics hate his Cheeto like guts and they will more than likely be motivated to go out to the voting booths in the fall. And his latest diarrhea spew on Monday will only add to the motivation. I believe the American public is a lot smarter than given credit.

  • To your point about the shooter’s motivations….it seems strange to me that many major news outlets are not discussing the fact that the shooter was probably gay and had frequented that particular club and gay dating sites. In fact, I have yet to hear anyone on NPR mention it (but I don’t listen 24/7). But it is at the core of why he did it. The shooter had an incredibly deep-seated self-loathing from having grown up in a society and a family that was and still is incredibly homophobic. American culture is saturated with it and his family’s conservative Muslim mentality only made it worse. He wanted to destroy that part of himself and he had tried for many years, marrying twice and having a child, but always returning to the gay clubs and dating sites. The claims of allegiance to ISIS and Hezbollah and whoever else he threw into the motivational grabbag was simply a smokescreen to hide his real problem, which was self-loathing. It saddens me to say this but our culture and his family created this particular monster. And WE should own it properly. We should also own the fact that both the shooter and Trump are two sides of a coin that perfectly illustrates the sickness of hate and fear that has infected the US.

  • Aynwrong

    Trump’s reaction to Orlando reminds me of Romney’s reaction to Benghazi. American’s were murdered, it was somehow Obama’s fault (because of course it is) and both were campaigning on this before the bodies were cold.

    The difference this time is that because of Drumpf’s unhinged ego, race baiting and lunacy the rest of the GOP isn’t as arrogant with their usual more patriotic than thou routine.

    And Bob, I had the exact same thought about how the Republicans never show the same loyalty to a Democratic president that they demanded and got for Bush and how the no one in the media ever brings it up. It was refreshing to hear you say it.

  • muselet

    Alexander William Kinglake said three words should be inscribed over all church doors: Important if true. That’s how I feel about that Bloomberg poll.

    Bob, I hope you’re right about a change happening because of this shooting. I’m heartened by the House Ds refusing to put up with the moment of silence theatrics any longer—’bout time!—and demanding actual legislation. As long as the NRA has the Rs’ gonads in a pair of Vise-Grips, nothing meaningful will happen, but at least the Ds have discovered their spines.

    Bill O’Reilly could get away with saying what John Kerry got pilloried for because he’s a conservative. This isn’t the first time it’s happened and it certainly won’t be the last. I refuse to spend more than a few seconds a day thinking about BillO the Clown so I may never find out, but my gut tells me O’Reilly will be quietly praised by the Right (and not a few of the dimmer centrist—Both Sides!—pundits) for his thoughtfulness.

    Donald Trump’s responses—there have been a fair few—to the mass murder in Orlando have been utterly cack-fisted, but his followers won’t even notice ‘cuz he’s givin’ it to them damn’ Muzzies!, and promising to hoot and gibber and fling his poo as President so everyone knows he means business! He may be a waste of carbon, but he knows his audience.

    Trump is also predictable. Self-aggrandizement, a lunatic conspiracy theory, a dog’s breakfast of a speech on security, a demand for immigration restrictions, anyone could have predicted that would be his response.

    Bob, none of what Trump is doing or saying is about security. It’s all about making himself look resolute and tough.

    This is me finding amusement where I can, but a fight between Donald Trump and Marty Baron could be entertaining.

    CNN and USA Today (!!) have been doing a hell of a job covering the short-fingered vulgarian.

    Bob, IOKIYAR. Rs in general, and Combover Caligula in particular, get to carp and complain endlessly about a President who’s a D, but not the other way around. Of course, our glorious news media will drag the Both Sides! warhorse out for a brisk drag round the paddock regardless …

    How would Trump have handled the Cuban Missile Crisis? He would have nuked Havana, Moscow, Warsaw (and London just because he didn’t like the way they made fish and chips) before Nikita Khrushchev could answer the Hot Line.

    Sorties? Hellfire missiles? Hell, Bob, if Trump were President we’d be talking about tactical nukes (with oblique references to Nevil Shute and On the Beach).

    Gretchen Carlson is borderline sane? I’d never have guessed. I hope her résumé is up-to-date.

    Once again, I hope you guys are right about a change coming about because of what happened in Orlando. The cynical part of me (no more than 58% on a good day) doubts it will happen, but it would be nice to think we could do something rational once in a while.

    Josh Marshall doesn’t think Trump is trying to throw the election. He sees a possible scenario in which Trump punches out, but it’s not likely.


    • Aynwrong

      I’ve been wondering about that poll as I think it was taken before Orlando. Maddow talked about pollsters who began people about questions regarding who they felt would respond to terrorism better as we were learning about Orlando, Hillary or Trump, and Trump won by 4 or 5 points.

      I know that the GOP is always the “tough guy” party but how any thinking person…

      • muselet

        The public’s mood is a volatile thing, and most people seem to respond to events primarily with their amygdalae (plus we have a significant subpopulation whose reaction to every crime is KILL ‘EM ALL!), so it wouldn’t surprise me if Donald Trump got a bump out of the Orlando massacre.

        That’s why I keep saying that all it’d take would be a terrorist attack or an economic downturn at just the wrong time, and we’d have President Donald John Trump.


        • After having processed what had happened in Orlando, it occurred to me that this would be in Trump’s favor. Which makes me sick to my stomach. The fact that extremists could make Americans so fearful that they would turn to a wannabe dictator is terrifying but still a reality.

          • muselet

            The advantage a Donald Trump has is a complete lack of interest in process. “How?” is not a question he ever considers. He’s going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. He’ll make our allies pay for their own defense. He’ll withdraw from treaties. On and on and on.

            A large segment of the public doesn’t care about process, either, so they’re receptive to Combover Caligula’s breezy assertions: he’s saying what they want to hear and not complicating things with explanations. And after something like the Orlando murders, they’re particularly responsive to calls for vengeance, no matter how irrational (which is why Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich opened their pie holes).

            It also doesn’t help that the Wingnut Wurlitzer has been playing a crowd favorite—”Be Very Afraid!”—at full volume for the past several decades.

            In the good universe, Donald Trump is a modest failure in New York real estate and no one outside that cloistered little world has ever have his name. I’d like to visit the good universe some day.


  • Brookmyre

    Hey Bob, I was just reading the piece over at Salon and I thought you might want to edit this line…

    “The party of personal responsibility needs to practice what it preaches today and confess to its trifecta of hate and ineptitude”

    There should be a third thing in the trifecta to make it one.

    • Justine

      I read the trifecta as 1) Personal responsibility, 2) Practice what it preaches, and 3) Confess to hate and ineptitude. (?)

      • Brookmyre

        I think it’s meant to read something like….
        “confess to its trifecta of stupidity, hate and ineptitude”
        It’s probably something along the lines of leaning on the keyboard and deleting a word as you get up to get a cup of coffee….No big deal I just thought I’d mention it.

        • Justine

          Ok, I get it now. That sounds much better than what I wrote and makes sense. I didn’t see it until you just wrote it out like that. lol. Thx. (It’s the little things that keep us interested.)

    • “These are all facts, which, together, are difficult to reconcile for a Republican Party that’s made its bones by [NUMBER ONE] demonizing gays, by [NUMBER TWO] demanding easy access to semi-automatic rifles, and [NUMBER THREE] by blocking a law designed to keep guns from terrorists. The party of personal responsibility needs to practice what it preaches today and confess to its trifecta of hate and ineptitude.”

      • Brookmyre

        Thanks for the clarification Bob.