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RELM_buttonObloquy: Chez is Back; Trump Spokesperson Thinks Obama Started the Afghanistan War; Rudy Giuliani Thinks 911 Never Happened Under Bush; Trump's People Are Dumber Than He Is; Conservative Talk Show Host Criticizes the Post Reality Bubble; Hillary Defies Breitbart Poll Trolling; Trump Deploying a Goon Squad to Monitor Elections; No One Loves Hannity; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Camacho/Trump 2016!!

    So now that you guys know the word “obloquy”, you’ll basically be this guy?

  • katanahamon

    Today Trump says he “doesn’t trust U.S. Intelligence,”. What a joke..what an ass! This, coming from a man waiting to go on trial for fraud!! Who still hasn’t released his taxes! Please America..defeat this boob epically in November..I really want to hear his excuses after that..!!

  • katanahamon

    It’s nauseating to think of stupidity of this magnitude being as close to the presidency as it is. I only hope America chooses Hillary. Then, the dialog about restoring first and foremost the pursuit of the truth, then dignity and honor to our national discourse simply must begin. Types like Alex Jones are uncomfortably close to destroying our country. The “perfect storm” accompanying Trump’s nomination must be examined, along with elements such as the total lack of morals or spine of the Republican Party.

    Giving the space and audience for people like Trump’s spokesperson to proselytize is bad enough, but to not be smacked down immediately as an imbecile is even worse. It simply validates their and their boss’s ignorance, and normalizes them when they have no business being candidates in the first place. The disgusting (apparently my word of the day) and smug, indignant way she tries to rewrite history and present total lies as the truth deserved a much harsher smackdown.

    It is turning out that presenting the conspiracy theories of whacked out right wing talk radio nuts in an even louder voice to a larger audience isn’t working out, because the lies are starting to be called lies, the revisions of history are being debunked. Trump acts like a grade school bully, with the intellect and knowledge base to match. President? This guy is so obnoxious, such a narcissist, dishonest cheat, and to be plainer, a shitty douchebag it’s extremely clear that without a wealthy family background and a huge starting bankroll, he would never have succeeded. And, how you define “success” in Trump’s terms, I don’t know, because I’m betting that his taxes might show he is in debt as we speak.

  • Stop calling people like Katrina Pierson dumb. She knows what she’s doing, it’s just that she talks herself into a corner (purposefully or otherwise) and when you “catch” her, she pivots and implies you’re stupid because you’re unable to follow her “logic” – or you’re just part of the corrupt media and so, obviously, you’re intentionally twisting what she’s saying.

    They pull this shit because they know it works.

    It’s a play for the emotional shock value – you say something “crazy” and the listener is momentarily stunned into silence, and that gives you the opportunity to make your point; to plant that seed, etc.

    And of course, you know somebody will take that clip and cut into a YouTube meme all about “Trump spox annihilates the liars on CNN – cuz they can’t handle the truth!!!!!!!”

    You fight back by counter-shocking them, and that means somebody has to grow some balls and say straight-up (and as Un-PC as necessary) “that’s a lie”.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump—well, his campaign, which comes to the same thing—has been saying all along he’d hire the best people to advise him (of course, he also said he listens to himself because he has a very good brain and has said a lot of stuff). If the people who have said very stupid things in public this week are an indication of who Trump thinks are the best people, crikey.

    Bob, the Trump campaign doesn’t give two hoots and a damn about the GW Bush administration’s record. Their dimbulbed revisionism is all about making the last eight years look bad, not making the previous eight years look good. Howdy Doody (ask your grandparents, kids) could have been President prior to 2009, they don’t know and don’t care, as long as they can pretend everything was fine before the country became the blasted hellscape they want their supporters to believe it is.

    Katrina Pierson is either terribly misinformed or terribly stupid, there’s no third option (no, she wasn’t lying, she’s not smart enough to lie).

    My word, what a smackdown by Victor Blackwell. Well done, sir. Well done indeed.

    She did admit she was wrong about Afghanistan, but couldn’t just leave it there:

    Speaking to the Texas Tribune, Pierson blamed her incorrect remark that “Obama went into Afghanistan” on a technical glitch with her earpiece that jumbled her thoughts while on air Saturday with CNN.

    [links omitted]

    Not buying it. Her thoughts were jumbled long before she got to the studio.

    Bob, it just shows how sneaky and dangerous ACORN is, that it can steal elections even when it doesn’t exist. *eyeroll*

    Chez, you’re right that Trump voters will be stunned by a Trump defeat, but I hope you’re wrong about rage in the streets (I think you’re right, but I hope you’re wrong).

    Yeah, sending Trump supporters out as poll observers couldn’t possibly end badly. Good grief.

    Bob, the Right is already trying to insulate itself from blame if Trump gets squished by insisting he’s not … wait for it … a real conservative. (As ever, I point you to Digby.)

    Rudy Giuliani has an explanation for his apparently sketchy memory:

    “You speak in somewhat abbreviated language,” he told the New York Daily News by way of explaining his Monday introduction for Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Youngstown, Ohio. “All human beings speak in abbreviated language at times.”


    “When you’re giving a speech, you only have five minutes, you can’t give an encyclopedic explanation,” he said, adding that he will “of course” make other comments that “can be taken out of context or misinterpreted” thanks to the limitations of public speaking.

    [link omitted]

    “Abbreviated language.” Seven syllables to replace one (“lie”).

    On the one hand, congratulations to Charlie Sykes for his tiny glimmer of recognition of a microscopic sliver of reality. On the other hand, he was one of the yak-radio blatherers who demonized objective reporting and liberals and everyone who doesn’t look or think or act just like people like him. On balance, color me unimpressed.

    “Occupy Democrats”? Oy gevalt.

    Bob, the problem is that if the Rs want to stand for something again, they’ll have to undo the last (at least) eight years and—to use a terrible cliché—put all that toothpaste back into the tube. They’ll have to recondition their voters to use facts and logic, they’ll have to find conservative politicians who can to more than babble the latest talking points to come their way from AEI or the Kochs or CEI or Heritage or wherever, they’ll have to jettison a goodly chunk of their electorate, and they’ll have to put up with a string of electoral losses. And even if they do all of that and more, there will always be a fringe party which will welcome the disaffected Republican voters and clownish politicians and racists and seditionists. The GOP will never, I fear, do what would be necessary to return to the universe of facts and coherency.

    It sounds to me like the Right is trying to make Sean Hannity a scapegoat for the coming electoral apocalypse. Sure, Hannity is bag-of-hammers dumb and sure, Hannity’s a knee-jerk party loyalist and sure, Hannity’s a loudmouthed and unoriginal hack, but he’s a symptom, not the cause of the problems conservatism is facing.

    Dead Andy’s attempt at poll unskewing is one of the funniest stories I’ve heard in a couple of weeks.

    (Bob, you missed your shits at 53:52 and 53:58.)


  • josephebacon

    Why is it that nobody at CNN, MSNBC or any other media outlet brings up Pierson’s past as a shoplifter, thier and welfare cheat?

  • Badgerite

    “Alternative media reality”? What that is called, in reality, is a propaganda network that was consciously created by the right wing to justify their reactionary and harmful economic policies with no regard whatsoever to actual fact or truth. Their own media, which is of their own creation, does not hold them to any standards of truth or even any interaction with just basic reality. And it has finally come to the point where the people who partake of that media are now so susceptible to propaganda that they will not even consider questioning the underlying assumption that they have adopted from that dishonest media creation. NASA scientists are suspect. Everyone who has any kind of actual knowledge or expertise is suspect. And they do this to prevent a cleaner environment, the advent of a cleaner, safer and better energy technology, a safer, better food system, a fairer and more equitable distribution of the benefits that society provides and stable, functioning governments both state and federal. They are not about “limited government”. They are about limited Democracy. They want to limit its representative nature so as to control it and bend it toward their interests as opposed to the interests of all of the American people. That is what voter ID cases are really about. That is what the court case challenging the principle of one man, one vote representation that was rejected by the Court after Justice Scalia passed was really about. This is what their propaganda network is about. And this is what there nasty and reckless use of racial hatreds and divisions is about. It was a strategy pioneered and mapped out by Richard Nixon long ago which the GOP has consciously followed. And to achieve what? A continued reliance on fossil fuels with all the damage that has wrought both in terms of he environment and in terms of American geopolitical interests? A crumbling and crippled infrastructure? Standards of health and living that fall below most of the industrialized nations in the world? The stifling of the potential that exists in large segments of the population? What exactly are their “core principles” about, other than that? Limited democracy. Limited representation.
    The GOP knows that it has long since stopped operating in the interests of the American people as a whole. They keep doing ‘autopsies’ as to why they didn’t win this or that election. How to attract the voters of the future,etc. And the simple fact is, they can’t do that unless they actually make a decision to start to represent the interests of this emerging demographic. And that would mean actually doing some real soul searching and abandoning Richard Nixon and his strategies and tactics once and for all.
    And that, they are not willing to do. And Richard Nixon was the only president in American history who had to resign to avoid conviction under a charge of impeachment for abuse of power. It was not an easy experience for the country to go through. It as a genuine crisis. And that is where they are taking us again. Stop with the ‘autopsies’ already and do some actual soul searching. It is long overdue.

  • Badgerite

    Just for the record, American military action in Afghanistan PRECEDED the Bush invasion of Iraq which occurred in 2003. 2003. Okay. 2003. Bin Ladin was actually in Afghanistan at the time and the Bush administration bungled it so badly that he made it into Pakistan where he was later killed by an operation that was ordered by President Obama in May of 2011.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    About Hannity——in order to have intellectual honesty you must first have an intellect. Of course Hannity is without!

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    I wonder if Ailes is in with tRump to get in on the floor of Trump T.V.? If so, we’re going to get another Faux channel. Provided Rump can afford it.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    The mainstream media is NOT liberal it is CORPORATE.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Why shouldn’t they revise history for the Shrub? They “successfully” did the same thing for Reagan——the Pres. with hundreds of gallons of blood from Central America on his hands is now a presidential God by the right. Also, if you recall, the president with the single most corrupt administration in our history, and I mean actual history. Not rethug history. Every time one of theirs is done ruining our country, they collectively work overtime to clean-up the past. The best thing is they weren’t able to do it for Nixon.

  • Who Me?

    Reading politico while listening to this .. looks like Roger Ailes is now openly working with Trump and helping him prepare to debate Clinton. Wow

  • Aynwrong

    I’ve had the same thought about MSNBC’s evening lineup. As much as these are biased pundits they are still very much tethered to reality. You can consume this regularly and still be well informed by it. Though I wouldn’t recommend making it your sole source of information. The best/worst example I can think of a bubble forming on the left and on MSNBC was Ed Schultz. Who really bought into the notion that Scott Walker was going to get recalled. When it didn’t happened Schultz seemed genuinely shocked. I knew this was at the very least unlikely just from watching other programs on MSNBC that weren’t just looking Ed’s favorite polls. This is why I don’t miss him. The last thing liberals need is a lefty version of Sean Hannity.

    Obloquy: I’m gonna have to practice pronouncing that one.

  • Who Me?

    You wish just once someone would ask Katrina if she’s an idiot? Well I did tweet it to her. I grabbed a stupid tweet she posted that had over a 1,000 retweets and simply said her tweet was wrong, I called her a liar and a “complete idiot”. I feel better !