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RELM_buttonThe Evel Knievel of Racism: Where Do We Begin; The Trump Meltdown Continues; Trump Threatens to Hit DNC Members; Trump and Surrogates Attack Parents of Dead Soldiers; Trump Supporters Boo Air Force Mom; Trump Doesn't Know Russia Invaded Ukraine; Fareed Zakaria Drops a Bomb on Trump; Trump Says the Election is Rigged; GOP Selling Out Its Patriotism to Prop Up Trump; A Horrifying Peek Inside the Trump Bubble; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Who Me?

    I do not understand why you bleep so many words. We’re all adults here. Many assumed curse words these days are rather status quo language these days. IMO, words like ‘hell, damn, shxt, ass’ should be ok to use. Especially in cases where you’re simply quoting someone like Fareed Zakaria when he called Trump a ‘bullshxt artist’.. Seriously.. if anything you could say “bullsheep’ or similar. I don’t mind hearing these and i’m rather old fashion in many ways. I don’t want to hear the F word, or the C word or tw_t i find highly offensive.. I guess azzhole is borderlikne but sim;ly using ‘azz’ shouldn’t be an issue. ‘God damnit’ no one wants to hear probably but certainly ‘damnit’ is ok.. eh? I don’t get it.. I love the shows but the endless bleeping screaming through my Echo is annoying as HELL!

  • muselet

    “Disciplined” is not a word which fairly describes Donald Trump or his braintrust.

    Josh Marshall tore Trump a new one today. A few phrases Marshall uses: “ignorance, impulsiveness and impressionable-ness,” “not only ignorant, he is militantly ignorant,” “impulsive and stupid,” and my favorite, “dumb, impulsive and corrupt.”

    David Atkins blasts Trump as “dangerously unfit to sit on a city council dais,” but wonders if he is genuinely more a threat than Paul Ryan, whom Atkins describes as “a colder, more impersonal villain.” He concludes, brilliantly:

    Role-playing game afficionados often use a 3×3 grid to describe the moral alignment of their characters. On one axis is lawfulness (lawful, netural and chaotic), and on the other axis is morality (good, neutral, and evil.) Trump represents a form of chaotic evil, Ryan a form of lawful evil. Which is scarier is a matter of ongoing debate, but in the battle for the soul of the GOP one can only hope they both lose.

    It’s hard to argue with either gentleman.

    Bob, the people involved with that email newsletter sound utterly charming.

    Khizr and Ghazala Khan have handled their grief better than most of us could imagine doing. For them to be slimed by a malignant narcissist and his hirelings is beyond disgusting.

    Trump is still dangerous, if for no other reason than he is already claiming the general election will be “rigged” (his new favorite word). If you thought Barack Obama’s presidency was met with claims of illegitimacy, just wait.

    The election of Donald Trump would be an extinction-level event.

    Rs would not move to impeach Trump. Full stop. I don’t believe it for a nanosecond. All but a handful of them are invested in a Trump presidency. I don’t know if they’re delusional enough to think Trump can be controlled by the might of the GOP or if they just want to watch the world burn, but after everything Trump has said and done, they can’t bring themselves to withdraw their endorsement of the tiny fingered, Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon (h/t Twitter user Hamfisted Bun Vendor, @MetalOllie).

    Chez, all three of those scenarios would lead to a civil war.

    Bob, you’re not thinking outside the box. If Trump is elected President, Vladimir Putin won’t be in Ukraine because time will run backward and Trump will stop Russia’s incursion into Crimea before it happens. (The box is, of course, rational thought.)

    Fareed Zakaria has Trump’s number. Look for the wingnuts to descend on him with pitchforks and torches.

    Booing someone—a military mother, no less—for mentioning the Khans is simply disgusting behavior. It’s unacceptable, or should be, but the GOP long ago decided veterans are either useful props or punching bags (remember how John Kerry was abused by the GW Bush campaign and the 2004 conventioneers).

    Bob, the polls will be meaningless for another couple of weeks. You know that. (Having said that, I’m happy to report that TPM’s Electoral Scoreboard shows my home state of California as +30 for Hillary Clinton.)

    Trump is treating the presidential debate schedule as the basis for a negotiation. And he pulled the “I’m not going to show up” trick during the primaries and it worked for him, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him try that again. I doubt he thinks he’ll lose the debates—unpossible!—but pissing and moaning will get others to bend to his will, which is all he genuinely cares about.

    Bob, I agree Trump must be crushed, which is why I was graceless yesterday regarding Sally Bradshaw’s statement that she’ll vote for someone other than Trump, even Clinton, but only if Florida looks like it’ll be close. It’s not enough for Trump to lose, which too many self-congratulatory mugwumps like Bradshaw (and the Never Hillary crowd) don’t seem to grasp.

    You guys are right. There’s no way Trump will concede. He could lose all fifty states plus DC and he’d still never admit defeat.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s fuck at 25:51, his shit at 30:16, and his fucking at 34:56.)


  • Beth Scott

    Meg Whitman, former republican candidate for governor of California, just said she is voting for Clinton. Maybe this is a start to persuade other republican women to also consider voting for for Hillary. Could be an interesting 90 or so days.

  • Victor the Crab

    I think Samantha Bee did a good job in conveying Bob’s message DON’T GET HAPPY on last night’s Full Frontal.

  • katanahamon

    As you talk about Sander’s points ending up in the Trump camp, Jeff Weaver is still doing interviews in which he is basically campaigning for Bernie still.

    This talk of election theft is an extension of the disrespect shown to President Obama, the Democrats, and anything resembling the “establishment”..

    The way things are shaping up just a few days after the conventions are over, there is also a chance that Trump won’t make it all the way to the election. He does have a fraud case pending, and if the media does its job properly, if Trump thinks he’s crashing and burning, he might just weasel out of the whole thing…that would be a great thing.

  • katanahamon

    No.. I can’t believe most normal people, the ones that don’t watch Fox, the women, minorities, service people, and all others offended and maligned by Trump would allow him to be elected. Any poll showing him winning simply has to be skewed in terms of sample. Trump was already saying that if he lost, it would be because of “rampant voter fraud” and “blood would flow” in the streets if the “Democrats stole” the election. The man is clearly insane, and I’m not being hyperbolic, or exaggerating.

    I commented a very long time ago that Trump has led an insulated life far from normality, surrounded by “yes men” that would make things happen for him. He’s never worked an actual day in his life, and his arrogance is the arrogance of a man who has never been told no, which has warped his mind into insanity. He has literally inhabited a world that doesn’t exist in reality. He cannot be elected.

    • muselet

      Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, thinks Corey Lewandowski is aces.

      Jeff Zucker is a waste of space.


  • Scopedog

    Another great show as always, guys.

    Oh, and even though you don’t follow him anymore…it is interesting to see H.A. Goodman’s Twitter feed, where he’s having an even bigger meltdown than Trump. And no, I’m not sorry for his idiot @$$ at all.

  • To Add–Did you see Oliver this week? At the end of the Election segment, he went OFF on Trump regarding the Khan insults. Usually he doesn’t get angry and he enjoys the absurdity of it, but this time he was VERY angry.

  • “Bed of Nails” theory, John Oliver “Last Week Tonight” on HBO

    What kind of jerk would alienate family over their vote?! It’s none of my siblings or cousins or anyone’s business who I vote for. Some of Trump’s followers are serious assholes.

    But they would have to wait until he did something horrible first. And even then, his supporters would call an impeachment “a coup” no matter how legally sound it would be.

  • Nightshift

    Is Trump batshit crazy or are Paul Ryan, Mitch McTurtle and the GOP cabal are slowly poisoning him? Or maybe they’ll just bump him off on live teevee like the ending of Network and Paul Ryan (who thinks he’s the reincarnation of Ronny Raygun) can step in and save the day.
    If he does last until the debates (and I still think he’ll weasel out of all of them), I think he’ll lose his shit and punch Hillary Clinton in the face.

    • Stoic Sophist

      “Is Trump batshit crazy or are Paul Ryan, Mitch McTurtle and the GOP cabal are slowly poisoning him?”

      Melania is. Every morning she slips some arsenic and saltpeter into his breakfast. She’s baffled that she’s not a widow yet.

      • Nightshift

        Poor girl. She deserves a hell of a lot of money for having to toil under that orange belly!

  • Aynwrong
    • ProudLiberalAlways

      Why not? tRump is one. The coloring is spot-on!

      • Aynwrong

        Trump’s hair could never slick back like that.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Chez, not only does Faux present only one side, they openly and blatantly LIE about the other side. They have been dangerous to our Democracy since their inception. The only way that this experiment we have in this country will work is if the populace is educated to the issues so that we can vote for what we feel is best for us and our nation. Oh, and hurrah for Fareed Z.

  • Badgerite

    OOh. OOh. “Viciously attacked”? Where, oh where is my tiny violin? Lunatic? MONSTER!