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RELM_buttonVery Very Tremendous Pants: More Bad News About the Climate Crisis; Hillary was Hilarious on Jimmy Kimmel; Rudy Giuliani and the Stupid Hillary Health Rumors; Trump's Black Outreach Isn't an Outreach After All; Trump's Rallies Are Being Routinely Canceled; Trump's Immigration Policy is Obama's Immigration Policy; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • 1933john

    Trump would have trouble with a Gerber jar.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    You want to know who is taking climate change due to global warming seriously?
    Every insurance company in the f’ing world!
    Liberal conspiracy…my ass.

  • Draxiar

    Climate change can’t be discussed, written about, or mentioned enough. It’s not a sexy, big-mouthed, bleeding, racial, political, or religious topic. It is, though, the most important topic the world over and needs to be discussed more by every outlet possible. Also, Climate Change deniers need to just be shut down entirely. Don’t even give them a voice on TV.

  • Stoic Sophist

    “These pants will fix your sagging so fast it’ll make your ass spin. Believe me.”

  • muselet

    People who know nothing about science have always been among us, frothing and shrieking that Science is a false god! and similar malarkey. What amazes me is that so many ordinary citizens get sucked into the nonsense. (Actually, it doesn’t amaze me: the hucksters and mountebanks have convinced all too many of our fellow human beings that doing something about the looming climate change disaster will mean giving up a conveniently undefined something, and people respond more strongly to loss than to gain. I’m distressed, but not surprised.)

    People of the future will dig up Jim Inhofe’s corpse just so they can hang him. (They’ll do the same for the Koch brothers and the entire American Enterprise Institute, as well.)

    “You don’t report the controversy.” From your mouth to every news director’s ear, Chez.

    The health rumors, especially those being perpetuated by clownshoes like Rudy Giuliani (he got his MD from where, exactly?), are idiotic. If Hillary Clinton had lupus/syphilis/concussion/ongoing brain bleeding/seizures/&c, she wouldn’t be functional. Who the hell is convinced by such transparent nonsense?

    If Trump loses and loses badly …”

    I don’t expect a GOP postelection postmortem to be particularly insightful or useful, since, as Digby reminds us, conservatism can never fail, it can only be failed. As I’ve said before, there are already voices being raised on the Right that Donald Trump isn’t a Real Conservative™, and those voices will only become louder and more numerous in the next couple of months.

    Trump is only interested in outreach to the 30% of the population that already supports him. If it were anyone but Trump, I’d say that was a strange strategy; since it is Trump, it’s yet another way for him to get his ego stroked. He seems to care about nothing else. That he’s also giving cover to whites to say horrific things and not feel like they’re being racist is merely a happy coincidence (Trump doesn’t actually give a monkey’s about such things).

    The Trump campaign is purely a grift, a way to raise awareness of Trump-branded products (which explains the spending on swag) and to siphon as much cash into Trump’s pockets as possible (for example).

    Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly together in the same studio should have caused a spontaneous fissure in space-time. That much stupid concentrated in such a small area is a very bad idea.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s fucking at 31:28 and your shit at 55:52.)


  • josephebacon

    Criswell Bacon predicts that when Trump loses in a landslide, the GOP autopsy will conclude that the party didn’t move far enough to the right. They’ll turn to Ted Cruz in 2020.

  • HilaryB

    When are we going to learn more about these mysterious cases Chez is on? Or did I miss it? I’m very curious now after he mentioned going to Louisiana.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Great, funny show, guys! Loved it!! Spot on all, as usual.

  • Aynwrong

    Talking about the threat posed by climate crisis or as Chez puts it quoting Serenity, “Oh God, oh God we’re all gonna die!” is still not nearly as depressing as talking about Donald Friggen Trump.

  • Re: Trump in Oregon, yeah Portland is a doubtful venue, but much like Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon is pretty solidly red and very, well, Bundy-esque. Plus Eastern OR gave us Art Robinson, the “Radiation hormesis” guy that actually dumbfounded Maddow:

  • katanahamon

    Alright..the combination of drugs for chronic pain and the depressing opening of your show regarding global warming is making me very blabby. I’ve thought about how we try to solve this before. Wouldn’t it be something if we could come together as a species to save ourselves? We can argue causes until the world ends, that doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is: How do we influence for the positive, (or negative as the case may be) the world’s temperature?

    We would need whatever we try to be either reversible, or self limiting, or degradable. I can’t see depositing enough particles inside our atmosphere like a volcanic eruption would do before negative health consequences would outweigh the temperature drop, unless scientists can work that angle favorably. What about an umbrella in concept? Can we put enough reflective particles between us and the sun to make a difference? A string of space stations emitting some kind of particles, or process that makes or manufactures reflective particles from available resources.. We’re good at blowing things up..what about an explosion of some sort causing a reaction that creates the kind of reflective particles we need?

    Or, factories on the moon that can launch particles or dust to make a dust belt or field? I imagine the dust or particles would eventually fall into the earth’s atmosphere, burning up in the process, or dissipate into ineffectiveness. We have manufacturing processes on earth utilizing electrostatic charges to make films that are only one to a couple of atoms or molecules thick..couldn’t we figure out how to do that in space? Or would particles of some sort last long enough in our outer atmosphere to make a difference?(and yes..the magnitude of the issue is prohibitive…) Sunscreen for our outer atmosphere…

    Isn’t it time for mankind to come together and cooperate and figure out a way to solve or at least help this problem? Morphine makes me ever so much more optimistic…

    • Draxiar

      There’s so much that can be done but one of the biggies is decreasing the overpopulation of our species with reduced family size (1 child per family is the only number to produce a negative growth) and free birth control.

  • That diet might actually work because they’ll be throwing up all the time from the intense pain. 🙂

  • katanahamon

    Breaking Scandal! Pickle jar “loosened by experts” before Hillary opened it!

    • josephebacon

      I’m already seeing Facebook posts alleging that!

      • katanahamon

        Who knew my comment was so prophetic…!

  • katanahamon

    The guy blabbing on CNN said “let me answer the question” then proceeded to pontificate and not answer the question. Listening to Trump and O’Reilly is the audio equivalent of the second circle of hell. They are narcissistic children, ignorant jackasses bent on self aggrandizement.

    • If only someone could say “I’ll let you answer, but I won’t let you bullshit me.”

  • katanahamon

    Well, of course they are still giving disgusting fraud Trump free advertising, they have to continue the normalizing process because it dipped for a few weeks when Trump really flew off the rails, so now they have to pump him up again.

    Did you guys see the comments section on Banter this weekend for the piece criticizing Trump’s Louisiana appearance? The honest Trumpanzees and whacko trolls were unbelievable.. A troll actually told me that “liberals make too big a deal about his bankruptcies…they were just “learning experiences to show which investments weren’t good””… WTF???

    “Put that crap down..”? Paul Ryan is still supporting Trump. The repubs are just “sheltering in place” now, waiting to see what happens. They aren’t going to fundamentally piss off any of their “new voters” in the hopes that they will stick around after Trump flames out. Repubs are a moral black hole vortex of suck.

    Wish you guys would yell about the egregious double standard of Trump getting his fraud trial postponed vs the FBI doing the right wing’s propaganda for them. Hillary has to submit her underwear before washing, meanwhile Trump doesn’t submit his taxes or live up to any standards of decency. Emperor’s New Clothes getting mighty old.

    • Badgerite

      Exactly right. The word craven comes to mind.