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RELM_buttonTeam of Steves: Trump Said 'Titties'; Trump Attempts to Reboot His Campaign; Rebooting Shouldn't Erase Previous Horrors; The Last Ten Trump Things; Republican National Security Expects Renounce Trump; Trump is a Mafia Enforcer; Trump Sites Publishing Obviously Fake News Stories; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Draxiar

    In bringing up the privatized police force let’s not forget that not so many years ago there was the fire department that let a mans house burn down because he was hadn’t paid for the service. The fire truck showed up to make sure the fire didn’t spread to other houses but watched the man’s life burn to the ground.

  • Badgerite

    “Dying woman”. Oh lord, they are desperate. The Fear and Loathing in Cleveland did not make people hate Hilary Clinton enough to have them overlook the utter unfitness for office of Putin’s Poodle. Poor
    baby’s. I think Bob is right about the markets crashing all over the world should the Orange Nut Job get anywhere near anything important. donald trump is the walking culmination of disaster capitalism.

  • muselet

    You guys are having ‘way too much fun with Donald Trump’s little faux pas. Well, so are the rest of us.

    Whenever I hear the name “Steve,” I immediately think of a non-economist who could advise a presidential candidate on economic policy. *eyeroll*

    Generally speaking, the hooey about the “real” unemployment rate is old and tired and is overdue for the soft knock on the head. Trump’s hooey about the “real” unemployment rate is pure, unalloyed, 200-proof gibberish.

    Pivot? What pivot?

    “I think that you know my temperament has gotten me here. I’ve always had a good temperament and it’s gotten me here,” Trump said in an interview with Fox Business, according to a transcript of the appearance. “I certainly don’t think it is appropriate to start changing all of a sudden when you have been winning.”

    [link omitted]

    Oy gevalt.

    “Being President is work and Donald Trump doesn’t work.” Well said, Chez.

    Bob, of course people in economically-depressed areas are misplacing their support and voting against their economic self-interest. Better people than I have tried to explain why and no one has come up with anything convincing.

    Bob, Trump isn’t trying to erase the awful things he’s said and done before. He’s trying to bury them under even more awful things. And he’s getting away with it in large part because our glorious news media need a horserace.

    I’m not impressed by many of the fifty security experts, for any number of reasons. They do, however, have experience in the real world of national security. For Trump to dismiss them as responsible for all the (mostly imaginary) ills of the world and angling for jobs would be shocking coming from damn’ near anyone else.

    Donald Trump is infamous for stiffing contractors, or was when he was actually building things. He has no problem not honoring a contract, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise he’d have no problem not honoring treaty obligations. That’s one of many reasons so many foreign politicians are quietly—and sometimes not so quietly—asking what the hell we Yanks are playing at, considering Trump as President.

    I refuse to believe Dead Andy used the Cavs parade pic in error. The editors—if that be the right word—there made a conscious decision to … wait for it … lie.

    When Matt Drudge shows the world his degree from an accredited medical school, then I’ll find his (mis)diagnosis-at-a-distance anything other than shit-stirring.

    I feel for the families of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, truly I do. But letting Larry Klayman—Larry Klayman, I ask you—file suit on their behalf is insane. He cares less than nothing about those families; he’s had a hard-on for the Clintons for twenty-five years, and this lawsuit is simply another way for him to be a pain in the Clintons’ collective arse.

    I have nothing new to say about Alex Jones. He’s nothing but a delusional, angry throat polyp.

    There has never been any danger of Hillary Clinton going full-on Leftist with anything, because she’s not a full-on Leftist.

    I work with a woman who is very Republican. She is smart and accomplished and in most ways an admirable person. A few weeks ago, someone asked her if Donald Trump had any chance at being elected. Her response? “I hope so, because Hillary’s a liar.” I bit my tongue, hard, to keep from asking her about Trump’s firehose of falsehoods, because I do have to work with the woman.

    It’s going to be a long three months.


  • Mike Bailey

    “Cities” Once again Cenk at TYT proves to be the real journalist, and Bob is just part of an echo chamber. Chez almost had it right when he said it has to be an edit. It was actually a video glitch. Bob and the echo chamber has egg on their faces – among other stuff the right wing loves to rub in it. Do the research and you, too, can be real truth-tellers instead average sensationalists.

    • Badgerite

      Well, if you like we could reprise his going on about the adequacy of his ‘equipment’ during one the primary debates or one of his enduring declarations almost as good as Lincoln. “You are the b*ll lickers”.
      “T*ttys” would just be his latest in a long line of the idiotic and venal, or if you prefer, the downright scary and dangerous stuff the has spewed from his obnoxious , stupid mouth.
      My personal favorite in terms of how disgusting can he be was his mocking of the disabled reporter.
      Like some child who has never been told not to be a cruel a**hole or we will not let you be President of the United States.

    • I’m sorry we made a joke out of a Trump audio clip. He totally doesn’t deserve it. We should’ve spent a few hours diligently researching and combing the internet for the glitch-free version of the clip before airing it because, as we all know, Trump deserves the benefit of the doubt. He’s earned it.

      Lighten up, Francis.

      • Mike Bailey

        I’m not suggesting that you spend hours researching – I’m sure the TYT team didn’t. What I suggest is – instead of grabbing the low hanging fruit – use a little intuition, like Chez, myself, and others that caught it the first time it was heard – it didn’t sound right. Anyone that makes a living with audio could hear that. Trump is an asshole, we should all agree on that. But we should also agree that we all make mistakes. Be as fair to the enemy has you would like them to be with you.

    • katanahamon

      “Once more, Cenk proves to be the real journalist..” Wow..way to destroy your own credibility in the shortest possible timeframe….!

  • katanahamon

    Reboot going well, now calling for assassinating Hillary and her pick of judges. Waiting to hear of Trump’s arrest, but, so far nada. He could cool his heels while waiting for his fraud trial. I mean really America, how much is too far? Can we we throw out the bad apple yet? Allowing him to participate further in what should be the most honorable process of our government is a moral and ethical travesty.

  • Laughing so hard, “Titties America Obama!!!!” There’s no way around it.

    Those effing lawsuits. How many lawsuits were filed against Pres. Bush for the 60 dead from all the attacks during his administration? Oh that’s right, none. While I feel really bad for the loss of those families, it’s utter horseshit for them to sue her. Anyone who works for the State Department could be sent to any place in the world. They might have gotten lucky and been sent to somewhere cushy but instead they got sent to Libya, which has always been a dangerous crazy place. A Libyan took down a frigging passenger plane killing all 259 souls on board. And that was just one person who hated us in that country. The people who died in Benghazi took those jobs and knew the f*cking risks. What did their families think? They were going to Disneyland? It’s dangerous to work for the State Dept in any country in most places in the world. They automatically have a target painted on their back. I would love to see who is financing the cost of these lawsuits. I’d bet everything I own it ain’t the families themselves. Just irritates the crap out of me.

    • katanahamon

      And why don’t they sue the Republicans for denying the funding for extra security that was asked for? F’ing propaganda, and I want to know if someone is funding their legal expenses, a la Hulk Hogan…

      • ProudLiberalAlways

        The extremely right wing Judicial Watch——-aka Larry Klayman.

        • Nightflyer

          Who is disbarred, if memory serves…

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Who said Melanoma was a hooker? That’s one I haven’t heard. Wouldn’t that make her (potentially) First Lady of the Evening? (cr. to Amazon Women on the Moon).

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Again, Bob, one of the Jr. tRumps seems to be successfully selling that his Daddy is a “true, blue collar billionaire.” The day someone can explain to me what the hell that even means, I’ll forward the explanation. Donald tRump needs to stop trying to bring international defense in under budget. It isn’t meant to be profitable. Remember, when the President came back from the economic summit in Europe and said that the other leaders are “rattled” by tRump, Rump said that that was a GOOD thing, to rattle the guys you’re dealing with. That it gives you the advantage. Moron!

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    @26:00—-Bob, of course those folks would still be in that position. And they’re being delusional, tRump cannot “bring all those jobs back to America!”. They are gone forever. He can do NOTHING about them and nothing for them. That is completely beyond his ‘power’.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    @16:00—-Credit rightfully goes to John Fuglesang for the comparison of Rmoney to an etch-a-sketch. It was when he was on Current TV—-even then, I thought that someone should have mentioned that years ago, because it applies to most Rethugs (since about 1980).

  • Aynwrong

    At this point, the media’s job is to ignore the reboot and just keep treating Trump as the unhinged, bigoted fascist that he has shown us without exception for over a tear now. No matter how he acts for the next three months that’s what he is.

    If the media doesn’t do this, particularly cable news than it’s up to Hillary Clinton to do it. It can be done. When Romney pulled this stunt Bill Clinton (Bill asking Romney in a speech “Where ya been boy?” always made me laugh) & Barack Obama came out and made fun of him and how obvious it was and then that became part of his narrative. That needs to happen again.

    By the way, Trump has already tweeted that Hillary has some connection to the execution of the Iranian scientist by the Iranian government because he was mentioned in her…wait for it….wait for it…E-MAILS!!!

    Yeah, some reboot.

  • Badgerite

    Any way you shake the ‘etch-a-sketch’, he’s still a dangerous Monster. And the Hilary Clinton campaign just has to keep reminding the voters of that fact every damned day.