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RELM_buttonPokeball: Trump Goes to Mexico; Vicente Fox Calls Out Trump for Lying; Trump's Ground Game Sucks; Trump Supporters Are Pissed at Bob; Chris Christie Needs to Untuck His Shirts; Morning Joe versus Trump; Glenn Greenwald Thinks Romney and McCain Weren't Threats to America; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • katanahamon

    Trump didn’t look, sound, act, appear as, seem or convince anyone that he is or ever will be “Presidential.” What business did he have in going to Mexico? It is extremely distressing that the media has a sort of pre formed cast of what they’re waiting for Trump to mold himself into, normalizing him further and justifying being able to call him presidential. Trump is, and remains a disgusting fraud, he can’t erase his disgusting behavior and suddenly become “presidential.” How shockingly disappointing will it be if the electorate shoots themselves in the foot (like Brexit) by electing Trump, just think of how hard President Obama has had to fight tooth and nail to get anything done, and how it will all be erased by some dodons that Trump puts on the Supreme Court.

    The idea that the media is “being fair” by equalizing a fraud like Trump, and Clinton, who has a distinguished political career, and somehow needs to criticize Clinton more is utterly ridiculous.

    How can Trump “prepare” for debates? You can’t “cram” that kind of knowledge..or “learn” how to be a normal person when you’re 70, especially when we don’t want normal for president, we want exceptional, smart, intelligent, calm, rational..etc.

    Bob, the more idiots you have screaming at you, the better you’re doing your job.

  • I wonder what Greenwald would say if you asked him whether he thought that a McCain ’08 or Romney ’12 Presidency would have prevented, say, oppressive Voter ID laws, anti-LGBTQ RFRAs and bathroom bills, government-in-your-uterus anti-abortion bills…

    • The other thing: In those elections, I think everyone agreed that McCain and Romney were, respectively, the best Republicans the Republican Party had to offer (Palin foretelling the looming idiot-pocalypse). Trump… well…

    • Scopedog

      My guess? He would’ve given you a speech that essentially boiled down to “I don’t give a shit.”

      You should know that a few years back Greenwald gave a talk where he stated that the way to “real” progressive progress in the US was….to punish Democrats by voting for Republicans and making sure Democrats lose elections. Because something-something-people will rise up and REVOLUTION!!

      Greenwald, like too many big names on the far Left, simply does not give a flying f**k about what would happen and who would be hurt when the GOP takes over governments, whether at the state or federal level. If there is suffering, so be it, because from that will come a glorious liberal future.

      Fuck him, and fuck anyone else who spouts such bullshit.

      • Lancelot Link

        Glenn Greenwald is not a part of the political left and never has been.

      • Somehow he missed the proud tradition of the intelligentsia being the second in line for the scaffold when the Revolution really gets into high gear.

  • katanahamon

    Wow..pic of Christie..looks like a fishing bobber-float…I laughed quite hard when it popped up…

    • KM

      I hate to make jokes about people’s appearance but that guy has an unhealthy self-image to wear short shorts and belted polos.

  • Trump people, the “alt-right” more generally, are so quintessentially Internet trolls: take the rhetorical ammo of your opponents and just apply it to anything that it remotely sticks to. “Dogwhistling?!” “Eliminationist?!?!?!” Psychological projection doesn’t really apply, they more likely just don’t give a shit.

  • Badgerite

    Well, Bob need not worry, it has been revealed the Pena Nieto told him that Mexico would certainly not be paying for any “wall” and Trump either forgot or lied about it……again. Or maybe that was “sarcasm” and he was “joking”. What’s more, and very helpfully, the Trump Monster gave a horrendous speech in Arizona which ended with more Hispanic people working for his campaign quitting. Such a surprise. David Duke, however, was very enthusiastic and praised the speech twitteringly. Let trump be trump. And so it goes.

    • Fitting that “rump” is part of his name, isn’t it?

      • Badgerite


  • Jersey Girl hair?! The horror, oh the horror!