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RELM_buttonBasket of Deplorables: Hillary attacks Trump supporters as deplorable; Trump demands and apology; Hillary hurts Trump's fee-fees; Mike Pence is outraged; The World Against Trump; The political press is turgid now; Hillary's bout with pneumonia; The Hillary passing out video; Buckwheat has been shot; Alex Jones feels vindicated; Hillary conspiracy theories continue to fly; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Now_tense

    I call the media’s need to cover Donald as if he is a normal candidate, “the soft bigotry of low expectations”.

  • Pence (approx 28:00): “…they deserve the respect of the Democrat nominee…”
    Demanding respect while being unable to show enough respect to use the appropriate term (Democratic) for your opponent is all the indication anyone should ever need that Pence is just another phony politician.

    The bit from Pence also contains an old standard ploy of Inviting the Inference: The GOP Voter = The American People. Which allows a rather clever use of a TurnAround that grows out of (and is informed by) prejudice in general. ie: If you say something negative about the racist assholes that some GOP voters actually are, then that means you’re saying it about All Americans Everywhere. It’s hogwash, but very effective when you’re working a crowd that’s already bought into the Sweeping Generalization thing to begin with.

    The push-back is fairly simple: “If what I said doesn’t apply to you, then wash the sand outa your ass crack and go place outside for a while – the grownups are trying to get some work done in here.”

  • muselet

    Donald Trump employed chiastic structure? Okay, if you insist. It still sounded like disconnected babble to me.

    The very idea that Hillary Clinton’s calling out the despicable nature of a large percentage—as Kevin Drum pointed out, “At most it’s 49 percent, and the average is only 43 percent.”—of Trump supporters is some kind of scandal worthy of seven front-page articles in the New York Times is absurd. Of course, as I keep saying, the NYT has had a hard-on for anyone named Clinton since it bobbled the Whitewater story a quarter-century ago …

    Chez, you’re absolutely correct about the silly defense against the charge of false balance coming from the Public Editor of the NYT, Liz Spayd.

    Josh Marshall isn’t sure the Trump campaign hasn’t stepped on its collective johnson in its reaction to Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment. I’m not sure he’s right, but I sure hope he is.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: anyone who uses “political correctness” or any of its cognates without irony forfeits his/her right to be taken seriously.

    “Shocking”? “Litany of pejoratives”? Mike Pence sounds oddly calm for someone clutching his pearls and staggering to his fainting couch. Meanwhile, Trump’s supporters have been getting into fights with and even punching out peaceful protesters at Trump rallies. Let’s talk shocking, Pence.

    Bob, Trump shouldn’t be a serious candidate for any elective office in the nation, let alone the presidency.

    Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia is a huge non-story. She developed an easily-treatable condition, it doesn’t affect her judgment in the slightest, she’s receiving treatment, where’s the story?

    “Donald Trump, as a candidate, is basically the internet.” Not really, Chez. The internet contains kitties and baby sloth videos.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s fuckin’ at 11:49.)


  • Michael B. Conway

    I fully support running ads for The World Against Trump. I think T.W.A.T could really make a difference. I am behind T.W.A.T all the way. One might even call me an… Agent of T.W.A.T.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    It’s not that tRump will come after them if they say anything bad about him———it’s if he thinks they said something bad about him! And what he considers good or bad is just like his net worth——–it changes with his mood!
    By the way guys, GREAT show!!!!

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Chez, it’s America’s Id gone wild. God help us all.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    The only thing Hilary was incorrect about with the “basket” comment is that she grossly understated the percentage of them. And I for one, would still like someone to tell me exactly what tRump is so busy with that he thinks he has the right to be a raging a$$hole?
    By the way, these yahoos who fit into that basket DO NOT DESERVE OUR RESPECT. They are pitiful excuses for human beings!

  • katanahamon

    How about “you can’t run for president if you’re waiting to go on trial for fraud.” Where is the press with that, or demanding his tax returns, or any of a hundred other things they could be and should be investigating? What is wrong with America now? Trump is like…like…some kind of alien Pied Piper with hypnotic powers to make the press do whatever he wants. We know he’s not actually as wealthy as he says, we know that he inflates his worth and accomplishments and since those are the only alleged qualifications he’s running on, why hasn’t the press exposed this? I’ve said it a hundred times..this is the worst example of “the Emperor’s New Clothes” I’ve ever witnessed. Our national dignity is lowered every time the press or media allows Trump to open his yap.

    Ok, we know the right wing will simply lie, and hearing Pence defend Trump when Trump has said far worse and the interviewer doesn’t push the lies back, it is stunning hypocrisy.

    Yeah..I think stunning hypocrisy sums it all up for me. I don’t care if Hillary is unconscious on life support, she would be better than Trump. Former First Lady, Two time senator, Secretary of State, vs ..Idiot, Fraud, Sexist, Xenophobe, Fraud, Idiot..did I say Fraud? This whole thing is sickening..literally sickening.

    Thanks guys..I have to come here to listen to you guys to refresh my sanity, see the comments from other sane people, it really helps.. Audio is better Bob..less covering of you guys is good.. Keep circulating pieces about Trump’s brain damage..

    • >>Audio is better Bob..less covering of you guys is good..

      Not sure what this means.

      • katanahamon

        I commented once that the extra music and stuff you would play over you and Chez talking had gotten too loud..maybe it was my iPad or something, but when it would be over you guys, it was louder, and I couldn’t hear was competing for attention. Today, it seemed like you really turned it down, then off as soon as you guys started was good. Small detail..thanks again for your (and Chez’s) efforts..this campaign is super depressing and this is one of a few great places to come and regain sanity..

      • Michael B. Conway

        I love the music cues, but I would take it down about 80%. Too much aural clutter for a geezer like me.

  • Frigging patriarchal BS…women have since the beginning of time worked sick, taken care of their family’s while sick and they can frigging govern while they’re sick.

    As far as going after the Media, we are waaaaayyy beyond that. The major “actors” in the MSM have seriously dropped the ball over the last decade and I could give a crap about their fee-fees. When they start reporting on all of the very real Trump scandals, then they’ll earn back some of my respect. Until then, eff them, seriously.

    Didn’t Papa Bush vomit and faint during a press conference once? I read somewhere online that Chuck Shumer also had pneumonia weeks before Hillary. She could have gotten it from him or any million other people she has shaken hands win, hugged, etc. Running for President, at least those who actually do it unlike Trump’s “hamburger and hot dogs luncheon” campaign strategy, is exhausting. They travel so much they lose track of what state they are in. Their hands and arms ache and cramp from shaking hands so much. They lose their voice and they get sick. It’s just how it goes. But since it’s Hillary, it disqualifies her. The Media can kiss my arse–see 2nd paragraph above.