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RELM_buttonSilver Bullet: There's no metaphorical silver bullet to defeat Trump; Terrorist attack in Chelsea, NYC; Trump takes credit for predicting the attack, then blames Obama and Hillary; Trump finally anoints Obama as an official American citizen; Two sets of rules; Mark Halperin and the Origins of the Birther Movement; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • muselet

    One would think the Left—however defined—would have learned a lesson from the election of 2000, but apparently not. Sometimes I despair.

    Bob, I mostly agree, with your analysis of the disparate treatment of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but I’d make one slight correctrion: Clinton is being judged by The Clinton Rules (anyone named Clinton—or connected in a six-degrees-of-separation way to someone named Clinton—is a lying, sleazy, unethical grifter whose every action must be viewed as suspicious), while Donald Trump is being judged as a charming rogue of a reality-TV host (who actually is a lying, sleazy, unethical grifter whose every action is suspicious).

    You guys are right about the consequences of a Trump presidency. However, Trump’s candidacy has already had a not-inconsiderable effect on world politics: because he has normalized (I hate the word, but no other will do) xenophobia and racism and all the rest, we’ve seen UKIP and One Australia and the National Front (both the French FN and the British NF) and others become legitimate political parties. Would those have remained marginal, fringe parties without Trump?

    “I called it.” Very statesmanlike.

    It sounds to me like the Commission on Presidential Debates is being run by middle-schoolers (with apologies to actual middle-schoolers). Those aren’t debate topics, they’re chapter titles in a crappy YA novel.

    Birferism wouldn’t really exist beyond the Righty fever swamps without Mark Halperin’s disgusting comments. I have no use for John McCain, as everyone reading this knows, but I will give him credit for (mostly) ignoring Halperin’s wankery.

    Chez, yes, the media should rip Trump to shreds. I’d have preferred it to have happened a year or more ago, but I’ll take it.

    Bob, just today there was a letter to the editor in my local fishwrap insisting that everyone who has pneumonia is hospitalized, and therefore Hillary Clinton is not only deathly ill but showed terrible judgment by not checking herself into the nearest medical center the instant she started coughing. The idiocy already on display about Clinton’s health is remarkable.

    “Girtherism” is one of the most asinine things I’ve ever heard, possibly in the top five.

    (Bob, you missed your bullshit at 54:37, though you caught the one at 54:40.)


    • Scopedog

      One would think the Left—however defined—would have learned a lesson
      from the election of 2000, but apparently not. Sometimes I despair.

      Hell, it’s clear that some never learned a lesson from 1968 or 1980. But I don’t feel despair–what I feel is burning hot anger at the far Left for a) repeating the same false bullshit from 2000 and b) being just fine with tossing the whole fucking country under the bus just to clutch onto their purity pearls.

      These people believe that they are all about progress. They are wrong–they are the perfect example of political amnesia mixed in with privileged nihilism.

  • Try to remember that polls are little snapshots in time, after the fact – they are not predictive.

    So don’t lose your shit, but that said, follow the very good advice of Mr Pazienza – don’t get happy and don’t get hung up on the down shit – get busy.

    • Scopedog

      Or they can read Al Giordano’s Twiiter feed. That, I will say, is great therapy.

  • Badgerite

    Beg to differ, guys. That isn’t bullshit ( trump Monster claim about HRC and birtherism). We call that LYING.
    Which is pretty much the trump Monster way of life. He is a phony, posturing, lying, characterless, horrible person. And utterly unfit and unqualified for any political office.

  • HilaryB

    Aside from all horribleness a Trump presidency would bring, can you imagine President Obama having to watch him be sworn in?

    • Aynwrong

      I’ve had that thought for white awhile. It would be the ultimate indignity and it’s what Trump voters deeply want. They don’t have a clue as to what policies they want. I don’t think they really care either. They just want their personal sense of schadenfreude fulfilled. Whatever damage that does to the country, they couldn’t care less.

  • Aynwrong

    The “Trump will be so bad he’ll bring about the Progressive Utopia” argument drive me nuts because in order for it to be true it means that the Bush Administration just wasn’t bad enough. An unnecessary war based on lies that was led with staggering incompetence, a city that was nearly drowned out of existence because apparently Dubya had no idea what a hurricane was or the sense to appoint a qualified human to manage FEMA and the near destruction of the World’s economy all taking place in one administration just wasn’t enough to convince millions of Americans to never trust the GOP again. But Trump will be the disaster that does?!

    Ridiculous and probably the product of self absorbed privilege. Even if this were possible (it’s not) it would be grotesquely unfair to expect millions of our fellow Americans to suffer through it economically and even physically just to reach this progressive utopia. To say nothing of handing over the power of the U.S. military to Vladimir Putin’s puppet.

    I wonder if the people who believe this nonsense have ever noticed that contained within the word “progressive” is the word “progress.” Meaning the revolution isn’t supposed to occur overnight or in a blaze of glory.

    • Scopedog

      The “Trump will be so bad he’ll bring about the Progressive Utopia” argument drive me nuts because in order for it to be true it means that the Bush Administration just wasn’t bad enough.

      Agreed. It’s the 21st Century version of “After Hitler, us!” The true disgust I feel is reading seeing pieces by Ron Chisud over at Liberal Values or the recent “Vote for Jill Stein because both parties something something corruption to feel good!” bullshit over at The Nation magazine. Like you pointed out–they are shining examples of White privilege, with no thought whatsoever to those who will face unbearable hardships under a Trump Presidency. Just like with G.W. Bush, the far Left is guilty of making a great political miscalculation; they believe “progess” or the “revolution” will start under Trump–and it won’t, because it will be crushed.

      Honestly, fuck the far Left, and they can go to hell for tossing everyone under the bus just because they want to sit in their self-righteous corner and diddle themselves.

      That said…forgive me for not going all chicken little when I say that I feel that while the results will be close, I do not see a Trump win. Since 2000, the only way the GOP can win the Presidency is if they cheat. But things changed in 2008 and 2012, and if the media thinks that people of color will sit things out this year, they’ve got another thought coming. That will make the difference, just like it did in ’08 and ’12.

      And McCain and Romney did better with the White vote than Trump is doing now.

      • ranger11

        Yeah, the chicken little shit is getting a little old. I still believe in the blue wall until proven otherwise.Why do liberals shit their pants like this?

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Bob and Chez, as much as I LOVE you guys, you scared me!!! I now wish I’d been home this afternoon to listen to this instead of tonight——-I’m gonna have nightmares! Usually I can put Rump out of my mind for the night, but now? I’m not so sure. Still, it was a great show. Thanx.

  • Michael B. Conway

    My great dread is that Donny wins the popular vote, while Hillary wins the electoral handily, leading to 2nd amendment remedies.

    Every time Trump says he has a secret plan to defeat ISIS, and he doesn’t trust the intelligence services, and he wants to fire all the generals, and he is going to do it fast, I want to scream, “HE IS TALKING ABOUT NUKES, PEOPLE!!!!”

  • katanahamon

    Yeah..on further thought I think you’ve demonstrated why Trump is making progress.. We, on the left, will actually take a moment and say that the rules should apply to us equally, or pause for self examination, whereas Trump and every other right winger will viciously lie and lie and lie and hammer their points over and over and never admit a flaw or offer any kind of apology. That’s completely foreign to their strategy, and that’s why the rubes are responding.

    • Rubes always respond to certainly–they don’t like gradations of any type.

  • katanahamon

    The alarmist talk of what happens if Trump is elected seems premature, although I admit to the same screaming panic in what seems like an impossible “Emperor’s New Clothes” situation. We have to ask ourselves why the Republicans are getting away with delaying the Supreme Court vacancy, why Trump, as a total liar, a fraud, is still standing? Media. Trump is treated differently. He has been given billions. Billions…of free, positive coverage. Just like the millions in tax breaks, and the millions he recovered in bankruptcies. Look at this quote..(to feed your nightmare fodder..)

    “Vanity Fair magazine even reported that NBCUniversal boss Steve Burke had spoken hypothetically with Trump about continuing The Apprentice from the White House.”

    The media has demonstrated they will not hold Trump to the truth, for now obvious self interest reasons. Are Americans stupid enough to vote for Trump? Probably. There are a lot of Americans like me that aren’t polled who are voting Clinton, however.

    Even you, Bob, while in the midst of describing the problem of Trump’s preferential treatment, still went out of your way to equalize and say “well of course Clinton should be held to rules and her pneumonia not being reported for two days..” I personally feel that that issue, in comparison with Trump’s issues, simply is NOT relevant, but that demonstrates how Trump gets control of the narrative and how Clinton always gets screwed. Isn’t Trump waiting on a fraud trial? Aren’t there more allegations of near bribes in the form of contributions to politicians? Hasn’t he issued death threats? Yet, we heard once again about Hillary’s pneumonia and simply by equalizing it in the conversation it becomes as relevant as anything else! It’s infection, and you don’t even realize it when it happens.

    Let’s blame Republicans for putting this jackass fraud on the ticket. If someone is able to be on the ticket, you can’t be surprised if people vote for them, and subsequently can’t be surprised if they win. This is a shameful episode in our history. I’m appalled..I hate Trump and all of these f’ing liars with a passion. I just can’t believe Americans would be so stupid as to throw away all the effort put into our financial recovery and social progress. this point I’m waiting on the crew of the Enterprise to show up and correct history by beaming Trump to the far side of the moon.