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RELM_buttonLibrarian from Outer Space: Ben Cohen from The Daily Banter fills in for Chez; The Terence Crutcher Shooting in Tulsa; Systemic issues behind police shootings; Tusla officer's excuse; Instapundit Suspended from Twitter; The protest in Charlotte; Trump wants to deny constitutional rights to prisoners; Michelle Obama's impression of President Obama; Arresting Journalists; The dangerous Jill Stein voters; Trump's national stop and frisk plan; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • ranger11

    Enough with Silver already. He’s turned into a hack. He’s not the only aggregator. Click bait motherfucker. The liberal heroes of the past can suck my cock.

  • The Law-n-Order candidate says let’s lose all that stoopid legal shit and just fuck up the Designated Terrorist du Jour in ways that truly reflect the creative genius of people who haven’t managed to mature past the level of Sid in Toy Story.

  • katanahamon

    Listening to the clip of the Hillary interview, the guy wasn’t being funny, or edgy..he was disrespectful..extremely so, as a matter of fact. Maybe it’s Trump’s influence, but civil discourse should be the least we expect. That was disappointing to hear, and you can hear how Hillary was debating in her mind if she should just tell him to fuck off, walk off, or tell him off. She had to just sit there and pray for it to be over.

  • It’s not just “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”, it’s the presumption of innocence. Until he’s actually convicted he is as innocent and must be treated with the same respect for his rights that any other citizen would. It’s number 10,001 on the list of things about Herr Drumpf that should terrify everyone.

    We don’t need to rely on just Drumpf saying he will abuse the office, we can see literal examples of him using his power improperly (his alleged Foundation “donations”, allegedly intimidating people out of their houses, alleged bribery, etc, etc). And he has been getting away with it because he’s rich, white and a celebrity. No one has charged him with any crimes and he’s won a lot of civil suits and he keeps on abusing his power. God help us if he gets the power of the Presidency.

    I think everything we’ve achieved since WWII will get wiped out and possibly since our founding. We can absolutely be that stupid. And if we are, maybe we don’t deserve to survive as a country.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    You’re right. tRump is the exact opposite from Barak Obama. Our president is smart, thoughtful, and classy. Oh, and a note to Ben Cohen——-Americans are that stupid sometimes. We’ve done crazier things than elect a Rump before!

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Bob, at about 45:00 in, it’s really noticeable how absolutely NONE of the positive things you can honestly say about Mrs. Clinton you cannot ever say about tRump. Not a single one of those things! That should tell us everything we need to know about for whom to vote.

  • Re: Why don’t they shoot non-vital areas to prevent flight… I’ve heard that basically it’s so the person getting shot doesn’t sue. Which, if true, sort of gives away the game, doesn’t it.

    • katanahamon

      Training usually says that if you are going to use your weapon, aim for center mass as it is the best target. The odds of shooting a limb and crippling someone “just enough” that they can’t still fire back but aren’t lethally injured, vs killing them isn’t good. So..the training protocols need to be examined, and probably revised, and then understood on a national level to eliminate confusion.

      • You are correct…I was trained that if I take my gun out of my holster and I shoot it, I’d better be shooting to kill, which means center of mass. The reality is that the majority of shots that an officer makes don’t even strike the targeted person. Typically the first shot is in the ground because they’re so hyped up they squeeze the trigger too soon after drawing the weapon. The second shot might hit the person, somewhere. And the third shot is usually high, again because of adrenaline. If you find a tight grouping of shots on the target then odds are the victim was not moving very much and/or the officer was very close. The truth is that having to draw one’s weapon is actually very rare in policing (on average, using national stats, I’m sure there are areas that it is much more frequent in for a variety of reasons, some legit and some not). But it’s generally rare. And officers don’t officially train for it as much as they should (because no funds) unless they personally foot the bill for their own constant training (which is what I had to do back in the day). So with all of that, officers are not necessarily good at hitting the target. They should be and are better than the average citizen but that’s not good enough. We DO need more training and not just with guns. They teach VERY little IPC (Interpersonal Communication skills) to de-escalate situations and they have previously taught officers almost nothing on how to properly deal with the mentally ill. We can do some very concrete things to help police and to stop these kinds of shootings but the country MUST first acknowledge that there is a problem and then be willing to pay for it. According to Herr Drumpf and his white followers, the problem isn’t systemic or even in existence. The problem is those blah and brah folks thinking they get to be treated like white folks. I hope I’m wrong but I think it’s going to get much worse before it gets better.

  • katanahamon

    First off, nice to hear from Ben! The right wing has co opted “safety” as “their” issue, and since they have used this issue to pump up the panic response, they hope to instigate a level of fear to utilize as a weapon to gain political power, despite what any statistics say about crime or the safety of police in 2016. On a national level, Bush used instigating war to stay in office, as we see in the responses to protests and propagandization that follows, this is all right wing efforts to panic the populace and say that they are the only solution to the lawlessness. Unless the left mounts a successful anti propaganda..propaganda campaign, there is a danger that Trump will capitalize on these situations with swing voters.

    I would reiterate that instead of saying “if, when, etc, Trump is, could be, elected”.. people talk about his recent frauds being uncovered with his charity, his taxes, and his flaws, instead of reporting his comments and reactions. Don’t let Trump control the narrative by passive means.

    When Trump is going off about the treatment the bomber is getting, why hasn’t anyone asked him why his fraud trial was postponed? Where is Trump’s “speedy punishment”??????????? Trump seems to be getting better treatment than anyone else, why does he deserve that? And actually, he IS getting outrageous double standard level of treatment from the law..shouldn’t someone running for president have their fraud trial EXPEDITED, not POSTPONED??? Looking back, doesn’t Trump think his preferential treatment as a rich kid who likely fraudulently dodged the Vietnam war wasn’t fair either? Where is the media on these obvious issues that should, in any “normal” election, kill any nominee??