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RELM_buttonUnbreakable: Bombshell Newsweek story about Trump doing illegal business with Castro; The Frontline special about Hillary and Trump; Hillary is a juggernaut; Hillary's ultimate boss battle; Gary Johnson can't name any world leaders; Millennials and Bush vs Trump; False equivalence on Good Morning America; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Michael B. Conway

    If Trump wins Cena riots!

  • Aynwrong
  • Aynwrong

    It really is amazing isn’t it. The last two Democratic presidents have been a Rhodes scholar and the youngest editor in the history of the Harvard Law Review and now the Democratic party has nominated a life long advocate for women, the impoverished and the victimized around the world who just happens to be a former Secretary of State. Within that same time the GOP has elected George W Bush to the White House, a nepotism case who lost money on oil, selected as VP Sarah Palin (nuff said) and Donald Trump, a nepotism case who lost money on casinos.

    And they show no sign of changing.

    • Michael B. Conway

      That’s the one that kills me: this Titan of Business bankrupted his own casino! At my Daddy’s knee, watching him run the church bingo, I learned The House Always Wins. What a loser.

  • David Flajole

    Trump is basically a pimp for his own last name…loved this!

    Oh, and the WRONG soundbites were oh so right :p

    • Michael B. Conway

      They should mash–up Donald, Ahhnald and Cenk.

  • katanahamon

    We’ve already seen voters supporting Trump after all of his buffoonish, illegal, unacceptable behavior and equalize him with Clinton despite all reason. I think Trump has got the core crazies, and at least half of the usual people that will vote republican no matter who they put up there, and the sheer amount of vocal pro Trump coverage really hasn’t changed..unless the media hurries up and develops a conscience, then fries Trump, we’ll end up with Hillary probably winning by a slim margin, or, the media has skewed the polls for a horse race and maybe Hillary will paste him (hopefully) and win big. If Trump wins, I will suspect some shenanigans in the voting process.

    I’d like to see Hillary get more aggressive against Trump and demand that he release his taxes. Then, at the next debate, hammer it and say “What’s the point of a third debate with a man who is clearly not serious about being transparent with his taxes or respecting the American public enough to release his taxes like all other candidates have done for decades?” Then, if he doesn’t release them, no debate, thus depriving him of the moderator who has already stated that it’s “not his job to fact check.” Of course, there could be a down side to that, but I’d still like to see her take control like that.

    I admire Hillary for many things, but mostly her indomitable spirit in the face of assholes trying to bring her down.

    The sad part about Trump being the most loathesome opponent, he’s also the least smart and least qualified, yet his vocal followers with their conspiracy theories get more media coverage than Hillary. The sheer “Emperor’s New Clothes” aspect of pumping up a failed businessman with no experience, and totally dangerous beliefs versus an eminently qualified and experienced woman should make the outcome of such an election a slam dunk, yet the media with such entities as Fox at the head has turned it into a complete farce and charade.

    And yes..the amount of disinformation regarding why some are voting third party is stunning. Perhaps they were being taken care of by their parents and too busy burying their noses in electronics to see the effects of, if they aren’t informed about Bush and his ongoing effects rippling down through history, they certainly can’t be bothered about past history.

    Johnson shouldn’t be getting the coverage he’s getting, neither should Stein..this is another example of the media shirking whatever responsibility they’ve ever had. And, if we want to examine the interview, Mathews should have absolutely fried Johnson, no excuse for it. “You’re running for President Of The United States man, and you can’t even name one world leader?”

    Yep..we’ve all said it..the false equivalence thing has reached epic proportions. Call it out, write about it. Trump is a disgusting fraud with no business running, yet the media is allowing it, they are encouraging it to make more money for themselves. The “dumbing down of America” may have reached its ultimate goal, or fruition in the candidacy of Trump..if Trump wins it will be the single greatest travesty in our country’s election history, (besides Bush Gore) it will be a ludicrous triumph of right wing propaganda, and the negative effects due to Trump’s inexperience, his instability, and the Supreme Court situation will affect this country long past the current generation, and just because of that one item, the Supreme Court, we won’t even be able to effect repairs to whatever Trump does in our lifetimes as the Court will be staunchly right wing for the foreseeable future.

    • Aynwrong

      I can’t stand the way some people on the left treat mentioning the Supreme Court as if it’s just some kind of Lefty bogeyman. Particularly millennials. It comes off like privilege run amok. The fact is if the GOP takes the White House voting rights become vulnerable in deeply Red States all over the country. Gay marriage can possibly be done away with. Laws will be drafted against the Transgender community. If your a young white millennial voter in a blue state and that doesn’t convince you to vote for Clinton I can’t think of a better word to describe you other then “privilege.”

      • Scopedog

        Yep. I swear some people need to have the truth pounded into their heads with a f**king ballpeen hammer.

        But the whole “Who gives a s**t about the Supreme Court?” attitude has been around for quite a while. Back in 2000 I heard a Naderite jerkoff on Democracy Now! claim that the Democrats were using the Supreme Court as a “scare tactic” and that the SC didn’t really matter much in the scheme of things.

        Of course…this @$$hole was proven wrong big-time. But that attitude still clings on like a goddamned leech, and I’m out of patience trying to explain it to privileged dingbats on the Left who can’t pull their heads out of their @$$es to see just how f**ked they will be should Trump and GOP get the chance to put judges on the SC.

        • Aynwrong

          I wonder if any of these Millennials honestly believe the guy who founded Trump U would ever even consider doing anything to help afford an education or pay their college debt afterwards? I’m assuming they don’t even pay attention to such things.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    I have a question for you guys——I don’t see how Rump can hold Hillary responsible for everything she may have said about the “gals” Bill fooled around with—she was (in my opinion) probably reacting just as much (if not more) as a hurt and angry wife, not as a women’s advocate. Am I completely off base here? I happen to agree with Bob, I think she loves the guy. And if that’s at all the case, he (or rather the proof) of this stuff hurt her. What, she’s not entitled?

    • Moose in Your Head

      Hey is mediamatters comment’s down? I can get on the page, but cannot access DISQUS?

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Gary Johnson, former Gov. of New Mexico, maybe smokes too much reefer? He should at least make an effort to do interviews without being high! Please tell me he was, he can’t be that stupid!

    • Aynwrong

      The Libertarian party has always had a reputation as being goofy. Gary Johnson is living up to that perfectly.

  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Hey, no!!!! The Cheerios Bee and Tony the tiger are at least cute and useful! Rump is an ASSHOLE! I cannot even picture either of the cartoon critters being ANYTHING like Rump——-EVER!
    Sorry, didn’t mean to yell.

  • Good bit of brilliance at about 6:30 – talking about what a ridiculous thing it is to have HRC standing there having roughly half the country being sold (and buying into) the complete bullshit that The Great Orange Scrotal Mass is somehow an equal counterpart to her.

    I’m wondering how the historians will view her running to be the first woman POTUS on the heels of Obama being the first black one. Assuming of course, we have some history to talk about after this rolling clusterfuck finally runs outa steam. Anyway – does following Obama make it a little easier for her or does it just further catalyze the GOP’s resistance, moving a difficult situation closer to the impossible?

    • Aynwrong

      It probably causes the GOP’s intransigence to get even worse. Remember, if Clinton wins they will be locked out of the White House for 12 years.

      I know I’m getting way ahead of everything but I’m actually starting to wonder about 2020 and if there will be a fatigue of having any Democrat in the White House that will set in.

      • If Dems do have the WH until 2020, maybe over the next four years the GOP will have come to its senses and decide to actually participate in actual governance. /sarcasm

      • katanahamon

        The Repubs have to reorganize their party in a serious way, and relearn how to govern instead of just obstructing. Hopefully they will lose really big in this election, and they will purge the most radical elements and restore some kind of sanity, the kind of sanity that would never allow a Sarah Palin or Donald Trump to reach the levels that they reached..ever..again….

        • Badgerite

          The problem with the GOP is that what the economic elites that make up its core these days really want are to do away with government programs and protections that are very necessary to the average American and therefore very popular.
          They have to get with the ‘crazy’ to blow enough smoke up people’s asses so that the public won’t notice. Kind of like that Trump Monster supporter who thinks that he and the GOP will bring her Medicare premiums down by repealing Obamacare when the GOP ( see Paul Ryan ) are totally committed to ending Medicare entirely if they can get away with it and giving her instead, coupons for a discount on insurance in the open market. And here is the thing, there is no money to be made on insuring old, sick people. This woman’s premiums on the open market will sky rocket and the benefits will go down. That is if she can get insured at all on the open market. Which would in no way be a certainty and would certainly involve very high premiums.
          The GOP would prefer that this woman would not be aware of that, however, so we get birther crap and walls instead of honest and rational policy discussion.
          There is a method to their madness. It’s called…..lying.

      • 2018 tells the tale(?)
        If Dems can’t keep the pressure on – if they let up as they always have, thinking they’ve got it in hand – then the GOP could run another orange Trump-like substance and we’re right back in the shitter.