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RELM_buttonGreenwalded: Jill Stein Fanboys and Glenn Greenwald Swarm Against Bob; Helping Trump by Wrongly Emphasizing Hillary's Negatives; Paul Krugman Scolds the Press; Soledad O'Brien Joins the Fray; False Equivalences; The Clinton Foundation and the Trump Foundation; and more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, Harry's Razors, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Lady Willpower

    Murtaza Hussein is a truly, truly horrible person.
    This is the guy who called Maajid Nawaz a “porch monkey” last year, and not only didn’t retract but doubled down on it.

  • Badgerite

    If these people are attacking you , Bob, it is because you are scoring points. Keep it up. You are obviously driving them nuts. Excellent. They are only exposing their agenda. As Chez says, the “intellectual dishonesty”.

  • Badgerite

    Pardon my French, but Hilary Clinton doesn’t really have any ‘scandals’. They are whipped up bullshit designed to damage her politically based on pretty much nothing. Just like that slipshod, non researched, nonreasoned article be Defranco, Always have been. Still are. H A Goodman just likes attention. Any way he can get it.

  • muselet

    Da xiang bao za shi de la du zi! I don’t blame Chez for studiously ignoring HA Goodman’s tweets. That there is some fine twaddle, that is. (Bet you didn’t realize you’ll be single-handedly responsible for a President Donald John Trump, did you, Bob?)

    Normalizing Trump isn’t just the wrong thing to do, it’s a dangerous thing to do. However, our glorious news media have allowed themselves to be bullied into cowering before accusations of liberalmediabias!

    Lenny DeFranco clearly knows nothing and understands less about the politics of the 1990s. Perhaps DeFranco should read some of Charlie Pierce’s columns in which he (rightly) tears the New York Times‘s Jeff Gerth a new one for his “botched report on Whitewater.” A couple of days reading Gene Lyons’s Fools for Scandal: How the Media Invented Whitewater would be helpful, as well. Or perhaps he should just go and boil his head.

    For what it’s worth, Bob, your tweet was perfectly sensible and bordered on being unexceptionable. No wonder so many unhinged people decided to make your life miserable.

    Glenn Greenwald isn’t particularly self-aware, is he?

    In a battle of wits between Glenn Greenwald and Paul Krugman, my money’s on Krugman.

    Our glorious news media desperately want the presidential campaign to be a horserace—as they do every four years—so they have to make Donald Trump look at least fitfully “presidential” (whatever the hell that means in reference to Trump). The New York Times has had a hard-on for anyone named Clinton since it started reporting on Whitewater back in the ’90s, so it should come as no surprise that it has had a leading role in soft-pedaling Trump’s more … erm … deranged moments, as well as pursuing Hillary Clinton’s non-scandals like a demented cross between a bloodhound and Inspector Javert.

    Anyone who uses the Both Sides! nonsense—I refuse to dignify it by calling it an argument—proves him/herself fundamentally unserious and unworthy of further attention. The election of 2000 was the test case and we know the results.

    Bravissima, Soledad O’Brien.

    Disruption is fine and dandy, as long as one has a plan for what follows (likely chaos and destruction). The people who want to disrupt the US political system have no plan; indeed, they make South Park‘s underpants gnomes look like deep thinkers.


  • JohnC80

    How I deal with emoprog trolls: One mock them. Two point out some of their heroes would fail their purity test. Three repeat one and two. When they troll me on my day off step one and two while playing a game then if they want to keep on fighting I just wear them down until they block me or just give up.

  • The Twitter people have lost any sense of nuance (if they had any to begin with): they probably think that “attack” is equivalent to “criticism,” because in their minds, arguments are soldiers. I’m not sure what word would have clarified your tweet, though. They would have squinted enough to get outraged anyway.

  • Okay, Why the Eff is Ben allowing Lenny DeFranco to post such horseshit on The Daily Banter? I don’t pay TDB money to read shit like that. Ben used to occasionally publish some of my stuff but he won’t even respond to my email submissions anymore. Instead we get Lenny who probably has pureed bananas in his hipster beard and diaper rash hidden under his skinny jeans. I only want to read what the grown-ups have to say.

    Millennials have re-purposed the term “neocon” and I don’t quite understand it but it has something to do with liberals that don’t meet the purity tests–and it has some kind of similar use in the UK . Anyone else know what they’re talking about?

    538 is showing Clinton’s lead shrinking. It is time to get worried because Krugman is right…the press is trying their damnedest to make this a horse race and I’m starting to get pissed because the tail has begun to wag the dog.

    It’s easy for GG to attack you Bob and he knows it. He’s a bully. And there seems to be no dearth of them lately.

    • “Neocon” isn’t as precious to lefty types as “neoliberal.” At least “neocon” had a meaning, once.

      I honestly thought (and still wonder if) “Lenny DeFranco” is a fake name. Like how surely over half the writers at Gawker had fake names (“Hudson Hongo” can’t be real, can it?) What twentysomething would honestly go by “Lenny” in 2016?

      • That occurred to me too. But I’m not sure what I dislike more–the fact that they have a Millennial named Lenny who writes such drivel or it’s one of the writers I respect doing it. Either way it is not what I expect nor want from the TDB.

      • ranger11

        Hey, name is Lenny! I mostly go by Len and I’m in my forties, but still. I blame my mother!

    • Badgerite

      Well, there was one good thing about that Defranco article. You could really go to town ripping it to shreds in the comments section. And it was pretty easy to do the inaccuracies and ridiculous inferences were so abundant and varied. It really was a steaming pile of crap. Orange crap, even.
      Like it had come right out of the back end of the Not a Racist, No Really, Trump Monster.

      • Now all I can see is Orange Turds, so thanks for that! 😉

        • Badgerite

          My bad. Sorry. 🙂