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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 10/16/13


You Lose: Imani Gandy the Angry Black Lady joins us for the hour; We Enjoy Some Schadenfreude at the Expense of the Tea Party; The Government Shutdown is Over; The Debt Ceiling Will Be Lifted; Statements from Ted Cruz, John Boehner and Pete King; Rush Limbaugh Says GOP is Irrelevant; Matt Drudge Welcomes Nancy Pelosi Back to the Speakership; The Weekend Tea Party Rally Featuring Stockman’s Derp Face; Bob Helps Ted Cruz’s Speechwriter with Some Math; Congress is Dumb; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • Jeremy Grunloh

    Please, PLEASE, tell me ABL is the permanent third host. I would love to hear Buzz say “It’s The Bubble Genius Bob, Imani & Chez Show”. 🙂

    EDIT: I’d love a three hour radio gig with you three every morning. Like Steph and the mooks. Make it happen, Bob. 😉

  • muselet

    “Safeword?” Okay, a little too much information there.

    The West Wing and Dawson’s Creek? Not exactly chocolate and peanut butter, but I make a point of not saying much about others’ taste in entertainment.

    The Rs overplayed their hand, mostly because they didn’t take Barack Obama at his word. Reminded that Obama had said he wouldn’t negotiate over the debt ceiling, Paul Ryan claimed “nobody believes that” (which may have been a true statement—maybe nobody did believe that—but boy howdy was it wrong).

    As a substantive matter, Ted Cruz really overplayed his hand, but as you guys point out, he made out like a proverbial, so scoreboard! The smart bloggers (Drum, Benen, Kilgore) are saying he won’t be punished for not stopping the horror that is accessible health insurance! in its tracks, but that remains to be seen. The Tea Partiers will not be in a forgiving mood after this.

    Bob, the suffering the Right is complaining about is their reaction to the thought that poor and working-class people—and, of course, those people—might stand a chance of getting health insurance that actually functions as insurance. Worse, government is behind it! The combination gives the poor dears gas pains.

    Bob, as Charlie Pierce keeps reminding us, Saint Ronald Reagan’s “the government is the problem” line started us down the road to where we are now. November 2010 (and January 2009, for that matter) merely deflected the trend line a bit.

    Lindsey Graham’s voice sounds like a whites-only drinking fountain. Damnation, that is a thing of beauty.

    “Ask any one of those assholes to find Kenya on a map.” Chez, I doubt they could find the United States on a map. Hell, I’m not entirely convinced they know how to work a map.

    I’ve got a fiver that says the guy with the Confederate battle flag and the Marine Corps flag was never in the Marines. I’ve got another fiver that says he never graduated from the eighth grade (possibly the fourth).

    Sarah Palin’s recipe for margaritas must be hilarious. (3 parts moonshine, 2 parts lemon juice, 1 part salmon guts?)

    Sarah Carpenter is either a nutcase or a liar. She works for Ted Cruz, so flip a coin.

    Unfortunately, there is no competency requirement for election to either house of Congress. If there were, it’s likely we’d see a whole lot of new faces there.

    Bob, you’re a politics junkie. I give it three days before Joy finds you at a computer in the middle of the night, desperately searching Twitter for something to be outraged about.


    • I think the smart bloggers are right that Cruz won’t get punished. From what I’m seeing online, the Teahadists want to punish the supposed RINOs who voted for the CR. All of the potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates voted no–already appealing to the base!

      Lindsey Graham’s voice is so strange but I’ve noticed that quite a few southern men have that timbre……the drinking fountain line is brilliant.

      I put together a comic about the “rally” at the WWII Monument this past weekend. The behavior of those asshats in front of the WH was so embarrassing for us as a country….the capital police officers didn’t look intimidating at all…in fact, some of them look scared.

      I would give my right arm for some Malbec after the circus we’ve been forced to watch this past week. I want to be comfortably numb.

      • muselet

        I don’t know. Ted Cruz is safe for the moment, but he had the highest profile in the recent hostage crisis of all the 2016 prospects. He’s going to have to match his rhetoric with some actual, successful obstruction—and soon—to keep from getting himself eaten alive. That’s not going to be easy, even for him, which means Ted Cruz may be primaried from the Right, and that will be a sight to behold.


    • mrbrink

      “Lindsey Graham’s voice sounds like a whites-only drinking fountain.”

      It so does.

  • HilaryB

    Your impression of John Boehner cracks me up, Bob. Congrats on your upcoming wedding, and have a wonderful vacation!