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RELM_buttonRobo-Snowden: Shep Smith’s Fantastic Ebola Monologue; News Media Continues its Irresponsible Ebola Hype; Chuck Todd and the Kentucky Senate Race; Rick Scott Freaks Out Over Charlie Crist’s Fan; The New Foo Fighters Documentary; Glenn Greenwald’s Nothing To Hide Challenge; The New Snowden Documentary; Snowden On A Stick; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • Scopedog

    Loved the podcast, especially the Jeff Goldblum treatment of Greenwald.

  • muselet

    Amber Vinson had a fever of—or so I have read—99.5°F when she flew out of Cleveland. She was not otherwise symptomatic, nor was there any reasonable likelihood that she would become so before the flight landed in Dallas. The risk she presented to others was extremely small, if non-zero.

    Was it bad judgment for the CDC to greenlight her flying? Not necessarily. I understand the concern, but I also understand the CDC’s reasoning. She’d only just become mildly febrile, so she was at least a couple of days from starting to shed virus. The businessman who’s flying even though he has the flu presents a greater risk, if for no other reason than influenza will kill exponentially more people in the US this year than Ebola. However, Ebola is unfamiliar and therefore scarier, hence the shrieking headlines and closed schools.

    John Cole had a full-blown fit over this story this week and was not to be placated even by reasonable comments from medical professionals. I’m not sure his reaction was constructive.

    Shepard Smith is a mensch.

    Chez, I agree. Everyone has to be absolutely truthful with regard to Ebola. Part of the problem, I’m absolutely sure, is that various parts of the CDC haven’t communicated clearly with one other, let alone the public. That has to change, and it seems to be changing.

    Chuck Todd is a schmuck. If anyone’s interested, a more detailed explanation for my opinion can be found here here. And Joe Scarborough really needs to be tagged and released back into the wild, somewhere far away from television cameras, where he can live out his life without irritating the rest of us.

    Bob, process errors are more heinous than policy errors. Alison Lundergan Grimes has, in the words of Chuck Todd, “disqualified herself” for trying to dodge a stupid and irrelevant question, but our glorious news media are actively ignoring Mitch McConnell’s incoherence about the ACA and are practically falling over themselves to praise Joni Ernst for deftly distancing herself from her very recent batshit insanity (they’re also declaring, or as good as, her recent batshit insanity off-limits).

    This is why I despise (most) political reporting. And why I rely on BBC News.

    Rick “Governor Bat Boy” Scott scored an own goal by whining about that stupid fan. We shall see how much of Florida’s electorate is bothered by that and by the Scott campaign’s simultaneous insistence (a) that Charlie Crist broke the debate rules and (b) that Scott was waiting backstage to see if Crist would show up for the debate (this, while Crist was on-stage). In a sane universe, Scott would lose the election by ninety points for this alone (as I seem never to tire of pointing out, of course, we do not live in a sane universe), even without considering the Medicare fraud.

    Bob, I like the way you think about fan wars.

    Chez, I agree that Charlie Crist is an almost cartoonish pandering politician, but at least he came off as vaguely human in that debate.

    I can see why Carl Hiaasen has such a love-loathe relationship with Florida.

    “I have nothing to hide” is an idiocy, but it’s not without precedent. Years ago, possibly during the Reagan Administration or possibly the Ford or even Nixon Administrations (yes, I’m old, thanks for noticing), something similar was the argument against worrying about “the late-night knock at the door” by the police (paranoia never goes out of fashion, it just shifts from Left to Right and back again). Someone wrote a very earnest, very stupid letter to the LA Times insisting that if s/he ever got that “late night knock at the door,” s/he would invite the authorities in for home-baked brownies (no, not that kind). The argument was unspeakably stupid then, it’s unspeakably stupid now, and it’s entirely unsurprising that Glenn Greenwald beat the stuffing out of that strawman during his TED talk.

    Add a few video glitches and Edward Snowden could pass for Max Headroom (YouTube, children). (Damn you, Chez, for getting to that reference first.)