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RELM_buttonPaper Willy: Back to the Future Day; Jim Webb Drops Out; More Reasons Why Joe Biden Shouldn't Run; Ben Carson's Imaginary Running Mate; Ben Carson Doesn't Know Anything; Jesse Ventura Compares Trickle-Down to 1980s Wrestling; The Star Wars Trailer and the Boycott Star Wars Hashtag; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • muselet

    One of my two connections to show biz fame: the exteriors and quite a few interiors of Hill Valley High School in the Back to the Future movies were shot at Whittier High School, my alma mater.

    Hover boards? Pffft. I want a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, and I wouldn’t say no to a flying car.

    Jim Webb surprised people by leaving the presidential race. It was a surprise because nobody knew he was in the presidential race. *rimshot*

    Someone, I misremember who, said Jim Webb was running to lead the center-Right party that will replace the Republican Party. I doubt Webb is delusional enough to think he could be elected, and more than one observer has noted that Webb always seemed miserable when he was in the Senate—he’s just not cut out for the whole elective office lark—so it’s a plausible theory. Anyone with a better explanation, chime in.

    I don’t think Joe Biden is going to run. He’d be on a hiding to nothing, he’d be putting his family through the proverbial, he’s a month from being 73 years old, it makes no sense (“Ain’t logical,” as Jayne Cobb once said). Exactly what he is doing is an open question.

    I’ve said before, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both have Joe Biden’s number in her phone. If they were really bothered by Biden’s silly Hamlet act, they’d have told him.

    Chez, it’s tough to convince True Believers there’s more at stake than their own obsession. It’s entirely possible the Sanders supporters would pout and refuse to participate in the general, just as the hipper-than-thou types did in the past couple of midterms, to teach the Democrats a lesson (or maybe A Lesson).

    Bob, I’ve seen no evidence—okay, fine, I haven’t actually looked for evidence, either—PUMAs were a real phenomenon. Yes, there were a few very high-profile Hillary Clinton supporters who made the expected noises, but it was always the same handful who were interviewed, and if there were all that many dissatisfied Clintonites ready and willing to burn the Democratic Party to the ground over the primary results, where were they all? Why no mass rallies to protest the selection of Barack Obama? PUMAs always had more than a slight whiff of ratfucking about them.

    Chez, you need to write that children’s book. A Praying Mantis Named Earl could be a big hit (although lollipops that taste like ketchup is a seriously weird detail).

    Paper Willy. There’s a mental image that’ll be hard to shift.

    Bob, all anyone has to do is ask a substantive question and Ben Carson is flummoxed. A question about the five-day forecast would have him sweating and babbling madly through his talking points.

    Carson simply prefers the reality he’s built inside his own head to the one outside. How hard is that to understand? *headdesk*

    Carson previewed the latest “don’t blame George W Bush for 9/11” line of hooey there: the Clinton Administration is really at fault. Which might make some kind of sense if, when Bill Clinton ordered cruise missile strikes on the locatiion Osama bin Laden was thought to be, every Righty in the country hadn’t begun shrieking, “Wag the Dog! Wag the Dog! It’s just a distraction because Clinton’s going to be impeached!” at the top of their ample lungs.

    I’m not sure whether Jesse Ventura spent the 1980s stoned to the gills or if he’s spent his time since then stoned to the gills.

    Guys, you know as well as anyone that the CW on the Right has been that GWB Kept Murca Safe! Fox News was pushing that line a year or two ago. Jeb Bush’s mistake was to acknowledge the US was attacked, but then again, ¡Jeb! is barely Bush-smart.

    Bob, Google and YouTube are both librul. That’s why the Right keeps trying to create ideologically-acceptable alternatives to Google and Facebook and AARP and Google News and …

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s “fucking” at 34:37.)


  • HilaryB

    Paper Willy 2016!

  • JohnC80

    The only way I’ll geek out at a movie trailer this will have to happen: Captain America throws his shield at Ironman when he’s not looking just as the shield about to hit him all of the sudden A web line catches the shield and we finally get a look at the new Spider-Man with him saying a one liner. Then the civil war logo pops up.