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RELM_buttonAdult Monchichi: Charles Johnson Joins Us to Discuss Benghazi, Chuck C. Johnson and Dan Rather; Hillary Clinton Testifies at Trey Gowdy's Ridiculous Benghazi Committee; Fox and Friends Blames Hillary for the Hearings; Getting a Conservative Radio Show; Debunking the Benghazi Myths; Ben Carson is Winning Iowa; Ben Carson Says Hillary is Going to Jail; Plus a Visit from Paper Willy; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • GrafZeppelin127

    A pox on both your houses for putting the Mon-Chi-Chi jingle back in my head after 30+ years. Thanks a lot.

  • Ann

    Idiot Tealibanner redneck “southern boys” and their stupid beotchs went a long way toward handing the presidency to Hillary; she endured, she stood, she answered, was appropriately pissed off, laughed at that dumbass ‘Bama beotch; RNC SHOULD PAY 4.7 million that tax payers have forked over for this political stunt on the graves of 4 dead Americans; Ben Carson is huffin’ damned glue. Gorilla glue, Loctite epoxy; is certifiably insane. Why? “I think so.”

  • Emily333

    You think they’re giving her a hard time now, wait until she’s prez. OMG. The poor woman. I feel sorry for her already. Love Paper Willie.

    • Ann

      No Emily: Hillary WILL NOT take what Obama has. Bet on it.

  • muselet

    It wouldn’t surprise me if David Daleiden were distributing those videos in violation of a restraining order. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the source were actually a congressional staffer. Regardless, judges do frown on such behavior.

    Oh, my. Chuck C Johnson is a simpleton. There may be half a dozen people on the planet who will think he’s a martyr for The Cause if he gets jugged for blithely publishing those videos, and one of them is him.

    I’m lucky. I’ve only seen those bits of Jim “The Stupidest Man on the Internet” Hoft’s blatherings that Roy Edroso (and the folks at Sadly, No!) have quoted. It doesn’t surprise me he would be obsessed with the Select Committee to Git Hillary Clinton.

    Elijah Cummings’s righteous anger is a nice contrast to the sleaziness of Trey Gowdy and the hopeless stupidity of some of the other committee members (who shall remain nameless).

    Listening to Gowdy, I am reminded of an old “Bloom County” cartoon which I can’t find at the moment (I know it exists, and if anyone’s Google-fu is stronger than mine, feel free to provide a link): Milo is working at the Bloom Beacon and calls Senator Bedfellow as a courtesy before an article runs in the paper, and asks for a comment. The first line of the article begins, as near as I can remember, “Leaving a trail of slime behind him, Senator Bedfellow …”

    “If Hillary Clinton weren’t running for President, they wouldn’t give a shit.” Maybe. The surname “Clinton” does tend to make Righties come over all funny, and—however indirectly—these hearings would be a great way of making Barack Obama’s eight years as President be not real.

    Adam Schiff is a mensch.

    Bob, you had to know “Fox & Friends” would blame anyone other than Trey Gowdy for the Select Committee.

    Fox News Presenter Brian Kilmeade Hospitalized
    Trapped in DeLorean on set of ‘Fox and Friends’
    “I couldn’t find the door handle,” Kilmeade says.

    Chez, you found the secret word: convert. The only reason David Horowitz has whatever career he has is because he was once an insufferable, slavering Lefty and now is an insufferable, slavering Righty.

    Oh, sweet monkey fritters. The giggling couch tumors were determined to resuscitate every Righty meme about Benghazi! Benghazi!! Benghazi!!!, weren’t they?

    Chris Stevens (I actually feel uncomfortable being so familiar) was known—bordering on infamous, at least for his security staff—for wanting to be out among the people, wherever he was stationed, and good on him. That is sort of the role of an ambassador, after all. He did raise concerns about security in Benghazi, but it was really too late for anything meaningful to have been done.

    The Select Committee to Git Hillary Clinton is nothing more or less than taxpayer-funded oppo. Hell yes, the RNC should reimburse us all for their waste of time and money.

    Damn, they do love their crazy in Iowa, don’t they? Maybe Ben Carson should go ahead and deploy Paper Willy. If he announces his running mate now, he’ll throw a spanner into the works of the primary process. It’ll be New! and Unique! will Shake Up the Establishment! It’ll also show Carson is a lunatic who should be kept away from the levers of power (by main force, if necessary).

    “Does this mean we can stop paying attention to Iowa that, like, one time every four years?” Oh, I hope so. It’s not as if The Pale People are underrepresented in the primary process.

    “I could do an entire show as Paper Willy and Ben Carson.” Please don’t.

    Chez, creative laziness explains so damn’ much about Republican governance, or lack thereof.

    Bob, AL-5 covers far-northern Alabama, including Athens, Decatur and Huntsville. That ain’t exactly the backwoods. Matt Osborne has Brooks’s number—with all due respect to Matt, that’s not hard—and Mo Brooks is just a nitwit.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s “fucking”s at 22:41 and 53:10.)


  • josephebacon

    More Paper Willie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HilaryB

      Yes! I love Paper Willy!

  • Aynwrong

    On MSNBC just a second ago was a commercial for 13 Hours. The bulls*** Michael Bey Benghazi movie. You get the line “stand down!”