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RELM_buttonHeal Inspire Revive: Ben Carson Takes the Lead Nationally; Ben Carson's Ridiculous New Commercial; Ben Carson Pranked on Wikipedia; Donald Trump Doesn't Like Iowans; Ben Carson is Stabby; Hannity and Trump Suckered by Fake Website; The Tea Party is Rapidly Dying; Liberalism in College; Jesse Watters Kicked Off Cornell University Campus; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • kezb

    If it’s true that 96% of donations from Cornell professors went to Democrats, that really should worry Republicans — not because it means that the youth is being indoctrinated (surely many of these professors are teaching things like architecture, organic chemistry, or Sanskrit, where they would have absolutely no occasion to influence their students’ votes one way or the other) but because it suggests that their party has become toxic to people with advanced degrees. I wonder why that is!?

  • Aynwrong

    I’m gonna propose the theory that Ben Carson suffers from multiple personality disorder and that Paper Willy is one of them and maybe Cardboard Box is another.

  • Aynwrong
  • Aynwrong

    Turns out “Paper Willy” has an IMDB page.

  • Melodycool

    I’m pretty sure Jesse Watters got put in his place a lot, but he probably lost that footage. And yeah, someone should give him a steel-toed boot to the scranus.

  • Melodycool

    OMG I know it’s a good product, but you discussing bath o lantern shea butter anything has me crying!

  • muselet

    “Revive”? Well, “Resuscitate,” perhaps.

    Chez, I wouldn’t expect Donald Trump to implode. Light bulbs implode with a quiet “pop.” The Donald might go up like the freaking Hindenberg, or go out in a blaze of metaphorical gunfire, but not implode. Too quiet, too subtle, not yoooge! enough.

    CARSON/BOX 2016!


    Ben Carson must have been an interesting adolescent to raise.

    Ben Carson with a windowless van. *shudders* You guys owe me a 55-gallon drum of brain bleach, dammit.

    Clicking a bogus link can happen to anyone who isn’t paying close attention, but one would think even Sean Hannity—what am I saying? Sean Hannity’s producers—would know to confirm a story that matches one’s preconceptions that perfectly. In a sane universe, that kind of screw-up would make Hannity radioactive.

    Donald Trump is a blend of your uncle who sends you all-caps emails about the latest perfidy of the Obama Administration, and your other uncle who gets rip-roaring drunk at Thanksgiving and regales the table with observations about those people which always start with, “I’m not racist, but …”

    It will be interesting to see if Trump goes after Carson with—okay, I’m just going to say it—a claw hammer tomorrow or if he takes the passive-aggressive, condescending, dismissive approach. Not that I’d watch even if I had cable, mind.

    “Doctor Ben Carson is a plot by The Brain to take over the world.” Chez, if you’re right, we have nothing to worry about, since The Brain’s plots never worked out.

    Is academe predominantly politically liberal? Probably, although there are certainly conservative faculty members at colleges and universities; sometimes, they’re even in the majority. (And don’t forget, Condaleeza Rice was the Right’s favorite in part because she was as bloodthirsty as any man but also because she was provost of Stanford University and brung them damn’ libruls on campus to heel.) This is a very old fight, going back to the Cold War era.

    “Watters World”? Oh, dear lord.

    Remember when Karl Rove expressed to Ron Suskind his contempt for “what we call the reality-based community”? Yeah, that wasn’t something Rove came up with on his lonesome. Conservatives have been dismissing intellectuals for decades (even the “eggheads” who helped win WWII).

    William F Buckley Jr was educated, yes, but he was an educated bigot.

    Insufferable douchebag Jesse Watters truly is an insufferable douchebag. “Your brain is like a sponge right now.” I’ll let you all make your own jokes.

    My fantasy isn’t as violent as yours. I hope everyone simply ignores him—literally acts as if insufferable douchebag Jesse Watters and his camera operator aren’t there—or, if that’s too much, hands over a check for the replacement cost and takes a sledgehammer to the camera.

    When I was 18–22 years old, I couldn’t have said what the national debt was. There was some polite debate over whether the amount of debt was appropriate or not—the consensus view was that it was—but not whether or not there should actually be a national debt, but as a science geek the entire issue wasn’t terribly important to me. I’d be shocked if that weren’t the case for most university students today.

    Insufferable douchebag Jesse Watters is lucky he and his crew didn’t get arrested for trespassing.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s “fuck” at 19:54, “fucking” at 53:06, and “shit” at 53:15.)


  • leemoder

    I’m beginning to think that Paper Willy’s related to Conkey from Trailer Park Boys.