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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 10/28/11

The End of the Iraq War; The Vanity of Liberal Perfectionism; Compromising with the Republicans; Political Reality; The Right Doesn't Buy Votes; Pat Buchanan and His New Book; The Weird Herman Cain Commercial; Nancy Grace Nipple Complaints to the FCC; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • muselet

    Good show, gentlemen.

    Righties and wingnuts—and Firebaggers, for that matter—always have two opinions cued up and ready to go on every subject, and use the one that is contrary to whatever action taken by Barack Obama. If Obama had decided not to honor the SOFA, the same people would have had a conniption over that, for precisely the opposite reason. These are not serious people.

    I like the idea of frog-marching the Masters of the Universe, but duck-walking them isn’t a bad idea: it would make them look ridiculous, and maybe one or two would break a hip. Imagine a line of FBI agents doing backup.

    “Americans want what the government is supposed to be, which is checks and balances.” Couldn’t agree more.

    Pat Buchanan has been bleating about “The End of White America” for decades. He’s long been warning that there are too many dusky savages here. He’s been arguing for “The White Party” his entire adult life. There’s nothing new here.

    “I have heard that Nancy Grace is denying it but there are screen captures which clearly show her pornographic nipple display as it was seen on TV.” The writer of this complaint to the FCC knows the screencaps exist because he spent hours scouring the internet for them.


  • villemar

    Great show as always. I for one am happy that you regularly point out the hypocracy of the Firebaggers, especially the Greenbeckistanis. Everyone left of center by now has pretty much figured out that the modern Republican Party and modern conservatives are completely batshit crazy sociopaths & nihilistic vandals. But while that is happening I don’t think people are as broadly aware of these horrible, mendacious, Obama Derangement Syndrome-inflected ball of lies from the purity left that preesent themselves as widely-held conventional wisdom. We know exactly where they come from, Greenwald ect. but its alarming how these destructive memes are just assumed to be common knowledge amongst the non-Republican public. I groan whenever I see one of my facebook friends, who I’m sure don’t even know who Greenwald or Hamsher are, just spout these talking points casually.

    Although I would be utterly horrified, it would not surprise me if Obama loses in 2012 precisely from a margin of voters who go Full Nadertard by either not voting or voting for some bullshit vanity candidate so as to bolster their angry white hipster cred & register their displeasure that Obama=Hitler, because it’s trendy to believe that amongst the cool kids on the blogosphere and their evangelists who spread these memes across every corner of the interwebs, especially social media.

  • Great show!

  • Nancy Grace nipple slip reveals missing toddler!
    Comedy fucking gold. Notify The Onion immediately.