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RELM_buttonRacket: Halloween III; Disarray at First Look Media; Matt Taibbi Departs First Look; Greenwald and Company Toss Taibbi and Omidyar Under the Bus; Potential for Legal Action; Taibbi Accused of Misogyny and Insubordinate Behavior; Alex Pareene Responds, Contradicts Greenwald; Press Freedom, Whistleblowers and James Risen; Liberal Hyperbole; The Pope and Evolution; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • muselet

    In case any of y’all missed it, Matt Taibbi’s back at Rolling Stone.


    • Victor the Crab


      • muselet

        I like to provide a little bit of good news once in a while. Makes a change from my customary grumpiness.


  • muselet

    Matt Taibbi probably is difficult to work with—quality reporters often are—and Pierre Omidyar probably isn’t letting the folks at The Intercept do whatever they want—reining in employees is what owners do. That Glenn Greenwald and company are raising such a ruckus indicates to me there’s a lot of maneuvering going on within First Look Media, even (dare I say it?) an internal power struggle. The story may be fun to watch, but ultimately it won’t mean much; the only lesson may be that an ambitious startup news organization on the internet can’t be run as a collective vanity project.

    “Why the f*** would they do this?” I can think of at least three reasons, only one of which makes the Intercept people look anything but awful, and that one reason makes them look petty and vengeful.

    Whether or not Alex Pareene’s account is true, this whole story is very much messier and uglier than it initially seemed. A lot of reputations could be ruined before this plays itself out.

    You guys are enjoying this story ‘way too much.

    No real president, no matter who, could possibly meet the expectations of the noisily disappointed Left. Barack Obama’s not liberal enough, the ACA didn’t do enough, Wall Street reform didn’t go far enough, &c. Otto von Bismarck said, “Politics is the art of the possible,” and I think he had it right.

    The noisily disappointed Left isn’t actually willing to do the hard work to make change happen and can barely bother to get up off its collective blot to vote. Far easier to moan and stand in principled opposition to, well, everything and declare the whole system and everyone working within it to be irredeemably corrupt. There must be a war on whistleblowers because whistleblowers are good and the government is corrupt.

    Or perhaps I’m overanalyzing this and the ProLeft and the emoprogs and the rest of them are a bunch of whining, mewling brats.

    The media have been harder on D presidents than R presidents at least since Richard Nixon bleated about the liberal media. Social media have played a role in Barack Obama not being able to catch a single break, but more importantly, our glorious news media are still terrified of being called “liberal,” and so feel the need to balance their coverage by giving voice to the concerns of the unhinged.


  • Badgerite

    First Look at what? The train wreck? How could they read any of Taibbi’s stuff and not know that he was not for sale? I’m not a really big fan but at least I know that.
    I think they may have tried to smear him on the way out the door to cover that up.

  • Victor the Crab

    Holey cow. Did things fall apart, like a house of cards, that quickly for First Look. I feel bad for Matt Taibbi. Far, far less so for Glenn Greenwald.