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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 10/4/12

First Debate Reactions for the Entire Hour; Fact checking Romney; Romney and PBS; PBS Spending versus Corporate Welfare; Why Obama Lost the Debate; Romney Shipped Jobs Overseas; John Sununu Said Obama is Lazy; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • hanadora444

    One of the most distasteful aspects of this campaign season is the return of John Sununu.

  • muselet

    You love presidential debates? You watch debates twice? Bob, I’m sorry but you’re not a well man.

    Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews can kiss my hairy white arse. “Obama should be more like me! He should wave his arms around and shriek semi-coherently!” Where the hell is a meteorite when you need one?

    “You really can’t win against someone who will essentially say anything.” Exactly. (Charles Pierce this morning called Romney “majestically mendacious.”) If Barack Obama had gone after Mitt Romney aggressively on the constant lies, the same talking heads—specifically including Schultz and Matthews—would be calling him “unpresidential.” Well, except for the Righties, who would have called him … everything they’ve been calling him for the past five years, actually (“angry black man” being one of the least offensive).

    I think you have it right, Chez, that Obama doesn’t like politics (no sane person would, but that’s a discussion for another time). “The Game” does not appeal to him, which if I’m honest is a big reason for my support for the man.

    I’d make a joke about the Fox bubble generator and Lawrence Welk, but nobody would get the reference.

    Despite what he says, Mitt Romney doesn’t love Big Bird or PBS or Jim Lehrer (although after the first debate, he bloody well should love Lehrer); he’s utterly indifferent to PBS and its programming. The Right, though, hates PBS with the white heat of a thousand suns and demands that the R candidate for president call for defunding of public broadcasting. Hence, Romney’s singling out of PBS.

    I’d pay good money to see Joe Biden hit Paul Ryan over the head with a mallet, cartoon or otherwise, by the way.


    • ranger11

      Yeah, MSNBC: The Liberal Network. My fucking ass! My fear is that if Biden does well in the VP debate they’re going to intimate that he saved his bacon. Bullcrap.

    • “I’d pay good money to see Joe Biden hit Paul Ryan over the head with a mallet, cartoon or otherwise, by the way.”

      LOL, well since the President can’t and won’t get angry, Uncle Joe can. I expect some serious beat down is coming Ryan’s way.

      Also, too, I haz a sad because I DO get the reference to the Fox Bubble Generator and Lawrence Welk.

      • muselet

        If Joe Biden gets one word wrong—or can’t instantly counter Paul Ryan’s convenient, made-up numbers—our glorious news media will focus on that like a frakking laser and declare Ryan the debate winner by acclamation. And if Biden is anything but scrupulously polite to the Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver, the narrative will be that he was rattled and lashed out angrily.

        Sorry for your sad. I amuse myself by imagining thousands of readers of this blog watching with bewilderment YouTube videos of The Lawrence Welk Show.


  • SlapFat

    The two of you may very well have been referencing the “I need a job” woman in the very beginning of your conversation: