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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 10/7/11

We Talk About Chez's Mom's Battle with Breast Cancer; Chez's Personal Cancer Scare; Steve Jobs and The Apple Revolution; The Occupy Wall Street Movement and Police Brutality; OWS Comparisons with the Tea Party; Sarah Palin Isn't Running for President; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • muselet

    Chez, I’m glad your mom’s feeling angry and feisty. It’s the right attitude for her to take. I said it last week and I’ll say it again now: cancer blows.

    My 87-year-old father has an iMac. I do his tech support (maintaining the wireless network, updating software he doesn’t know he uses, retrieving things he accidentally deletes, that sort of thing), but he’s pretty much on his own apart from that, and I feel comfortable letting him solo. On a Windows machine, I would never let him do much of anything without me hanging over his shoulder.

    The best part of the Apple Store experience is that if you’re polite and say you’re just playing, they’ll leave you alone as long as you’re not keeping the punters away from the merchandise. Try that at a Best Buy some time.

    Occupy Wall Street isn’t being taken seriously by our wonderful news media and probably never will be, because it doesn’t conform to the Agreed-Upon Media Narrative. The Tea Party story was important and merited extensive coverage because those were middle-aged RealMurcans who were angry at government. The OWS story isn’t important and is barely acknowledged because these are weird, mostly younger people who claim to be angry at those they claim blew up the economy, but who can tell for sure about folks like that? (Safer just to ignore them until they go away.)

    Thanks for the podcast, guys.


    • mrbrink

      I think seeing the phrase, “anti-capitalist” so prominently displayed in major media headline descriptions of Occupy Wall Street should be viewed as nothing less than a corporate air assault, or the globalists dropping bombs on American democracy over morning coffee.

      Duck and cover, oh good townspeople and faithful believers in power to the people. The revolution is being undermined by your televised betrayers.

  • Bob, have you thought about putting the podcast on Stitcher? I use it to listen to the “Best of the Left podcast,” and also Sam Seder’s show.

    • I’ve never heard of Stitcher. I’ll check it out. By the way, we’re adding a new “affiliate” for the show next week.

  • As per usual, really excellent show!

    Sarah Palin. First off, don’t feel in the least sorry for her. She wanted to be objectified. Without that, she would not have made such a splash.

    Second, although you didn’t address the issue of her PAC’s recent plea for money using the pretense that she might run, I have to say that the woman should definitely answer for that. To scam her supporters in that manner is just unforgivable.

    Glad to hear your mom is home and hopefully free of cancer, Chez.

    I took care of my Mom when she had a lung removed (a last ditch effort to keep her from succumbing to lung cancer, but it had already spread to too many other organs)–very difficult to watch a parent go through something like that….I certainly can empathize with you.

    • KatInWilm

      To your second point, Nicole, someone commented on Twitter this morning that Bristol Palin said in an interview on Fox back in June that, at that time, her mom “definitely knows” whether or not she was running for president. Which means for almost 3 1/2 months, Sarah Palin has been scamming everyone who donated to her PAC. I hope one of those donors sues her for misrepresentation or something.

      • I so agree, Kat! It would be really sweet if a donor sued the miserable grifter.