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RELM_buttonPopeye's Organization: Republicans in Disarray; Kevin McCarthy Drops Out of Speaker Race; Speaker Election Postponed; Boehner Begs Paul Ryan to Run; Ben Carson Is Totally Bananas; Ben Carson's Popeye's Stick Up; Ben Carson Doesn't Understand the Debt Ceiling; Babbleocity from Rocky Mountain Mike and Mary in Ann Arbor; Trump and the Colombian Woman; Jesse Ventura on the Two Party System; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • I can’t imagine nobody else has caught this, buy I’m kinda new here, so anyway –
    My favorite part of the Jesse Ventura theme is the line about “when others were cashing government checks, Jesse was in the navy…” Our navy? The US Navy? The US Navy that’s part of the government? The US Navy that’s part of the government that sent more than a few government checks to Jesse Ventura?

  • Don P

    With all due respect, I think you missed the best part of the Carson clip. Immediately after where you left off (the host trying politely not to call him an idiot), Dr. Carson got his dander up(!) and started to get a condescending tone going about the need to slash Social Security & Medicare spending. Classic right wing Pete Petersen garbage about how they’re going broke, etc. Something something fiat currency, you get the picture. What I picked up on from that answer was the TONE however; it occurred to me that I had heard that tone before. It was Christine (I’m not a witch) O’Donnell from 2010. That same dismissive response she had regarding the seperation of church and state was the same tone Carson took on.

    I think we are somewhat missing what’s going on with Dr. Carson — he is a smart man, it’s just that the source material he’s studying comes straight out his 7th-Day Adventist RW church. To him, THAT’s the truth, nothing else needs to be considered. Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    By the way, WTF was a vegetarian doing at a fried chicken joint?

  • katanahamon

    Funny you don’t hear ” there are too many surgery insiders, we need fresh faces.” Granted politics would seem that any yokel could do the job, but it turns out a well educated surgeon doesn’t know the difference between budget and deficit. Guess that’s why docs have entire departments that handle all the ‘money things’. It’s the republicans own fault for pandering to the lowest common denominator, and promoting stupidity, but maybe it’s time for someone to explain that maybe we want people in politics to actually have some experience. I don’t think Trump or Carson would hire anyone with zero experience, not to mention, bat shit crazy.

  • Woody Jones

    Any episode that features Bob and Chez riffing in Jesse V voice is going to be good. Chez inevitably saying “thermite paint” in said voice kicks it up a few notches.

  • muselet

    Hieronymous Bosch would have taken one look at the congressional Rs and wandered away muttering, “Shit’s too weird for me.”

    Kevin McCarthy is a tongue-tied buffoon and would have been a terrible Speaker. Unfortunately, the remaining candidates are Daniel Webster and Jason Chaffetz (with Ted Cruz—the Constitution, as Righties are fond of pointing out, doesn’t say the Speaker has to be a member of the House—lurking in the shadows). Yikes. On the bright side, Paul Ryan has taken himself out of contention, despite John Boehner’s begging.

    An affair or some other scandal? Baloney. The far Right loonies were never thrilled by McCarthy, and his little white truth—as Stephen Colbert called it—cemented their opposition. He’d have gotten votes from the Establishment Rs, but there was no way he could have gotten 218 votes. He withdrew for the good of the party (not, mind, the good of the country).

    Speaker of the House Louie Gohmert. Lordy massey, don’t even joke like that: the comedy isn’t worth the chaos.

    I keep saying it: the Rs couldn’t organize a booze-up at a brewery if everyone brought a glass.

    Bob, of course everything happening with the Rs is farce, but our glorious news media will continue to bang the Both Sides drum. Driftglass has been on about that for years, but he’s getting more annoyed.

    In a sane universe, the Rs would long ago have been hooted off the public stage. We do not live in a sane universe.

    Chez, I hope you’re right, but The Base is probably nuts enough to think Ben Carson is the bee’s knees. Watch the polls; I predict Carson won’t suffer at all from his objectively insane statements.

    Ben Carson doesn’t understand the debt ceiling. Neither does any other R. The difference between Carson and every other R is that he can’t even fake his way through an interview.

    Bob, the problem with Carson is the problem with a lot of people who are very successful in a highly technical field: they think because they’ve mastered something very difficult, they are automatically masters of everything else. I’ve seen it in doctors, I’ve seen it in engineers. They’re almost always wrong, of course, but it’s a common phenomenon.

    The Kai Ryssdal interview may have been the first time Carson has been pressed on a specific point of governance. No wonder Carson sounded nonplussed; everyone else had been so polite and overlooked his obvious lack of knowledge. Has Twitchy, or whatever Michelle Malkin’s Twitter curation site is called, blown up in OUTRAGE! at them damn’ libruls at Marketplace yet?

    I think TPM commenter “PluckyInKY” had it right:

    I’m willing to take him at his word. I think it probably went something like this:

    Man sticks gun in Carson’s ribs

    Carson (sobbing, snot running down his nose, urine pooling around his shoes): I don’t have any moooney. Please don’t kill me Pleeaaase. I just came in for a three piece snack. All I’ve got is $3, just enough for a three piece. Plllllease don’t kill me. Pleeease. I’m so sorry, I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t kill me. All I’ve got is three dollars.

    Robber: Man, damn. Ben, it’s me. It’s Mike. Big Mike. Ben. It’s just a flashlight calm down, nobody’s trying to hurt you. It’s just jokes ::gestures to the manager:::Hey, can you get my man some water or something. Got any juice? I think his blood sugar’s low. Ben. Ben. You alright? Ben?

    Carson (curled up in fetal position, shaking uncontrollably): Don’t killll meee. Pleeeaaase. Pleaaase. Somebody call my mama. Pleeaase

    Robber to restaurant manager: Look, this happens sometimes. It’s my bad, I should’ve known. Call this number, ask for Mrs. Carson, and tell her Ben is having one of his spells again.

    Popeye’s manager: Okay, but this is the last time I’m dealing with this shit. He can’t come in here again.

    Donald Trump is a clown.

    Mark Takano’s trolling is first-rate. Sharp, funny and a perfect use of Craigslist.

    Bob, once again Isaac Hayes is spinning at about 5000rpm. That theme music is horrific.

    “Jesse Ventura was on CNN.” There are so many things wrong with that sentence.

    Bob, “fappery” is a very good word for what Ventura was doing.

    Anyone who cheers for a third party and actually thinks that third party will become important is delusional. The only time third parties become successful is if one of the two major parties undergoes a schism or implodes, and I don’t see either happening any time soon.

    Italy is a poor example of multi-party democracy; better examples would be the UK, Germany and France. Or, what the heck, Canada. But multi-party democracy only works in a parliamentary system with the expectation of coalition governments, which we don’t have.

    Is it my imagination or are things getting stupider in the world?


  • ProudLiberalAlways

    Great to hear the wonderful Rocky Mountain Mike on the Pod. with you. You should try to get a few more from Steph for your shows.