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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 1/10/13

Alex Jones on CNN; Another School Shooting; Armed Guards Clearly Don't Work; Biden's Task Force Recommendations; Chris Christie More Popular Than Democrats; Congress Less Popular than Nickelback; Jack Lew Nominated for Treasury; Hagel Nominated for Defense; The Hottest Year Ever; The Tea Party is Dying; Karl Pilkington Was Right; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius and the Amazon Link.

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  • Victor_the_Crab

    I skipped over Alex Jones spewing batshit talking, lest I end up throwing my laptop in rage.

    And despite being knocked out with a bad flu, Chez was hysterical in the podcast.

  • RilesSD

    A flu-ridden Chez is apparently a more lively Chez.

  • Draxiar

    God how I love this podcast…

  • GrafZeppelin127

    My most recent Daily Kos diary that drew a lot of attention.

    • villemar

      You poor soul I had no idea Dkos was a hotbed of Jonesian & Glenn Greenbeck “progressives.” They all sound exactly like the batshit Lew Rockwell troll we’ve been visited by recently.

    • MrDHalen

      You had a good response to someone where you said “Tyranny is not the laws you dislike”. This is so important but ignored. It highlights the disconnect many progressives and conservatives have with the fact that we actually share the same country with each other and that other people’s opinions make it into the nation’s policy. Republicans in congress don’t appear out of nowhere, they’re elected by large groups of people who think the same way they do.

      Honestly, it appeared you could answer many of the gripes people wrote with “The American public via their voting, have said “Um, I’m okay with that.””

      We can vote, sue and say what we like, which makes it hard for tyranny to find a home here. If home grown tyranny ever plants its flag here, it will be because the majority of American PEOPLE, not government, wanted it.

      • GrafZeppelin127

        If I had to formulate an objective organizing principle for how these people define “tyranny,” based on everything I read in that comment thread, it would probably be this:

        Tyranny occurs when any nation

        (1) where [X] is

        (a.) a voluntary activity

        (b.) that any citizen of that nation thinks is harmless; and

        (2) whose duly-elected representatives, or those of any of its political subdivisions, have, by their normal legislative process, passed a law making [X] a crime punishable by a term of imprisonment; and

        (3) whose law-enforcement apparatus, or that of any of its
        political subdivisions, under the aforementioned statute(s) and the procedural requirements of due process established by the constitution and laws of that nation,

        (a.) prosecutes those citizens who are accused of [X]; and

        (b.) imprisons those citizens who are adjudicated guilty of [X]; and

        (4) where no legal or judicial authority has established that its citizens have an individual, inalienable right to [X] under its constitution.

        Or, perhaps a simpler formulation would be:

        Tyranny occurs when anything that anyone wants to do is a crime.

        • MrDHalen

          A very nice breakdown of the logic.

          I must say I find it a very disturbing rational for both progressives and conservatives of our country. I’ve been quietly observing this amongst family, friends, and people in general; and it seems like people are creating their own world view inside personal bubbles and are increasingly shocked to learn their views are not universally shared by others outside the bubble; and this doesn’t just pertain to politics.

          I am fascinated by this and have been searching for clues as to what is behind it or if I’m wrong and its always been this way and I’m just now seeing as I mature. Like I said, fascinating; and seeing “Progressives” reaction to your post was very interesting.

  • villemar

    You know who else violated Godwin’s Law??? Hitler.

  • muselet

    The Framers of the Constitution didn’t bother to predict what weaponry would be available 200+ years into the future because it didn’t matter. These were people who didn’t want the country to have a standing army, for crying out loud, who wanted militias to defend the country against foreign soldiers. And no matter what the NRA and the furious, barely-literate cretins infesting the letters columns of newspapers and comments threads of websites might insist, a militia is not just a bunch of mouth-breathing yahoos with lots of guns who are terrfied a’cause Obummer’s gonna take they’s AR-15s.

    Once more I say to those who harbor fantasies of beating the US military with your rifles and sidearms, you are not going to hold out long against a line of tanks with air support.

    “They’re down to Godwin’s Law.” Bob, they started at Godwin’s Law and have only gotten worse.

    Chez, I agree about the internet. Technology has made it too easy for the paranoid loonies to find each other and feed off one another’s obsessions.

    Chris Christie is the adult version of the fifth-grader who tries to prove how tough he is by shouting at the third-graders. Why anyone would consider him fit for national office is beyond me.

    John Boehner’s either a sloppy drunk or he’s an actor chewing the scenery, because his crying is too OTT to take seriously. I don’t get gleeful when I see or hear him crying; I just wish he’d get a grip and learn to do his job well.

    Alex Jones isn’t worth the time to listen to or refute. If he’s a performance artist, he’s a bad one.

    The Tea Party is loud, yes, but it’s also colorful, and that makes it catnip for our glorious news media.


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