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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 11/1/12

Last show before the election; Benghazi Gate; Impeaching the president; Anti-Obama progressives and voting third party; The latest polls and Nate Silver; Hurricane Sandy; Christie and Obama at Brigantine; Mitt Romney failed the leadership test again; Sandy and the climate crisis; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • chilisize

    Between the nails on chalkboard Bubble Genius ad and the tiresome and interminable whinging that not every liberal thinks Obama is Superman, easily the most unlistenable Bob and Chez ever. At least Elvis was actually funny on occasion, Chez is just a bore *and* a boor.

    Couldn’t make it through five minutes, swear to gawd. I always found the show a mixed bag, but really, this one was just the worst..

  • D_C_Wilson

    I think this is the first time you guys talked about Sirota without mentioning Ghostbusters.

  • muselet

    Nate Silver and Joe Scarborough betting a grand on the outcome of the election is hilarious. Maybe Jethro is basing his bet on this, UnskewedPolls’s Electoral College prediction.

    Of course the Rs will impeach Barack Obama if he’s reelected. As I said the other day, I reckon the articles of impeachment have long since been drawn up, with only the actual charges needing to be copy-pasted in. Off the record and very quietly, Republicans admitted that impeaching Bill Clinton was payback for Democrats starting impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon (ah, historical amnesia, the Rs’ best friend; lots of Republicans thought Nixon deserved impeachment, too), but they also said something even more interesting: it was an attempt to make the very idea of impeachment so distasteful to the public that no president would ever face impeachment again. Gee, that idea lasted a long time, didn’t it?

    Bob, if you try as hard as I do, you actually can avoid most of the self-proclaimed liberals and their tantrums.

    It will take many years and many elections to pull the country to the Left. The notion that voting for a third-party candidate will cause the US to lurch suddenly and significantly Left is absurd. And hey, third-party fans, if you want me to take your fantasy seriously, let’s see a proof of concept: elect your favored few to run a medium-sized city for a few years and let’s see how well or badly things turn out (my guess is that the city in question would end up a smoking crater by the end of month five, but I’d be happy to be proved wrong). Do that successfully and only then will I even for a femtosecond contemplate giving you and yours access to power on a national level.

    Chris Christie needs to seem reasonable for a while, so he’s abandoned his Obama’s-a-poopyhead-failure rhetoric and embraced the notion of accepting help from the feds. I’ll give him credit for putting his constituents (however slightly and temporarily) ahead of his own ambitions, but that’s about as far as I’ll go. Compared to Bobby Jindal, Christie’s more or less a moderate, but while I grade on a curve I’m not easy: he’s a maverick to exactly the same degree John McCain is a maverick (which is to say, not at all).

    Joss Whedon has often described too much of television as “radio with faces” and got many unhappy network notes over the years about the amount of visual information in his scripts. Star Trek: The Next Generation absolutely was radio with faces. The show was chockablock with talented writers and excellent directors worked on episodes, but there was an unfortunate tendency to assume the audience wouldn’t understand cultural references or visual cues. As I’ve said before, the result was something that wasn’t quite good enough to be really good but also not nearly bad enough to be so-bad-it’s-good. (No, I’m not a nerd and haven’t thought far too much about TNG. What makes you say that?)

    Congratulations on the iTunes numbers, guys.


    • ranger11

      That map is for real? Holy cow! That’s a good point about third parties. Why don’t they ever run for anything other than president? It’s like they want to win the Super Bowl before they even play an exhibition game. At least Christie has somewhat good taste in music. I also don’t think playing the McCain role is going to help him win the GOP nomination anytime in the future. They’re going to want the strong stuff next time around.

      • Third parties always run for local office – there are all kinds of parties on the ballots. They just rarely win. And to be fair, Bernie Sanders is an independent, and so, theoretically, are Joe Lieberman and Mike Bloomberg. So sometimes they ARE elected to non-Presidential positions.

        • I wonder if one reason they so rarely win is that they don’t really put resources into those local races, instead using them on the “symbolic” candidacies of the national ticket. I have voted Green in the past, but I NEVER get any campaign literature from the party other than the every-four-years-unicorn-candidate stuff.

          And those who tell me that their vote for Jill Stein is because they truly think she’s the best candidate need to explain just how, even if she were elected in some bizarro-world scenario, she’ll get more progressive legislation through Congress than Obama has. Making awesome speeches that make lefties cream themselves is not leadership.

          • Most people would flunk a high school civics test. Not just by a little, but approaching negative scores.

          • muselet



          • Touché.

  • The_Dork_Knight

    LOL. Temba, his arms wide!