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RELM_buttonMizzou: We Deconstruct the University of Missouri Protests; Chez Participates in Happy Hour; Bob Said the S-Word on the Stephanie Miller Show; Our Recap of the Fox Business Debate; Rand Paul Won the Debate; Philosophers versus Welders; GOP Declares War on the Consumer Protection Bureau; The Deadly Tasering of Linwood Lambert; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • ed

    Bob an Chez,

    You ignorant sluts. Seriously guys, with the Mizzou and Yale

    situation, I understand where you coming from some of your arguments are valid.

    The safe spaces and other issues the protester are railing for are childish.

    But there overall arguments for inclusion valid. You don’t think any of this

    could have been avoided if the administration would have listened (really

    listened) in the first place? And I seriously doubt the firing of Dept. heads

    happened just because of this one issue, word was the Chancellor has been

    F***ng up for some time, and this was the final straw.

    One more thing, knock it off with this “oh I am white and I

    can’t understand…” nonsense. Your both grown men, know to how to ask for

    Here, Interview these guys, Randolph Terrance or Andy Kline from the Three Guys

    on Podcast. Both comedians in the DC area who talk about race and culture and

    comedy. And Andy is white who “gets it’s” and can sum up different perspectives

    pretty well. Neither of them are they SJW’s just grown men with seasoned

    perspectives. Also Rod from the Black Guy who Tips podcast.

    Both have great podcasts and are not screamers or yellers,

    just good commentary. Have a good day. Love the Ben Carson rant.

    Take Care,


  • Gussie Jives

    Right, this is the second time in as many weeks that both of you guys have gone off hippie punching. Now, I’ve been a long time listener, and will continue to be a long time listener… but this is one issue that you guys need to work through, because it’s reared its ugly head far too many times for me to remain silent. It’s the one issue where I have sadly had to come to the conclusion that you don’t speak
    in good faith.

    On a thousand other issues, I’m right there with you. But when it comes to intersectional social justice, the language you use is quite deliberate, and confirms that you are not actually interested in first listening, and second understanding.

    Listening involves more than mere hearing, it means actually attempting to comprehend what the other individual is saying and then understanding the underlying problem. That comprehension will involve going out and learning more the issues, people’s life experiences, and why they react the way they do. It will force you to set aside your biases, step into somebody else’s shoes, and actually try to imagine life as that
    individual. It’s hard, but it’s what demonstrates good faith from an ally: the intellectual curiosity to find out
    more before jumping to a conclusion.

    Now, on your podcast, there were at least two clear instances that betrayed a fundamental wish not to understand what these students are saying. The first was citing Jonathan Chait, who has been seeing Marxist SJWs in his soup for years. But the second was when Chez goes off on “meaningless buzzwords” like “microaggression” or “safe space” and talks about “special snowflakes.” Because when you start invoking that spectre of the spoiled kid who was hugged too much by helicopter parents who always gave him a participation trophy, you’re going out of your way to paint an unwarranted portrait of the protesters and what they have faced up to this point.

    Because apparently this hasn’t occurred to you yet, but in all likelihood, these kids have had to face one hell of a lot of shit to get to where they are. Racist attitudes from classmates, school administrators, admissions personnel, professors, all the way up to the president of the university. That’s to say nothing of the anonymous online trolls and cyberbullies that spam Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. But the outright douchebags aside, these attitudes will manifest in very subtle ways (those “microaggressions” you guys pretend are so silly), but are nonetheless a reinforcement of white superiority. Yeah, the white professor handing the black kid back a 93% might be a great guy, very progressive, but when he says something like “Great job for one of you guys,” the black kid only hears “we’re better than you.” That’s what a microaggression looks like and the more marginalized the minority, the more microaggressions that person will face. I can only attempt to fathom what a transgender student has to go through.

    Outrage didn’t get turned up to 11 over a single email, guys. It was a long, long time in coming.

    Yeah, they haven’t had dogs and waterhoses unleashed on them or been shot at like the Kent State protesters. Perhaps they want to change attitudes before it gets to that point, guys. Maybe the underlying culture is what really needs to change here, and perhaps they need a place where that very toxic culture doesn’t exert its influence. A “safe space” if you will. Play-Doh you can take or leave, but I’m not going to mock a place where a rape victim or a kid facing the zillionth racist remark can actually talk about problems openly and not be talked down to, dismissed, or worse, face a horde of dickheaded online commenters.

    You guys have a great show, a really great show that I always look forward to listening to. But whenever a social justice topic, without fail, the sneering at the those awful PC SJWs is as predictable as the day is long. And it’s lazy. That’s the galling part about it: it’s lazy, lazy journalism. Any dope can yell at the kids to get off their proverbial lawn. It takes work to try to understand the culture.

    • Lady Willpower

      “Great job for one of you guys,” is hardly a MICROaggression. That’s about as aggro as it ges.

      • Gussie Jives

        Perhaps not the best example, but the point is that a well-intentioned comment inadvertently reinforces supremacy. It’s a very real thing and the cumulative effect hits people quite hard.

  • Nasir

    I am a long time listener of the show and this particular show was the first time I felt compelled to comment. I wanted to address some of the issues that were brought up regarding Mizzou and I applaud Bob & Chez for wanting to listen and be allies. First, students of African-American decent DO need a safe space to heal and recoup. They have grown up in a society that is dominated by European culture and a historical/present day distrust and dislike for Black folks and people of color in general. If you were African-American and you had grown-up in this environment you too would require a space to recuperate. Second, the reference to the 1950’s is 100% appropriate. These students weren’t just dealing with words alone that hurt their fee-fees. They were dealing with institutional racism on the campus that was allowed to fester into physical displays of racism. You can’t be upset or act as if you don’t understand why the Black students have reached a boiling point. How long where you expecting them to sit on the fire? You would think that on a college campus where Black students have done what society has requested of them that they would not have to deal with racist elements, but unfortunately there is no escape. There is no way for an assimilated white person to understand this; you haven’t lived it day in and day out. Black folks can’t assimilate because skin tone doesn’t allow complete immersion. Third, it is not for white folks to tell Black folks how angry they can be and for how long. You’re not being an ally by deciding and/or demanding when Black folks should be spiritually, mentally and physically available to voice a lifetime of experiences. Incremental progress does not equal peace or healing when the oppressor is the one who decides how much progress will be made. We know this by looking at Mizzou, police brutality, the stripping of voting rights, red lining, gentrification, etc. ad nauseam. The one thread that runs through all of this is white folks are never the ones who have to “deal”.

  • katanahamon

    This is a complicated is not as simple as saying “I don’t think the issue you are protesting about is worthwhile enough to be protesting, it is harming the general cause or demeaning, minimizing the effectiveness of protesting now and in the future.” Like Chez said, I’m a white guy too, and we don’t know what kind of atmosphere it is to live twenty four seven as a black student there. Things have likely been simmering, simmering, and simmering, and when it finally boils over, it gets really messy. People that may have never before in their lives have gotten a taste of their voices or actions being heard or having an impact, and since there isn’t a manual on this stuff, yeah, maybe they are going overboard. But, as an outsider, I think it bears closer scrutiny before condemnation. Just being the devil’s advocate. And also as Chez said, again, about how the students don’t really know how much the students from the 1950’s had to go through, problems now may not be as broad based, but shouldn’t we continue to protest things that are wrong? I think it’s a matter of the fact that they haven’t quite learned to discern how to pick their battles, they are simply reacting based on their frustration.

  • katanahamon

    Of course the welder thing was stupid, but it would have been a great opening if any dems had been on the stage they could have said “well, since you guys are so fond of lecturing all of us on unfettered capitalism, I’ll explain it in terms you can understand…according to the concepts of supply and demand, if a certain party hadn’t promoted outsourcing our manufacturing through their policies to foreign countries, maybe there would be more demand for welders..”.

    Also, have you guys seen the Huffpost story about this criminal dentist named Costa that Carson is cozy with? Total slime bag. Too much to complain about, I must stop now…..

    • Don P

      Thank you! PBO has been supporting vocational training since day 1 in office. Does Rubio remember that press conference in front of that bridge between Ohio and Kentucky that needed to be rebuilt? Trump himself was whining about crumbling infrastructure during the debate. Welders are great for fixing bridges, last time I checked. Marco, maybe if your party (and with far too many Dems going along unfortunantly) hadn’t done everything it could to poop on American workers for the last 40 years….

  • muselet

    Chez and happy anything are not concepts that rest comfortably together.

    Bob, Chez is a bad influence, but sometimes things just slip out. As Max Bialystock once told Leo Bloom, “Just say ‘oops’ and get out!”

    It says nothing good about the other candidates that Rand Paul (!) sounded relatively rational, not just about Syria, but also the TPP (by reminding Donald Trump China isn’t part of the trade deal).

    Philosopher-bashing. Who knew that would ever be a thing? It’s not rational, it’s not really even meant to make sense, it’s just a way of taking a free poke at them damn elitists and pointy-headed intellectuals. George Wallace would have been so proud.

    Ben Carson is a well-educated, highly-trained ignoramus. I wouldn’t trust him to run a lemonade stand, let alone a country.

    Just to make Mental Ben’s statement even scarier, BBC News reported today that Russia is planning/developing a nuclear torpedo. Some of the technical details—effective range, speed—sound like propaganda, which is why BBC put “leak” in quotes, but Carson would blithely start a shooting war with Russia because reasons. I honestly don’t know which part of that I find more frightening.

    Bob, predatory lenders are part of the GOP’s constituency.

    Bob, you’re right. The current GOP really wants to roll back the calendar to the 1980s (my finger slipped and I initially typed 1080s, which is still true).

    The indispensable Digby said, rightly, “it’s finally becoming clear to people that tasers are tools for police brutality and are being commonly used for that purpose.” It remains to be seen if that recognition has any effect at all on police practices.

    The—as Chez says, lazy and stupid—police do love their ouchy toys, don’t they?

    Bob, please, I beg you, for the love of all you hold dear, no jingles this year.

    I haven’t actively followed the story of the protests at the University of Missouri, so I have little or nothing to say on the subject. I’ll leave it to Kevin Drum to say pretty much what I’ve been thinking.

    Well, that and, “Honky, please.”

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s fuckings at 20:38 and 34:23.)