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Nice Needed Powerful Gun: Another School Shooting; Pro-Gun Thugs Intimidate Moms in Dallas; Who’s Attacking Bob Now; The Obamabot Meme; The Obama Wiretapped Romney Conspiracy Theory; Bill Clinton Isn’t Helping on Healthcare; Sarah Palin Word Salad on the Today Show; Sarah Palin’s Christmas Audiobook; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • HilaryB

    My brain hurts.

  • Chez Pazienza

    You know something? After thinking about it for a bit and how weird it was, I’m betting she improved the word “needed” as she read the book. No way in hell I’m going to read it to check to see if I’m right, but it just sounds like something she’d do: throw in an extra word just to hammer the point home and hopefully twist the knife on liberals, and of course botch the whole thing horribly because she can’t think on her feet or complete a sentence off the cuff without choking on her own tongue.

    • “choking on her own tongue”

      From your mouth to God’s/FSM’s/Goddess/Cthulu/Etc ear! I’d pray to a potato if it could make her go away.

    • muselet

      You might be right. Her weird—well, weirder than usual—emphasis on “needed” does make it sound like an impromptu addition.

      On the other hand, the word may be in the book, in which case she simply doesn’t know how modifiers work in English. And like you, there’s no way I’m going to look at the book to find out.


  • muselet

    Chez, you’re absolutely right. People who buy AR-15s do so because they feel badass owning one. There is no logical reason for anyone to own any such weapon.

    Bob, Charlie Pierce has been taking the odd potshot at you ever since you questioned the sainthood of Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald. Pierce has a bug up his anatomy over the whole NSA/spying/surveillance story, and anyone not lighting his hair on fire over every single aspect of it is automatically suspect.

    Bill Clinton is a reasonably intelligent man and he understands politics better than most. The problem is that he’s been told a few too many times that he’s intelligent and understands politics, so he’s come to believe the hype. So when he was asked about the ACA, he couldn’t not offer a policy proposal. Unfortunately for all, his proposal was pure hooey and played into the hands of the Rs. It was purely an unforced error.

    Chez, you give John McCain credit for self-awareness that he simply does not possess. Senator Angry Grampy, as Charlie Pierce has called him, is utterly convinced of the rightness of every decision he made in 2008—every decision he has ever made—including inflicting Sarah Palin upon us. He’s not merely peeved at Barack Obama for beating him, he’s furious at the nation for not electing him. You don’t go into politics if you don’t have a big ego, but I do wish McCain would give it a rest.

    Sarah Palin’s book-like artifact is her latest attempt to stay relevant (she is dimly aware that she’s in her 17th minute) to the world at large (the Right loves her, but most of us are utterly indifferent to her).

    I’ve said all I care to say about Palin’s response to Matt Lauer’s question about healthcare.

    Bob, my ears started to bleed when you played the excerpt from the audiobook, but I think you’re right, it does sound like someone created a “Sarah Palin” text-to-speech voice. Ack!

    Float planes are a real thing, guys, and they’re very common in Alaska.

    (Chez says “asshole” at 8:09 and I think something else got by unbleeped a little later.)


    • “but I do wish McCain would give it a rest”
      Me too. I’ll never understand why the keep electing him to office. He hasn’t done a damn thing for the state and his only purpose in life seems to be stroking his own ego.

      • muselet

        McCain would be a little easier to take if he weren’t on every single Sunday yak show every single week, proving beyond doubt that he is absolutely clueless about absolutely everything (including his supposed area of expertise, national defense).

        He’d be even easier to take as a private citizen, yelling at the neighborhood kids to stay off his lawn.