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RELM_buttonSeries of Tubes: Back from Computer Hiatus; Editor of Greenwald’s The Intercept Jumps Ship; Matt Taibbi Speaks Out About First Look Media; The Midterms; Meme Culture Wins; Democrats and Backbone; Net Neutrality; Framing the Debate; Federalizing Elections; Boogie Nights; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • OldLefty

    Is there still a problem, or is it from my end?

    On one itunes page, TWO episodes look to be current; “Civil war” and “Conservative”.
    They do not play (even on iTunes), and if you “subscribe”, it takes you to the home page where the old episode, “Racket” is the most recent.

    • chris ellis

      it looks like the iTunes feed has been fixed.

  • Randy Debler

    Not seeing the new episode in iTunes. I manually downloaded the podcast from this sight. Usually by subscribing new episodes will auto download… not this time.

  • OldLefty

    Are there also issues with the After Party?

    I have not been able to download last weeks, or any of the archives (even though I have then on my desktop.)

    • After Party downloads just fine for me. Not hearing about any other issues from subscribers.

      • OldLefty

        Last week, I logged in and got;

        When you click on 10/31/14 Download and Discuss this week’s
        show here (after login in) all that comes up is this;

        ‘Not Found

        Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found.
        Perhaps searching will help.’

        That came up for all the archives as well.

        As a luddite, I never know if it is my end or yours.

        I changed credit cards a while ago…. maybe it unsubscribed me????
        I thought about un subscribing and resubscribing, but I don’t know how to do that either.

        I wanted to email you, but I don’t have an email address nor can I find any place for tech help.

        • chris ellis

          try to go in at the top. Click After Party and then ‘sign in’ and you should be fine. It worked for me.

          • OldLefty

            When I do that, I get;

            The After Party Archive

            Welcome to the After Party! Thank you for joining. Click the links below to download and discuss the episodes

            When I click the link below, (as I always did for a year) I get;

            ‘Not Found

            Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.

            Search for:”

            I don’t know when I switched credit cards…. if that could be the problem.

            Perhaps I should check the credit card receipts, cancel and buy each episode.

            Still no free show either?

          • chris ellis
          • OldLefty

            Did that.

            Put in my password.

            Went to;

            11/14/14 Download and Discuss this week’s show here.

            Went to;

            Not Found

            Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.

            I can’t even unsubscribe because I can’t seem to get in anywhere for support.

          • OldLefty

            By the way, i appreciate your help.

  • muselet

    People with no understanding of something should not be put on congressional committees responsible for those somethings. Of course, that means most of the incoming members of the 114th Congress would be on the Standing Committee for Playing with Our Toes.

    “If you’re shopping for the holidays, why not get your friends and family an attorney?” Okay, sure, they’re cute when they’re young, but when they grow up they get into fights and it’s really expensive to feed them (Château Pétrus doesn’t come cheap, you know). On the other hand, they don’t climb the curtains. Usually.

    Bob, I agree the iPad isn’t an ideal device for working, but it can be done. It helps a lot to use a Bluetooth keyboard, one of the full-sized ones, not the toy-sized ones included in cases. I’ve had to learn how to touch-type on my iPad’s glass keyboard (why is a long story), which is doable but I wouldn’t wish that irritation on an enemy. The Apple Wireless Keyboard is $69, and worth every penny.

    Conceptually, First Look Media isn’t a terrible idea: set determined reporters loose on stories without anyone having to worry about offending advertisers or much anyone else. Conceptually, flying cars aren’t a terrible idea, either.

    That people are heading for the exit makes me wonder how long First Look Media will last, no matter how much money Pierre Omidyar is willing to sink into the venture. Even if Matt Taibbi and John Cook decline to say word one, there’s going to be a cloud hovering over First Look Media.

    At some point, D pols are going to have to learn that running away from a sitting D president doesn’t make them look strong and independent, it makes them look craven and weak. “I have my issues with President Obama, but the deficit is a third of what it was under President Bush, the stock market is booming and the housing market is recovering. Clearly, we Democrats are doing something right,” would be a far better thing to say. “Let’s talk about the Republicans’ history of failure,” would be even better.

    Brave Sir Robin ran away, Bob. Sir Lancelot wreaked havoc at Swamp Castle. Jeez, and you call yourself a nerd. Harrumph! *furiously tucks in shirt*)

    Maybe the attached is the right way to explain net neutrality. This could work, too.

    “What’s clear is that the Republicans do better when fewer people vote.” Which is why I climb up on my soapbox time and again to harangue passersby about getting up off the freeling sofa and vote! If you don’t vote, you don’t get to bitch about the results. *steps carefully off soapbox*

    In Los Angeles County, we use the InkaVote Plus system, and yes, that’s really what it’s called. You push a little round marker pen through holes in the ballot holder thingy to mark the ballot (no hanging chads), then you take your ballot to the ballot box, which has an optical reader on it (called a Precinct Ballot Reader, says the county Registrar/Recorder’s website). You feed your ballot into the PBR (not that kind) and it checks for obvious errors like voting twice for the same office; if there’s an error, the machine spits your ballot back out and if everything’s fine, your ballot is deposited in the box. It’s lowish tech, but it works fine and your ballot is still private.

    Don’t blame just Rick Scott for voter purges. Remember, Jebbie caged voters in 2000 to help his little brother.


    [A comment with too many links makes Disqus very unhappy.]

  • muselet

    [Technical issues. Sorry.]

  • muselet

    I’m getting an error on iTunes:

    There was a problem downloading “The Bubble Genius Bob and Chez Show”.
    The URL “” could not be found on the server.

    The .mp3 download from this page works fine, so it’s more nuisance than problem.

    Gosh, technology is wonderful, isn’t it?


    • Tech issues with iTunes and RSS. Should be resolved Friday.

      • muselet

        That’s what I figured.