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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 11/15/12

Romney says Obama won because he gave people free stuff; Romney staffers tried to gin up a Benghazi Gate Deep Throat character; John McCain and his Benghazi Witch Hunt; Hilarious Republican Outreach to Latinos and Women; Secession Fever Grips Thousands; The Petraeus Scandal; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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Bubble Genius

  • Bob, thank you so much for summarizing the “legitimization” aspect of the Secessionist talk today. The seeds these idiots are planting might never grow but they could. And legitimizing them the way Conservatives are doing is like watering and fertilizing those seeds. That’s the perfect, pithy way to describe what is going on.

  • Chez, just read your Open Letter to Texas…those were great stats. I wrote about Texas too and discussed their complete inability to budget properly, focusing on the surplus they might actually have in 2012 (thanks to the rest of us, of course). I don’t think the surplus would cover one tenth of one percent of what the state would have to outlay if they became a country. They are, without a doubt, the dumbest group of peckerwoods on the planet.

  • Listening to you guys talk about tech stuff makes my week.

    • I’ve been hacked recently, so I’ve been studying. Thanks.

  • muselet

    Chez, why should Mitt Romney do the dignified thing and vanish when John McCain became an even noisier fool after his loss? It’s hard for an R to find someone to model good behavior.

    Things like student loans and healthcare are gifts as far as the 1% is concerned (after all, they don’t need such things and would never dream of asking for them); this is of a piece with the notion of asking your parents for the startup money for your company.

    “It’s not about the color of the skin or the reproductive organs of the candidate, it’s about the ideas. And the Republicans have time and time again lost—they’ve completely abandoned ideas. They don’t have ideas any more.” True, but the Rs have done pretty well in the past several elections without ideas. It will take more big losses before the Rs decide to try ideas again (they got clobbered in 2006 and 2008 and it wasn’t enough).

    Yes, people inside The Bubble believe the tempest-in-a-teapot Benghazigate is bigger than it is; they also think that if only the people who don’t get all their news from Fox and AM talk radio would listen to Fox and AM talk radio the scales would fall from their eyes and would turn on the Marxist fascist islamist blah blah blah over this terrible scandal.

    John “Old And Crazy” McCain has never known from Shinola about anything, and the fact that he’s lashing out about what happened—or, rather, what supposedly happened—in Benghazi I find as predictable as the sunrise.

    Bob, your Ron Paul impression isn’t bad, but Paul’s voice is more nasal and he speaks much more slowly—as if he thinks he’s addressing a group of none-too-bright children—and with a very peculiar rhythm. Good start, but needs work (maybe if you hit yourself in the head a few times with a 2×4 …).

    “They don’t know what’s at the other side of that process [of secession].” Yes, they do. They know, deep down in their heart of hearts, that everything will be wonderful and free, and liberty will blossom like a thousand cherry trees in the spring and the rest of the world will look on in awe. They can’t explain how this wonderfulness and freedom and liberty and blossoming will happen, of course, any more than they can explain what happens to their poop when they flush (“Uh, it just goes away, doesn’t it?”), they just know it will. But, of course, they’re mad as hatters.

    If the New Confederacy seceded, in a few years it would make Somalia look like Eden.

    David Petraeus inserted his manbits into the wrong woman’s ladybits. So what? Unless there was a breach of national security, nobody other than Holly Petraeus should care.