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RELM_buttonI Sez: We Recap Chez on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour; Bob's Shirtless Offer; Listener Reaction to Our Mizzou Rant; The Latest on the Paris Attacks; Breaking News from Germany; GOP Governors Demonizing Refugees; Bible Verses That Mandate Allowing Refugees to Come to America; Texas Lawmaker Spills the Beans About Texas Gun Laws; Hannity and Bo Dietl on Surveilling Mosques; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Badgerite

    Really good show. Especially the discussion of refugees. No one is unaware of the risks but they are risks that must be accepted if we are the country we always say we are. What’s more, on a practical level, the PR value of not shutting the door on Syrian Muslim refugees is “Uuuuuge”. No one says that vetting should not be a part of it, but ultimately, America cannot be the country to shut its doors to the persecuted of any nationality or creed.

    • Don P

      Perhapsan administration looking to ease the fears of the public could walk the press corp through the rigorous vetting process that people seeking refugee status face. We don’t just hand out refugee status like coupons for fries with a whopper. Imagine that, good politics and good policy can be combined together. And you never even have to mention Ted Cruz or any of the other clowns by name, let them stand there in Des Moines with their ears burning.

  • Badgerite

    Holy Putin, Batman!!!!!!

  • HilaryB

    Preach, Father Bob! I have to admit that I was on the fence about the refugees, but after listening to our wise president and putting aside my own emotions over what happened in France, I now agree that bringing them here is the right thing to do. We can’t leave them stranded with no place to go. I do worry about their safety when they’re here though. We have a lot of angry, hateful, gun-totin’ people running around out there.

  • muselet

    Ben Carson as President during a crisis would be a great premise for a comedy sketch. Heck, same with Donald Trump. In reality, both would do something unutterably stupid and precipitate World War III (sort of like when Homer Simpson caused a core meltdown in a simulated nuclear reactor that had no fissionable material in it).

    I’m not certain Da’esh has the capability of attacking in the US. In theory, sure, but proximity means it’s much easier for them to pull something off in Europe. Which is actually heartening, for a slightly perverse reason: they’re striking soft targets.

    When Da’esh first bubbled up out of the ooze, it had a strategy of attacking near targets, Middle Eastern nations which had insufficiently insane leaders. The group intended to establish an ever-growing Caliphate, which would be large and powerful enough to do battle with the hated West. After some undeniable success, the hated West pushed back and—to use the word Barack Obama got so much flak for over the weekend—contained the maniacs.

    And now they’re behaving like common or garden terrorists, trying to get the hated West to betray its principles. And guess what? The Right is out there advocating for just that.

    If you want disaffected youth with no connection to the society, make sure to treat them and their families as Others, which is what all too many European nations have done. Fear of a brown planet, to borrow (for which, read “shamelessly steal”) a phrase, is hardly unique to America.

    John Scalzi explained with remarkable patience why pretending all Muslims are to blame for the bloodthirsty maniacs of Da’esh is counterproductive at best. Having someone read Scalzi’s post to the governors what don’t want no Mooslim infilterators would do a great service to the nation.

    Bob, Bob, Bob, only white Murcan Christian fetuses matter. And quoting the Bible doesn’t matter because Murcan Christians have never read the damn’ book. Pastor Fred has told them what the Bible says, and that’s all there is to it.

    Tony Dale is a boob. What more is there to say?

    Whenever someone points out that most terrorist attacks in the US are carried out by Righty anti-government nutjobs, the entire Right stands up and starts shrieking that it isn’t so, and every example you can name—from Timothy McVeigh onward—is dismissed as either a Lefty or merely crazy. The New America Foundation study won’t change a thing.

    Sean Hannity and Bo Dietl are doing Righty Greatest Hits of the Noughties now? Numbskulls.

    Bob, have you not heard of Cleek’s Law? “Today’s conservatism is the opposite of what liberals want today: updated daily.”


  • JohnC80

    Have you ever notice conservatives will cite the 2nd amendment to say why you shouldn’t have stricter gun laws, but will push to have M rated video games and kinds of entertainment ban even tho they’re protected by the first amendment?