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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 11/18/11

Herman Cain's Brain Fart; Other Cain Nonsense; Newt Gingrich Skyrockets to the Top; John Boehner Has A Serious Crying Problem; The Protect IP Act Will Kill the Internet; NBC Hires Chelsea Clinton and Anyone With A Famous Name; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • villemar

    Hilarious that you referenced the “What’s Happenin'” infamous bootleg episode. Congratulations, you’ve firmly established your Gen X bona fides. 🙂 I remember seeing this as a kid. It was a two parter (rare for Whats Happenin’) wherein Rerun and the gang are conviced by some hood ne’er-do-wells to smuggle and record the Doobie Brothers on cassette during their concert. They get to meet the band, IIRC, and Rerun drops the tape recorder and gets busted. The band reprimands them about why bootlegging is bad, and they get their lesson & apologize, and all is resolved.

    The most hilarious thing about it? Rerun and the gang are all psyched to go to a DOOBIE BROTHERS concert. Mr. Proto-Breakdancer himself is just batshit about seeing The DOOBIE BROTHERS. Okay, Lol.

  • muselet


    “I got all this stuff twirlin’ around in my head.” That has to be the funniest line of 2011.

    Chez, you don’t give the Rs enough credit. In a minute and a half, the average Republican politician can reverse position twice—and someone like Newt can reverse position three times, four if he’s feeling his oats.

    Mike Huckabee sitting in with what was essentially a Yes tribute band? The mind, he boggles.

    John Boehner definitely has a problem with his emotions. It’s either alcoholism or his brain is just plain wired wrong. From what I can tell, weepiness doesn’t seem to have affected Boehner’s thinking process, mostly because he doesn’t seem to have had much of a thinking process to begin with. *rim shot*

    The Protect IP Act is a terrible idea, written by idiot lawyers at the MPAA and RIAA who do not understand what the internet is—and who don’t actually understand their clients’ business (who in turn don’t understand their own business). Piracy is a real problem and only someone who doesn’t know or care about the creators of entertainment intellectual property would argue otherwise, but the proposed law is insane.

    Of course NBC would hire the spawn of famous and/or influential people. Why wouldn’t they? Broadcast journalism is quickly becoming an exercise in logrolling, so having access to Important People is exactly the same thing as having reporters and field producers. (Journalistic integrity? Such a retro concept.)

    Thanks for the show, and the sanity.


    EDITED to reflect more accurately who is affected by piracy.

    • Alo, I agree on Boehner, I definitely thinks his weeping comes down to alcoholism. In re: to the Protect IP it is definitely overkill for the problem, which we acknowledge is a real problem.

  • Bob, loved the comment about Dennis Miller is like Anakin going over to the Dark Side by supporting Gingrich. LMAO Here’s another good metaphor….Miller officially jumped the shark. hehe

    And in re: to Yes on Huckabee, I call those sympathetic flop sweats.