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RELM_buttonBig Beautiful Safe Zone: The Latest on the Syrian Refugees and the GOP Response; House GOP Blocks Refugees; Obama Nails GOP Cowardice; Ted Cruz Asks Obama to Say It To His Face; Trump's Big Beautiful Safe Zone; Trump Wants IDs for Muslims and Mosque Closures; Ben Carson's Campaign is a Disaster; Ben Carson's Ridiculous Map Gaffe; Big News About Our Patreon Page; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • katanahamon

    I have a question about the advertisers on this page. I’m currently seeing an advertisement to join a petition urging me to sign to find out about “Hillary Clinton’s corruption”. What’s up with that, and the other ones I’ve seen in the past that are pro Republican, NRA sign ups, etc. Do you guys have no say at all about that stuff???

  • HilaryB

    “Mayor McCheese.” The stuff you come up with, Bob, really cracks me up. I love it.

  • re: the Ted Cruz bit – first, Cruz thinks it’s all (and only) about him? Well of course he does. It’s an old trick; it’s a way for him to cut thru the clutter and get some press, and then to manufacture a little importance that he can attribute to his own bad self.

    But, second, I’ve been calling “conservatives” a buncha whiny-butt pussies for years. In fact, lots of us have been calling them whiny-butt pussies. I imagine most of us are now particularly tickled to here Obama saying it too.

    Go get ’em, Prez.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    As a former high school English teacher, who taught both Catcher in the Rye and Lord of the Flies several times each (the latter being my favorite book of all time), I need to weigh in here.

    I never saw or interpreted, as a theme of Catcher, that “people are inherently good and society makes them bad.” I never saw good-vs-evil as a motif or conflict in that book. Holden is not struggling with good and evil, and certainly not in the same sense that the characters in LotF do; Holden’s conflict is more rightly described as one of innocence vs. corruption. As a teenager trapped (or so it seems) between the worlds of childhood, which he views as a state of absolute innocence and goodness, and adulthood, which he views as absolutely corrupt and cynical — not evil — he feels entirely lost within himself because he doesn’t belong in either world. Thinking about it, I can see where the aforementioned theme might be derived from this, but I wouldn’t agree with the “society” part. It’s adulthood, not “society” that turns innocent children into cynical and corrupt “phonies.”

    Lord of the Flies is not about cynicism or corruption; it’s about human nature having an inherent defect that causes us to be in conflict with one another even if there’s really nothing to fight about or fight over. The characters start out as innocent children, an entirely homogeneous population with no shared history, hence they bring no conflicts onto the island with them, and the island itself offers plenty of resources and therefore nothing to fight over. The fact that they end up in conflict anyway, splitting into factions based on divergent priorities (that eerily resemble our modern politics), shows that even in an ideal world mankind would ultimately destroy itself because that’s just what we do. The ending is not as grim as, say, Orwell’s 1984, but Golding doesn’t harbor much hope for humanity’s future.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    The religious-freedom and surveillance hypocrisy can be summed up fairly easily; just take the ubiquitous Gadsden Flag and modify its slogan to fit the modern Right’s actual credo:


  • muselet

    Bob, not to point it too finely, but when lately have the Rs not been phenomenal a-holes?

    I understand the potential electoral consequences of not behaving like a bigot, but this is, to employ an expression I loathe, a teachable moment (*gag*). Muslim ≠ terrorist isn’t a terribly positive way of phrasing it, but it’s simple, it’s snappy, it would fit on a (very bad) bumper sticker, and maybe it would penetrate the neutronium-dense skulls of a few islamophobes.

    The Muslims I know—I don’t know many, but I’m not the most social of men, so I don’t know a lot of people, full stop—are lovely people: kind, thoughtful and generous. Anyone would be lucky to be their neighbors. They do not deserve to be thought of as potential terrorists, and neither do the overwhelming majority of Muslims in the US and, yes, in the entire world. They’re people, with quirks and foibles and irritating habits, and the rest of us get to share the world with over one and a half billion of them. Those who don’t want to share can bloody find somewhere else they find more to their taste.

    Donald Trump is a carny (with apologies to carnies), a barker spinning wild yarns to attract the paying public. Of course he doesn’t believe a word he says; sincerity is death in that game, it inhibits the free flow of patter. And of course most of it is schmuck bait, but he’s trying to attract the schmucks so it all works out.

    I will be surprised if the short-fingered vulgarian goes the distance. Getting nominated and then running in a general election would take a dedication and application he’s never shown in his life. I expect something—force majeure can be such a useful thing—will prevent him from continuing his campaign after a few primaries, when he has enough delegates to play kingmaker. That would be more fun than actually being the nominee.

    “I think [Bernie Sanders] gets a little awkward when he’s talking about foreign policy.” Which is certainly true, but compared to any of the Rs he’s a savant. However, the average American voter cares less than nothing about foreign policy, at least beyond “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out.” Hillary Clinton would win the presidency in spite of her foreign policy chops; ditto Bernie Sanders.

    The Ben Carson campaign is imploding. It’s hilarious to watch, like a Three Stooges short made real, but the failure leads to a serious question: who are Mental Ben’s voters going to gravitate to? Guaranteed we’re going to see yet more pandering to the rubes as this plays out.

    How in Mercator’s name does someone screw up a map of the United States? As many people have pointed out, it’s not as if there aren’t a lot of existing maps the Carson campaign could have repurposed. I’ve seen a few commenters suggest it was an act of deliberate sabotage by a campaign staffer who had come to realize Carson is unfit to hold public office (I don’t buy it; it’s much more likely to be simple incompetence).

    Da’esh is a threat, yes, but not an existential threat. Same with terrorism in general. Neither will destroy the US—or Western civilization or whatever—unless we do it to ourselves in a hysterical overreaction. The French—you know, the cheese-eating surrender monkeys Jonah Goldberg and the rest of the Right ranted about endlessly in the run-up to the Iraq war—are adamant they’re not going to let a few barbarians with weapons change the French way of life, while all the Rs and a shameful number of Ds are soiling themselves over the prospect of taking in refugees—three quarters or so of whom are either children or over 60—who are the victims of those barbarians with weapons.

    Lee Greenwood? You are a cruel man, Cesca.

    One of the things I admire about Barack Obama is his ability to deliver a resounding smack-down on the Rs in calm, reasonable and very disappointed tones, like a cool dad who’s finally gotten annoyed with the kids’ nonsense.

    Ted Cruz is the kid who wants everyone to think he’s tough but gets a swirly every time he goes into the boys’ room.

    (Bob, you missed Chez’s fucking at 27:30, and Paper Willie’s fuck and motherfuckers at 30:15–30:16. I think you’re just messing with me, to see how many naughty words I’ll type.)