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Magic Gate Ball: Gettysburg is Obama’s Katrina; Darrell Issa to Investigate Jobs Numbers; Bob Woodward is the Magic Gate Ball; Republicans Deliberately Sabotaging Obamacare; Sarah Palin Loves Rafael Cruz; The Greatest Rush Limbaugh Clip Ever; Michele Bachmann is Confused About the Internet; Chez’s Trans Controversy; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • GeeOPee

    I generally enjoy the Bob and Chez show, but I have to take issue with Chez’s characterization of the Cuban community of Miami. I’m Cuban-American and grew up in the Miami Cuban community. I’m under 40, and come from a long line of liberal Cubans. Starting with my grandparents who immigrated from Cuba in 1953. They were life long registered Democrats until their recent passing. In fact, most Cubans in the 1950s and 1960s were registered Democrats. It wasn’t until the 1970s when the right wing took over Spanish language radio and newspapers that Cubans began voting for the Republicans. Thankfully that is changing. Nearly half of Miami Cubans voted for President Obama.

    I’m glad Chez pointed out that younger Cubans such as myself are more “practical”. Although I originally laughed about his characterization of older Cubans being obsessed with Castro and seeing spies everywhere, he unfortunately takes it a step too far and unwittingly plays to the worst stereotypes of Miami Cubans, which is that were a bunch of crazy anti-Castro types, engaging in violent acts of terrorism.

    This stereotypes also includes the accusation that Miami Cubans are responsible for JFK’s assassination and/or celebrate his death. To be fair to Chez he never directly accused Miami Cubans of doing either. It was Bob who asked the question. Chez side stepped the issue and instead focused on the older Cubans obsession with Castro. However, by failing to respond he perpetuated the stereotype.

    I can only assume the reason Chez failed to answer directly was because he’s never heard any Miami Cuban speak badly about JFK, let alone celebrate the man’s death. Again I grew up around Miami Cubans. They are my friends and family. I’ve never heard even the most hard-line anti-Castro Cubans amongst my family, friends or even acquaintances speak an unkind word against JFK, let alone revel in his death. Miami Cubans anger has always been directed at communism and Castro.

    I’m not sure how or where this stereotype began, but there has been a concentrated effort for decades to frame Cubans for JFK’s assassination from both sides of the political spectrum. Left wingers tend to point the finger at anti-Castro Cubans and right wingers tend to point the finger at pro-Castro Cubans.

  • muselet

    “What’s Obama’s Katrina this week?” Hard to say. Everything is Obama’s Katrina, unless something is Obama’s Watergate. Some things are worse than Watergate and Katrina combined. To the best of my knowledge, nothing has yet been declared to be Obama’s Pearl Harbor, but it’s just a matter of time.

    As Lorenzo St. DuBois famously said (in a very different context), “They try; man, how they try!”

    Mr. Woodward, Bob, buddy. Go home, sit back with a wee dram and fondle your frelling Pulitzer—the only thing, by the way, that has ever made your career anything but a pale imitation of an actual journalist’s—and stop pretending to still be relevant.

    “The Magic Gate Ball.” That is absolutely brilliant, Chez.

    Bob, you mean our glorious media have an agenda? Say not so! *eyeroll* (I’d never thought of Mad Libs as an agenda before, but somehow it fits: we have a news media that is as serious as a silly party game.)

    Of course the Rs and their funders and enablers are trying their level best to sabotage the ACA. As far as they’re concerned, those people don’t deserve health insurance. (As I said before, if the poors and other unworthies have access to healthcare, Charles and David Koch might have to wait a few hours for their goat-gland transplants.)

    Chez, it’s true that other Hispanic/Latino subpopulations look at Marco Rubio and see a Cuban-American, one who’s far, far to their Right. However, the Rs look at Rubio and think, “Look! Look! We have one of them, too!” (Righty thinking at its most primal: “Hispanics are Catholic. Catholics are pro-life. We’re pro-life. Therefore, Hispanics will flock to us if we point to our one Hispanic.”). It would be hilarious if it weren’t so damned pathetic.

    Timergate! Impeach! Impeach! (Or maybe that should be Clockgate. It’s hard to know.)

    The tell on that call comes right at the start: “You’re a little self-deprecating.” Chthulhu below, even Rush Limbaugh should have known at that moment someone was having him on. Also, “typical leftist bigotry, hatred and gibberish”? I’ve just burst myself laughing.

    “Michele Bachmann clearly does not understand …” Bob, you could have stopped right there.

    “What will we do without Michele Bachmann in Congress?” I’m sure we’ll muddle through somehow. After the celebrations are over, that is.