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RELM_buttonStrong Hardcore Men: Obama’s Immigration Executive Order; Reagan’s Views on Executive Orders, Amnesty and Border Fences; The Netflix Eagles Documentary; Sonic Highways; Rand Paul Fumbles NSA Reform; Alex Jones Loses His Mind Over Net Neutrality; Rush Limbaugh Accidentally Tells the Truth; The Best Bill Maher Rant Ever; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

Bubble Genius

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  • LeShan Jones

    Old Alex was sounding like John Goodman’s character from “the big Lebowski,” all that was missing was Vietnam and him telling Donny to STFU.

  • TimJ

    You’re back, yeah!

  • DrTongue

    Best Alex Jones bit yet! Much better with video.

  • wild_weasel

    On your “computer problems”. As an IT guy who has to use Linux, Windows, apple OSX, and Solaris on a day to day basis here’s the deal with “computers”.

    It’s ALL the same shit. Apple, HP, Dell, same fucking thing. Same intel CPU, same RAM and NAND for the SSD (samsung, micron, or elpida memory ICs), and the chipsets (logic boards) are intel as well. All these companies do is spec out the parts the want and then math up the cooling and power, and then tweak the layout to fit in the cases they want.

    The key with apple is they make middle of the road stuff. They have no high end products and don’t compete there, but they also have no low end products and don’t compete there. It’s just straight middle of the road stuff. Which means you can never actually get a great computer from them, or a high quality computer from them… but you also can’t get a low quality lemon. And it’s not just manufacturing here, they don’t have the top end options or the low end options, they only have middle of the road stuff and it’s usually a generation late.

    There’s nothing wrong with this, and for people who don’t know tech this makes things very easy. On the other hand many PC makers do have stuff where the parts are faster and more up to date than anything apple has, and built to a quality apple can’t touch… they also cost more. But very few people buy that, what they do is run into the store and look for a bargain, and that’s where they end up buying a lemon. HP, Dell, and Lenovo all make Enterprise Grade equipment that makes apples products look like cheaply made outdated toys for grandma… but for people buying home computers they mostly move a lot of cheap crap in bulk.

    If you want to buy a more solid PC you have two real options. If you want a big name and the easy warranty you need to go with the Enterprise grade stuff from the likes of HP, and be prepared to know you’re going to be paying apple or higher prices for it. Or you can buy from a more boutique vendor like ASUS, MSI, or Razer. They don’t really play in the enterprise sector, but they compete in the high end gaming sector. This isn’t that cheap either, but you get a sexier case and more under the hood… at the cost of the Enterprise warranty. Some sample laptops.

    Look into ASUS and MSI, they sell through multiple vendors so you can often find their products on sale when vendors engage in price wars.

    For what it’s worth I have a Lenovo W540 and macbook pro retina provided by work and my personal laptop is an MSI GS70 Ghost. Never had any problems with any of them. I run the IT department in our office (head systems/network administrator/engineer) and we never really encounter problems with our equipment, but we buy enterprise. The macs have more “problems”, but that’s just because OSX doesn’t play well with a lot of professional and enterprise grade backbone gear, those problems go away when we wipe the drives and install Ubuntu or SuSE (Linux for those who don’t know, our developers prefer that). Which is standard practice for developers, only video or graphic editors ever want to keep OSX, and about half of ours prefer Adobe over Windows, outside of Final Cut there’s no reason for them to bother with apple. And those not playing well with the backbone doesn’t matter, they aren’t dealing with virtualization or doing any real power work. The biggest gripe I get from the help desk techs (outside of OSX not playing with certain things) is that a lot of the apple computers have everything (memory, SSD, CPU) soldered straight onto the mainboard. Which means parts can’t be replaced, if something goes wrong it’s either under warranty and they replace the whole board, or you just throw the entire thing out so some poor kid in India can cook his dinner off it and get cancer. We run end user computers for three years (standard Enterprise warranty covers anything under that time frame) and then recall them, NSA/DOD level destroy the drive (macs never touch anything sensitive so not an issue, which is good because you’d have to destroy the whole damn thing) and then donate them. Outside of people dropping them, spilling soda into them, our stuff doesn’t break.

    I also have a bunch of liquid cooled computers I built by hand for LAN parties in my apartment, never had any problems with those either.

    Long rant I know, but fixing techie problems, evaluating products, and making IT purchase decisions is my day job.

    • My new motherboard is an MSI. Thanks!

      • Bubble Genius

        That sounds like a bumper sticker.