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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 11/29/12

Back from a Week Off; Fox News Nailed by Thomas Ricks; Benghazi Gate Continues; MSNBC and the Alleged Pro Obama Bias; Fox News and Hard News; Rick Warren and His Latest Homophobic Remarks; Religion and Bigotry; Bob Loves the Christmas Season. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • muselet

    The holiday countdown again? You are a cruel, cruel man, Cesca.

    Fox News Channel’s passive-aggressive response to contrary views would be embarrassing behavior for a teenager. Pulling the plug on the Thomas Ricks interview was an act of cowardice, and even if the network was ambushed, everyone should have known where Ricks was coming from and prepared for just such a statement from him. And the claim that Ricks apologized to Fox simply doesn’t pass the giggle test. Remind me why Fox is treated as if it were a legitimate news organization.

    Jon Stewart insists he’s not a journalist, but he has better reporter’s instincts than 90%+ of so-called professional journalists (99%+ if you take into account only employees of the broadcast networks).

    The Rs haven’t even tried to make a case that the Benghazi consulate attack is important or scandalous, they’ve simply asserted it. On the bright side, even our glorious news media don’t seem to be taking John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte all that seriously; on the dark side, when they do mention them, they are treating the senators’ behavior as if it weren’t a fit of pique.

    I’m not sure the Rs haven’t bought into their own line of patter that Barack Obama is the most horriblest president ever, and so he must have a terrible scandal brewing. If he has any skeletons in his closet, I’d have thought they would have been discovered by now.

    Susan Rice’s husband is Canadian. They are worth tens of millions of dollars. They own stock in TransCanada. Therefore … scandal? The stupid, it burns. Gads.

    Once again, you guys make me happy that I don’t have cable. And once again, you guys make me happy to have made a conscious decision to avoid the likes of Glenn Greenwald.

    Rick Warren knows about as much about human sexuality as the average Physarum polycephalum (slime molds are far more interesting than Rick Warren, too). Human sex and sexuality is a terribly complicated thing (made even more complicated by not actually being a single thing)—listen to any random Dan Savage podcast if you doubt. That Warren is considered a reasonable person instead of a blithering idiot astonishes me.

    Most self-described Christians think the Bible consists of three books: Genesis (which tells them everything they need to know about science), Leviticus (which assures them gays are icky—of course, all that stuff about what to eat and what to wear and how to live, that was superceded by the baby Jeebus) and Revelation (which assures them they will watch all those filthy unbelievers suffer, and nothing could possibly make them happier than that thought). A less cynical man might expect a pastor to know better and maybe even challenge his flock; however, I’m not a less cynical man.

    Chez, talented or not, your upstairs neighbor is a pest. I’d be cranking up the amp, too, if I were you.