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Mitt Romney is the Presumptive Nominee; The Weakness of Romney; Romney is Not Like President Obama; We Continue to Tweak Ron Paul Supporters; Bob on Television; The Politics of Envy; The First Lady of Progressivism; Wall Street in the White House; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • muselet

    Newt Gingrich is the gift that keeps on giving. Kevin Drum’s analysis is that he’s punishing the GOP for not nominating him (specifically, he said: “… Newt Gingrich is now doing exactly what everyone in the Republican Party was afraid he was going to do: destroy them utterly if they decline to nominate him. It’s no surprise really, since this has been Newt’s MO for decades, but it sure is a helluva spectacle.”), and he doesn’t much care if the Democrats borrow his most effective attacks. Calling him “a vengeful, sad, petty little SOB” (nice understatement, Chez) is like calling water “wet.”

    Mitt Romney says all opposition to him and criticism of what he did at Bain arises from envy. “It’s a horrible thing to say if the goal is to reach out and unify under this concept of one nation under God, however that connects.” Bob, you’re making a fundamental error: you’re assuming Romney intends at this point in the process to reach out and unify the country. That’s not what he’s doing. Right now, he’s showing the Republicans (including the middle- and lower-class base, incidentally) that he’s the alpha male in the pack, that he’s bigger and badder than everyone else. In the general election, he’ll soften his message to make it seems like he cares what happens to the non-plutocrats. For now, though, his message is the same as the message sent, subtly or not-so, as every other Republican nominee for president in recent memory: I’m better than you are.

    Chez, you’re right that Romney will have trouble making that switch. Unlike John McCain or George W. Bush or Bobdole (sorry, couldn’t resist) or even George H.W. Bush, Mitt Romney is constitutionally (sorry, couldn’t resist) incapable of even pretending to care about the common person.

    As best I can find out, WPWC’s stick is at 38˚34’6.0″N 77˚20’20.0″W, just out of Dumfries Virginia. That puts it a little under 30 miles from DC; the station runs at 5KW daytime and 0.5KW nighttime. I leave it to people with actual experience in radio to interpret those numbers and estimate where the station can be heard.

    A mild complaint: formatting the podcast for broadcast makes it feel choppy. Just when the conversation is veering in an odd and unexpected direction, it’s time for a break. There’s not a lot that can be done about it, but for me at least it makes the podcast less interesting (not that it’ll keep me from listening).