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RELM_buttonConservative Principles: Obama Razzes the Republicans on CNBC and Vladimir Putin; Republican Demands for Future Televised Debates; Megyn Kelly Rips the GOP's Childish Demands; Ben Carson's Unnecessary Surgery Disqualifies Him for President; Hackers Trick the Left; Why Ohioans Should Pass Pot Legalization on Election Day; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • muselet

    True story: I’ve been registered to vote since I was 18, and I have voted in every election since except one. It was a school board election, and I didn’t figure I had a dog in that particular fight. Not a word of a lie, I felt guilty about not voting. So this morning, I went out and voted in an election for a single seat on the local community college board, one single smudge of ink on a ballot.

    If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain. Full stop.

    The Rs will continue to whinge about the CNBC debate until the end of time.

    I’m not convinced the current occupants of the clown car wouldn’t piss and moan about how unfair a Sean Hannity-moderated debate was. “When he kissed my arse, he didn’t—” (I’d better not finish that sentence).

    “It makes them look silly to almost everyone.” Yes, except The Base. You’ve got to dance with the one who brought you.

    Lindsey Graham is the least floridly insane of the R candidates, true, but his constant refrain of “bomb Iran” is tiresome at best. Well, and anyone who gives his self-promotional foundation a name that sounds better in German (tell me Sicherheit durch Stärke doesn’t sound more authoritative than Security Through Strength, I dare you) deserves mockery, not the presidency.

    “No more clock-touching!” Seconded.

    “What are one of these idiots going to do if he winds up becoming elected to an office where there are curveballs every minute of every day?” Hide under the Resolute desk, I would imagine.

    Deep down, the Republican leadership understands the GOP can’t keep ignoring (at best; at worst, being deliberately offensive to) Latinos. The post-2012 “autopsy” didn’t tell anyone in the party hierarchy anything they didn’t already know. The Base, though, was having none of it, so the party backed right off; one could even argue The Base’s reaction to that autopsy led directly to a live-action cartoon like Donald Trump having his short-fingered mitts on the steering wheel of the clown car.

    Ted Cruz comes across to sane people as the stupidest smart person (Princeton/Harvard Law) on the planet, but he knows how to pander to the people who resent anyone and everyone who doesn’t look/speak/behave like they do. Calling for a debate moderated by Righty media figures isn’t a serious suggestion, but it riles up the rubes real good.

    Remember, Ben Carson flatly denied having any business relationship with Mannatech (really?) during the CNBC debate. It wasn’t until, what, three or four days later that his people admitted that, yeah, he’d been contracted to shill for Mannatech (really?) for several years. Why should anyone believe Carson when he claims to have been cured of his prostate cancer by whatever snake oil he was being given?

    You have to love Carson’s explanation: he was so high-profile (for which, read famous) he had to have the surgery because otherwise mere proles might rely on glycowhosits and die.

    I keep saying it: even for a blade, Ben Carson is weird.

    What bothers me about Anonymous is the lack of accountability. What happens when Anonymous screws up and wrecks hundreds (or more) of people’s lives? What recourse do the victims have?


    • Scopedog

      What bothers me about Anonymous is the lack of accountability. What happens when Anonymous screws up and wrecks hundreds (or more) of people’s lives? What recourse do the victims have?

      Agreed. And the thing is, they–Anonymous–do not care. Remember when they revealed information about that rape case a couple years ago and everyone cheered? They shouldn’t have–they just made things a hell of a lot worse for prosecutors in that case because the lawyers for the accused could argue that their clients could no longer get a fair trial.

      I’m sure that innocent people’s lives have been screwed up by Anonymous. But of course, according to St. Glenn of Greeenwald, Anonymous engages in political action and thus must be praised.

      F#@! ’em.

      • Aynwrong

        I’ve been wondering for a while what Greenwald’s opinion would be if Anonymous turned its tactics on corporate interests. Particularly corporate media.

  • Badgerite

    They have recently uncovered a long lost historical document. The Requirements and Conditions put forth by the campaign of Stephen Douglas under which he agreed to participate in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates.
    1. No one shall mention or raise questions as to the soundness of the Missouri Compromise proposed by Mr. Douglas.
    2. Mr. Lincoln shall not be allowed to directly address Mr Douglas or in any way question any of the proposals or policies put forth by Mr. Douglas.
    3. No one shall question the value of the institution of slavery to the long term interests of the United State
    4. The temperature must be at all times kept at a comfortable 67% and no wind shall be allowed to blow the hair of Mr. Douglas.
    5. The path to the outhouses must be clearly marked, near to where Mr. Douglas will stand and a clear path marked to such outhouses.
    6. A list of who shall be allowed in the audience must be provided to Mr. Douglas before the debate.
    7. Mr. Lincoln must slouch in order to not make Mr. Douglas’s stature appear small.
    Unless these conditions are met, the campaign of Mr. Douglas will have to consider whether it is in the
    interest of our candidate to participate in the Marketplace of Ideas.

  • Badgerite

    “Went ahead and had the surgery done”? Another words, the Mannetech product did not ‘cure’ his cancer.
    Conventional medical treatment did. He endorsed the Mannetech product for money. But had the surgery to live because he didn’t want other people to emulate his own actions and possibly die.
    That pretty much tells me all I need to know about Ben Carson. If, even in his own profession, his advice and recommendations cannot be trusted, why would one trust his advice in terms of national policy?