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RELM_buttonEighteen Wheeler Transport: Special Wednesday Show; We Recap the Good News and the Bad News from Election Day 2015; Erick Erickson Calls LGBT Citizens Perverts and Liars; Goodbye Obamacare in Kentucky; Pot Legalization Fails in Ohio; Carson and Trump and the Nuclear Button; Ben Carson Admits Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel of a Car; Jon Stewart Moving to HBO; Afghani Woman Stoned to Death for Adultery; We Rant About Radical Islam and Whether It's Barbaric; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.


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  • Lady Willpower

    Please stop with the “Paper Willy” thing. It’s borderline racist, and it’s beneath you.

  • Paul B. Coleman

    Bob, how has the Turkish barbarian Cenk Uygur upset you? You said you don’t like him and moved on quickly without explanation. Please, do tell. Did he steal his wife from you? Are you butt hurt you can’t call yourself Mr. Jamaica legitimately? Are you bitter over his over 600K views/day on youtube? I just don’t get it? You have a couple hours a week to stomp on people and to use any of that time to stomp a fellow Progressive without explanation seems weak at best and lazy at worst.

  • Don P

    All kidding aside, Wink Martindale is VICIOUSLY RW, even joking? before a Trump rally this summer about shooting President Obama. He was so much a warm up act that I doubt the cameras were set up yet, but nonetheless. Why are so may game show hosts totally off the deep end like this? Interesting, but not worth a study.

    Bob, all Michigan residents know that exit 69 on I-75 is Big Beaver Road (true story).

    As Democrats, when are we going to call out the DNC, the DCCC and the DSCC and their utterly incompetent leadership. The blog Down with Tyranny has been all over this for years. Our state by state problems start at the top.

  • mattand

    It’s really amazing to listen to you guys proudly announce Little Green Footballs as a sponsor, and later in the show launch into a strawman that liberals hand wave the horrific side of Islam as cultural differences and America’s fault.

    Go float that theory over at LGF and let me know what the response is.

  • Gussie Jives

    Okay, Chez, you want a discussion about the role Islam plays in torturous executions in Afghanistan, let’s have it.

    Let’s start with this interesting fact: estimates place the literacy rate of Afghanistan between 28% and 38%, with roughly half of males able to read.

    In other words, only about half of the men stoning that woman to death could possibly have read the Qur’an. So how did they get these awful ideas? If you ask me, I’d say a local tribal chief or imam using the religion to maintain power, as many of your classic cult leaders do.

    You see, the issue we have with Maher and Harris, and the attitude they have, is that they’re singling out Islam over all other religions as somehow having worse ideas or worse content than the others. This plays into a very dangerous set of hands that are bent on “othering” Muslim people as dangerous. After all, they can claim it’s not the people, it’s the doctrine; but in practice, it means alienating all Muslims and telling them they aren’t real Britons or Germans or Canadians. Look no further than Geert Wilders or Pamela

    Yet there are plenty of Muslims and Christians and Jews that are firm progressives, throwing off the old patriarchal ideas and embracing women, racial minorities and the LGBT. That’s right, there are even feminist Muslims! You take pains to say this, yet immediately follow up with a “but…,” completely bypassing the implications of this fact: all religions are filtered through cultural, linguistic and social lenses that will either bolster or come into conflict with our own internal biases. That’s how Reverend Brent Hawkes can come to a completely different interpretation of Christianity from Pastor John Hagee. It’s also how a group of half-literate men in Afghanistan can come to the idea that their God commands them to stone a woman to death. Or how a group of Californians followed Jim Jones down to Guyana and committed murder before committing mass suicide. Yet Harris and Maher are content to ignore this important detail and focus entirely on doctrine, as if it was some kind of supernatural FAQ that materialized yesterday at the same time as all the rest of the world’s faiths and completing a CTRL-F for icky parts brings more hits in the Qur’an than the others.

    They all have icky parts. They’re all products of their time, and should be understood as such. As an atheist, I’d prefer it if nobody took their cues from supernatural woo, but as long as it’s become ingrained in culture and passed down in ritual from generation to generation, it’s here to say, and it will mean something different to everybody.

    And I’ll say this: if you think Islam is the only religion being weaponized, I have a few black people hanging from oak trees that might have something to say on that. There’s a reason the Klan burns crosses. So let’s not start patting ourselves on the back too hard… and if you think the 60s is ancient history, might want to take a look at the history of residential schools in my country, Canada. The Catholic Church still has not even acknowledged wrongdoing there, let alone atoned for it… and there was torture a-plenty going on in those awful places.

    So, in light of this nuance… still want to have this conversation?

    • Lady Willpower

      There’s a HUGE difference between Geert WIlders and Sam Harris. There’s not even a real discussion to be had there.

      • Gussie Jives

        Good thing I didn’t say they were the same thing, merely that Geert Wilders takes those opinions to their logical practical extent: alienating people who subscribe to the “motherlode of bad ideas.”

        It may not be Harris’ intent for people to take his words that way, but when he just stops at saying “Islam sucks,” it leaves opportunists like Wilders and Geller to pick up the relay torch from there.

        But let’s put that aside. How about the rest?

        • mattand

          Harris doesn’t stop at “islam sucks”. He’s a big proponent of profiling people at airports for looking Mulism-y, and I’m fairly certain he’s in the “Let’s just fucking bomb them all now to be sure” camp that Hitchens wallowed in.

          • Lady Willpower

            You might want to be more than “fairly certain” before leveling an accusation like that.

  • josephebacon

    Bob, I didn’t know that John K was such a dick. I was one of those stupid enough to toss $25 into his kickstarter project that he never delivered on. I would have been better off spending that $25 on Powerball tickets!

  • D_C_Wilson

    Too bad Ben didn’t have Paper Willie to take the wheel when he fell asleep.

  • katanahamon

    I’m with Sandra..time to nix the lullaby music! Seriously though, the discussion of “radical” Islam is so complex I hardly know where to start. I’d like to raise just a few points. One problem for me is that I think we need to move back to just saying “Islam” instead of “radical” Islam, because there is not a clean separation in ideology. This is a culturally wide problem. The stoning that you guys are talking about illustrates my point in that if women had been allowed to participate, they would have been right alongside the men stoning that poor woman to death. Look at the increasing number of female suicide bombers and other females running off to join the various factions. Our problem as modern westerners is that we have no comprehension of these primitive societies. Going to war, defeating them however you define it, and setting up some form of democracy doesn’t work, as we’ve seen, because this is the kind of religious society that they want to live under. Look at the problem we have in America right now, of the right constantly trying to sneak religion into (I guess onto is more accurate) our monuments, businesses and classrooms. These same religious right wing nut bags are the first to point fingers and say ” look at these horrible, primitive people; we have to free them and set up democracy”…all the while not seeing that they are practicing the same primitive flip side of the coin religions right here at home. So, what is the solution? Do we determine through analysis that Islam through the Koran promotes killing the nonbelievers, and outlaw it as a form of religion? I’m not suggesting that that is my opinion, maybe it is, I’m not a fan of religion at all, I just don’t see any currently proposed solutions working. I think it’s fantasy that the so called moderate Muslims will solve the issues. I think to be fair, all religion should be abandoned as primitive. Or at the least, taxed…

  • Badgerite

    Compliments on your discussion of the silence of the left when it comes to the inhumanity practiced under the guise of religious tolerance. It is not tolerant to be tolerant of violent hatred and subjugation of women.
    It is not tolerant to be tolerant of that violence practiced in Islamic societies against any and all who would disagree with the official, governmentally enforced interpretation of Islam.
    Liberal bloggers and authors and their publishers have been hacked to death in Bangaladesh. Liberal bloggers are imprisoned, tortured and publicly whipped in Saudi Arabia.
    It is not liberal to act as if that is not a product of Islam when Islam is the rationale and justification given by those who are performing these actions. Bill Maher and Sam Harris and please also mention Ayaan Hirsi Ali are the true liberals in the discussion.

  • muselet

    I don’t know if re-embracing the 50-state strategy would be the magic bullet for the Democratic Party, but what they’re doing now ain’t working.

    Kevin Drum provides something of a silver lining for Ds: the big losses were mostly in one region (one guess which).

    I keep saying, it’s always about bathrooms for some people. Phyllis Schlafly’s big argument against the Equal Rights Amendment was *scary music sting* same-sex public bathrooms! (yes, really).

    Erick ibn Erick is a vile human being.

    Consolidating elections has been a dream of good-government types for a long time, but the parties don’t want consolidation because low turnout elections can benefit them.

    59% of Republicans trust Donald Trump with the economy. Unsurprising. If a majority of Republican voters trust Ben Carson and Donald Trump with the US nuclear arsenal, they’ll trust Carson and Trump with anything.

    “I wouldn’t trust Ben Carson with the remote control.” Well said, Chez.

    Ben Carson fell asleep at the wheel. How could anyone tell? *rimshot* (And yes, even his writing is soporific.)

    Carson’s story makes little sense, at least as he tells it. For the sake of the conversation, I’ll buy that he fell into “a comfortable sleep” behind the wheel at 90 mph; I’ll even buy that the car tracked straight and true for a while and that the rumble of the tires on the lane reflectors woke him. It all sounds unlikely, but okay. He loses me here, though: he “grabbed the steering wheel and fiercely jerked to the left.” If the car really was going 90 mph—he claims a semi passed by in the left lane, that implies a two-lane road, I vote exaggeration—fiercely jerking the wheel would likely have led to a Very Big Crash. If (if) any part of the story is true, I’d bet a cookie he was driving at a moderate speed and as he fell asleep his ankle relaxed, and the car coasted down for a few seconds before he woke up and regained control.

    My only surprise is that Jon Stewart didn’t spend more time away. I suppose the big clue that something was up was that he was making such a big deal about not missing television, and how much he was enjoying puttering around in the yard and growing his beard.

    I’m no expert, to say the least, but it’s my understanding that “honor killings” are not Islamic in origin, but are cultural. It’s an important distinction that all too many people fail to make.

    This is emphatically not cultural relativism on my part (nor is it liberal guilt or blaming the West or protecting the oppressed or any of those other strawmen). “Honor killings” are evil, and as I’ve said before, that’s not a word I use often. The people who commit such atrocities are thugs at best, and they would find some other justification for those atrocities if Islam weren’t available. To repeat myself, the practice is cultural—or, if you prefer, tribal—not religious. That doesn’t make “honor killings” any less horrific, but there’s nothing to be gained by shitting on the faith of something over a billion and a half people, most of whom would never stone a woman to death because it’s not a part of their (hey, there’s that word again) culture.

    The operative words in that news report are “Taliban leaders” and “warlords.” They are tribal leaders, not religious leaders, and they would claim to rule by some other authority were Islam not available.

    Just to remind everyone, Bill Maher is a man who, on-air and at length, accused Ahmed Mohamed—a 14-year-old high-school freshman who whipped up a clock to impress his Engineering teacher—of deliberately making something that (Maher’s words) “looked exactly like a bomb” (it didn’t). He even defended the behavior of the inbred peckerwoods running Irving High School and the Irving Police Department because the kid was Muslim. I don’t think he qualifies as an authority on Islam. Or bomb identification. Or what constitutes a reasonable response to a teacher’s unwarranted freak-out over a home-brew clock.

    Sorry, guys, you’re absolutely correct in your horror at “honor killings,” but I think you’re misdiagnosing the cause.


    • D_C_Wilson

      We need a 50 states strategy. More importantly, we need democrats to realize that state and local elections matter.

      • muselet

        A 50-state strategy is a partial solution, but it’s not a cure-all.

        And the Democratic Party really has to work on get-out-the-vote efforts. Losing because you were outvoted is one thing; losing because your voters couldn’t be bothered to drag themselves off their sofas is something else entirely.


        • D_C_Wilson

          Exactly. Until democratic voters realize that every election matters, not just the presidential ones, we’re going to be stuck with a majority of states controlled by teabaggers.

          • muselet

            Yup. If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain about the results.


  • leemoder

    Word of the day: nub.

  • Ok, you guys are putting me to sleep with this lullaby music. ZZZZZZ