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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 1/15/15

RELM_buttonSwap Meet Sally: Two Terrorist Attacks Thwarted; 2015 is Shaping Up to Suck; Obama Didn’t Go to Paris; Obama Didn’t Say Radical Islam Except When He Did; Jon Stewart; American Satire; Liam Neeson on Guns; The Star Wars Prequels; Judge Jeanine’s Unhinged Rant on Muslims; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and The Bowen Law Group.

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  • Corebela

    Haven’t listened in a while but I did this time, and because you mentioned how someone downloading even a few months of shows can make a big boost, I downloaded like a good 80 shows probably. I hope that helps.

  • Victor the Crab

    I watched Real Time, and Bill Maher also thought Obama should have gone to France to participate in that protest.

  • muselet

    Yeah, three terrorist attacks in the first three weeks of the year doesn’t exactly fill one with optimism, does it?

    Verviers, according to Wikipedia, is in the Walloon Region of Belgium. Wallonia is French-speaking, and therefore the French pronunciation is correct.

    Except as a club to swing wildly at Barack Obama, I can’t imagine very many Righties cared about the protest over the deaths of people who worked at a newspaper famous for being deliberately and universally offensive. The US ambassador to France was in attendance, which is probably good enough (and, as has been pointed out, there was a terrorist attack at the Canadian Parliament’s Centre Block building just months ago and no high-ranking Canadian officials attended the photo-op, either). I’d say it doesn’t make a bit of difference, but Obama’s absence doesn’t even rise to that level of importance.

    Bob, damn’ near everything for the Right seems to be a code word for “gay.”

    “Islamic extremists,” “radical Islam” and “terrorists” have specific meanings for you and me (and the President, come to that), but for the Right, they’re conjuring words. If Obama doesn’t say them, he can’t summon their power. It’s why Righties insist GW Bush Kept Murca Safe!: he used the proper magical incantation (after, that is, the September 11 attacks, which would never have taken place had he said the words before, but he didn’t so we mustn’t talk about it).

    Jon Stewart can be tiresome sometimes.

    Bob, you jest but—you know this already—there’s a nonzero number of people who consider Fox News Channel to be just another interchangeable cog in the Mainstream Media machine. If that doesn’t frighten you at least a little, I don’t know what would.

    Oh, dear. Bob, older British usage treated organizations as plurals (“Ford are set to introduce …” “Manchester United head the table …” (not to be confused with heading the desk, which is something very different)), which made a kind of sense but always sounded odd. Over the past thirty years or so, the more American usage of treating organizations as singulars has become the norm. Never has “are a set of very particular set of skills” *cringe* been grammatically acceptable anywhere in the English-speaking world.

    Bob, I honestly did not need to know that there were naked photos of Miley Cyrus.

    I think I’ve admitted before that I saw the first three Star Wars movies and disliked them rather a lot. The only reason I saw the second and third was because I was something of a completist in my younger days—and so many people I respected saw something worthy in the series—and I have to say I walked out of the third movie with a sense of great relief because I knew I’d never have to see another bleedin’ Star Wars movie again in my life. JJ Abrams directing a Star Wars reboot? George Lucas directing a Star Wars movie? Hell, reanimate the corpse of Hal Roach and let him do one of the things, I couldn’t care less. I’m free! Hahahahahaha! Free!

    I’ve only seen the two clips of Jeanine Pirro you’ve posted, Bob, and I think I can say without fear of contradiction that she is one of the most ridiculous, not to say stupidest, people currently inhabiting the haunted fishtank.

    Mike Huckabee knows his audience, give him that. The people who take him seriously don’t really know who Beyoncé is or exactly what it is she does for a living, but they know she’s part of popular culture and they don’t want anything to do with that. As I said to Ashby the other day, Huckabee is echoing all the moral scolds who had palpitations over the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and on and on back to the waltz (yes, really).

    Bob, you’re probably right that Huckabee meant Nicki Minaj or Rhianna, but I wouldn’t discount the possibility that Huckabee is genuinely shocked by Beyoncé (or maybe he thought he was taking a potshot at (the late and much-lamented) Etta James, who knows).


  • HilaryB

    Mackin’ the fuzz….

    Btw, I like how you play The Price Is Right music during the product plugs. It’s a nice touch.