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Eff Those Koch Brothers: Back from Vacation; Obamacare Horror Stories Debunked; The President Didn’t Really Lie About Keeping Your Insurance; Derpy Will Cain on CNN; Frank Gaffney Thinks Voting Equals the End of America; Rand Paul’s Plagiarism Scandal; Ron Paul Endorses Nullification and Armed Revolt Against the Government; Keeping Up with the Blogs; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • Lady Willpower

    The giggling is what really got me. What kind of person giggles at the thought of poor people not having health care? Who does that?

  • muselet

    Bob, welcome back. You deserved some time off and it sounds like you made the most of it.

    Chez, you should be proud of what’s at Deus Ex Malcontent. It was a daily destination for me for a couple of years, and while I didn’t always feel compelled to comment—in hindsight, I should have done so more often—I was usually impressed and often moved by what you wrote.

    Indeed, applause for Ashby and Mr. Brink. The lads did a fine job.

    It’s easy to find the discontented. If one person in a million is affected negatively, that means there are 300+ grumpy people for (lazy, sloppy) reporters to find. Plus, in this specific case, there are lots of people who are so implacably opposed to the law that they’ll blame it for anything; without these people, Fox News would have to do actual reporting rather than simply howling Obama lied!

    Kevin Drum posted yesterday to an Abby Goodnough piece in the NYT about people being helped by the ACA, and points out that, as he puts it, “Those are stories worth telling too.” But positive stories of people who are being helped or who are happy with the ACA don’t feed the conventional wisdom, so they’re easy to ignore.

    Rs are delighted because the (relatively minor) problems with the ACA let them repeat the claim that the previous system was the greatest healthcare system in the world and the Democrats broke it! Pete Sessions yesterday bluntly stated his (and, presumably, the other House Rs’) opinion—as Steve Benen said, “out loud, on purpose, on the record”—”Everything we do in this body should be about messaging to win back the Senate.” The Right is focused on the next election and really doesn’t care about policy, so making the various hiccups and problems with the law sound like the end of the world suits them just fine.

    Plus, hurting the poor is the Right’s favorite sport.

    Rand Paul isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Not only did he turn a one-day story into a one-week story, he made himself look ridiculous along the way. Anyone can screw up, but it takes real talent to compound the screw-up.

    Bob, certain quarters of the Right think the 17th Amendment is an abomination. This is nothing new. I’m not going to waste my time finding out, but I think that wasn’t the first time Ron Paul has called for repeal.

    Hoo-hah, cherry soda! *maniacal giggle* (I actually prefer “Free bananas!” but that’s simply a matter of personal taste.)


  • Victor_the_Crab

    Hearing his and Chez’s voices makes it official. Bob’s back! Welcome back, Bob!

  • HilaryB

    Welcome back, Bob! We missed ya!