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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 1/17/13

Lance Armstrong's Confession; The Second Amendment is Obsolete; Second Amendment Written to Protect Slavery; President Obama's Gun Control Proposals; Fighting the NRA Until We Win; Glenn Beck's Grifter Theme Park; The EPA Deliberately Fumbled a Fracking Emergency; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius and the Amazon Link.

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  • No_Unkindness_to_Bears

    Bob, quick question: If I were to sign up for the After Party, would I have access to previous After Party shows, or just the latest one? And yes, I would probably enjoy traveling back in time vis-à-vis the After Party.

    • You’d have access to every After Party we’ve done.

      • No_Unkindness_to_Bears

        Awesomeness. Thank you!

  • muselet

    Bob, the Second Amendment became obsolete when the US decided to maintain a standing army, or perhaps, if Thom Hartmann is correct, as soon as the Emancipation Proclamation was signed.

    Chez, “insane, paranoiac dystopia” is far too mild a description of what the gun fetishists seem to expect (although they seem to look forward to it enthusiastically). The Simpsons pretty thoroughly pantsed the preppers a couple of weeks ago (“Homer Goes to Prep School” in case anyone cares), which is no more than they deserve. Consciously sustaining that level of madness must be exhausting.

    It would take more than a weapon to make most gun fetishists alpha males. (There’s the setup; the punch line is up to you.)

    “We’re patriotic Americans but we don’t trust America.” They don’t trust America because a majority of Americans don’t think like they do, don’t look like they do, don’t vote like they do. Diversity is a dirty word to people like that and differences of opinion are a sign of decadence and decline and disloyalty. Sure, we all do this to one degree or another, but most of us manage not to hate or fear everyone who is different from us.

    If Glenn Beck is really building his Grifterland as a small-scale demonstration of a society run according to the ideas of Ayn Rand, I have to applaud him: he will be the first glibertarian to do more than make unsupported assertions about such a place. I don’t think that’s the case, I think Beck is simply going to take the money and run, but it’ll be fun to watch either way. What’s the over-under on when the place is destroyed in food riots? (And why am I reminded of Swamp Castle?)

    Bob, I’m not happy with the EPA’s decision in the Texas fracking case either, but for there to be effective environmental regulation, there has to be adequate funding and independence from interference (by industry or its shills in Congress). I don’t know how to get there from here.

    I don’t think the NRA would ever in a million years use the “hypocrite” line against a white president. Presidents and their immediate families get Secret Service protection, whether they like it or not, and the disgusting creatures responsible for the NRA video know it. This is yet another dogwhistle at air-raid siren volume.

    And I’ve said everything I intend to say about the Sandy Hook truthers.