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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 1/20/12

Marijuana Legalization; Progressive Priorities; Newt Surges in the Polls; Newt's Open Marriage Request; South Carolina and The Southern Strategy; Inspiration for Blogging About Politics; Mitt Romney's 1% Problem; Andrew Sullivan's Newsweek Cover Story; Convincing Progressives of Obama's Successes; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • JackDaniel07

    Slight bone to pick as soon as I lick this funyun dust off my fingers with Mountain Dew laced saliva…wait what was I sayin? oh yeah, bone to pick

    When President Obama took office he specifically responded to questions regarding what his admin’s/DOJs stance would be as far as state’s rights medicinal marijuana issues – his reply being that they would respect states rights and democratically instituted state laws, like California’s Prop 215/SB420.

    I got a recommendation (ie. prescription) for medical marijuana in the Summer of 2010 while battling non-hodgkins lymphoma in the form of a 6″x6″x2″ tumor crammed between my heart and lung. My lazy ass went to work everyday on chemo and the rest, self-employed with a labor intensive career, helped in large part by a stimulated appetite and more regular sleep schedule – direct effects of specifically recommended strains of pot grown for people who suffer from a wide range of problems.

    I live slightly in the middle of nowhere in San Diego County, but San Diego in 2010-2011 had no shortage of dispensaries, at least 200, maybe closer to 300. Many of them were too close to schools, parks, etc. Many of them were drug dealers with a business license. But a majority of them were people looking to help others, and yes make a halfass living doing it. I personally volunteered at a dispensary one shift a week after I whipped cancer, and spent a lot of time talking with folks of all walks of life who were going through what I had just done.

    Recently, on the apparent invitation of a pisspoor and morally corrupt San Diego City Council, Federal agents have started literally kicking down doors of these places to the point where now I know of ZERO open “storefronts” in San Diego. All due to fear tactics employed by the Federal Govt and its blatant disregard for states rights. Landlords leasing to legally opened dispensaries all received letters warning them to evict their tenants or face property seizure by the federal govt…what the fuck?

    Will I vote for Ron paul? FUCK NO. Man I lobby for President Obama everywhere I go, and ESPECIALLY to pothead Ron Paul sheeple. But I just do not understand the timing of these raids, or the motivation. It WILL drive low information voters who would have likely voted for Obama to blindly vote against him now, as they feel he personally broke their bong

    There are links and youtube videos of the raids and the court hearings etc….but I fear I already sound like a medical marijuana militiaman! hahahahahaha

    Great show as always fellas!

  • muselet

    “Sir, I protest! I am not a merry man!” That makes me laugh every single time.

    ST:TOS was so-bad-it’s-good; ST:TNG was far too earnest—and, yes, the exposition was excessive—but it was decent-to-good television science fiction (it also created first-run syndication for original programming). A little respect, Chez, please! (Ah, geekery! No wonder I like hanging out here.)

    Princess Leia in the gold bikini? Chez, you’re referencing Friends now? (“The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy” #3.1, just so you know.)

    Newt Gingrich knew beyond doubt that an open marriage would benefit him, since he already had a bit on the side. “Power is the ultimate aphrodesiac,” quoth Henry Kissinger, another pasty guy with a face like a foot and a physique like an overfilled burlap bag.

    The Republicans can’t give up the Southern Strategy, not because they’re racist swine but because a fair percentage of people who vote for them are. (That’s not fair, of course. Most of their voters don’t hate the melanin-enhanced—they’re terrified of them. A distinction without a difference, perhaps, but there it is.)

    Any of the four remaining Republican candidates would be wonderful for Obama to run against. Romney can’t even pretend he cares about the middle class. Gingrich is a reflexive bomb-chucker with thin skin. Paul is a loon. And Santorum … every time I see Rick Santorum’s pursed-lipped expression of disgust when he remembers that people are having sex wrong, I’m reminded (‘way out of context) of Superintendent Chalmers’s assessment of Principal Skinner: “My God! The rod up that man’s butt must have a rod up its butt!”

    Critics of this president, Right and Left, will never be convinced that they are not correct. Asking those people to judge a president on the entirety of his record is like asking a hamster to solve differential equations.


  • GrafZeppelin127

    Bob, tell Chez to check out Deep Space Nine.

    TNG was great. DS9 was better.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I”m still waiting for someone to do Newt as Grand Nagus of the Ferengi.